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  1. He’s at the top and signals first down. Heaven forbid he show emotion. Lets complain when he claps, let’s complain when he stands there emotionless, let’s complain when he shows excitement, etc. I’m ready for him to be gone as much as the next person, but it’s getting ridiculous what we are now complaining about...
  2. Who doesn’t love a good prediction thread!! I blocked the other guy but unfortunately his threads still litter the front page. Too bad when we block people it doesn’t block their threads...While we’re at it, can anyone predict the next Powerball numbers? If someone with thread making capabilities would post that for me please...
  3. Do you actually say “Falcs” when speaking about the Falcons? Hoping autocorrect is typing for you...
  4. A sprain is ligament damage. And a lisfranc sprain will likely make yesterday his last game as a Falcon.
  5. How many predictions threads will OP create before we win our next game?
  6. I wish we could mute topics. I’m part of the “if you don’t like it, don’t click on the thread” crowd, but I get so tired of seeing these DA prediction threads. What if? Who will be? When will someone get fired? Who F’n knows!! Can this not be an option? If I mute a person, why do I see the threads they start?
  7. I literally LOL’d
  8. If i didn’t know it happened to his right, I’d think this was a pic of him yelling “Get F’n set!”
  9. Yep...noticed you were answering a post from 45 minutes ago after I hit submit.
  10. Lattimore was on Fuller. He was probably tired from celebrating his pick.
  11. His question shoulda been “Can Matt make this throw every time?” Then he woulda got the no’s he was hoping for. I’m not the biggest Matt Ryan fan in the room by any stretch, but I’m also not gonna act like he’s garbage. He had a bad game, it happens. Some on here hope it happens and gloat when it does.
  12. That was my first thought. Didn’t he just do that today? Today was bad, but some of these posts...
  13. If you aren’t laughing by now I don’t know what to tell you.
  14. You said it in the first sentence. YOUR picture shows the LOS between his legs. So how can the QB and entire ball be over if he’s straddling it?
  15. Learn the rules. You did, however, prove the people right stating he wasn’t.
  16. I believe it doesn’t use data either with Verizon. At least it didn’t last year. Of course that only matters if you’re behind the times like me and don’t have unlimited.
  17. Green had to go, Bryant will need his jersey back on sundays
  18. Are we gonna overlook the fact that she lined up 6 yards from where she kicked it? And y’all think Bosher takes forever to kick it...
  19. It was holding penalties on short runs. Penalties were declined but offensive penalties stop the clock until the next snap. I’ll say this was a big turning point for me. Still watch every Falcons game, but I’m certainly not as invested into the NFL as I was.
  20. I agree completely. It’s easy for a fan/player/coach to focus on one call and blame the game on that. The reality is that there are plenty of missed calls throughout a game that go both ways. I’m a Tennessee fan and was mad about the call that ended their season too, but they had their chance to win it in overtime (sound familiar?).