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  1. Even after tonight we will be at 97-95-3 so we’ll still have a stronger schedule. Also, not to stoke the flame, but nobody is talking about how we’d be in the 2 spot had we lost yesterday (according to Tankathons SOS).
  2. Which would mean he’s probably a millionaire too
  3. At first I thought...this is gonna be dumb. ...then I knew it was.
  4. One of those, not sure which one, is hard to blame anyone. Matt saw something so late in his cadence that the when he tried to make a change, his OL fired off. This happened to me before...long time ago!! I was so far in my cadence, my next word shoulda been “go”, calling for the snap. But i noticed a misaligned player and when I tried to get him in position, my line heard my voice and fired off. Center didn’t snap cuz he knew I wasn’t ready, but the other 4 were ready to go!! Not sure if the case, but it’s what it looked like to me.
  5. I’ll have to see it again, but it looked like PI to me. Illegal contact in the least
  6. The most telling part about that play was Daltons hands coming together at the end. If he was throwing and not tucking, his hands obviously would not come together. The booth ref even noted that Dalton, in that split second, brought his hand up cuz he felt the ball slipping. Then he continued to say it was clearly an incomplete. Seems pretty contradictory in my opinion.
  7. Carolina WR pushed Trufant 15 yards down the field by his face mask on one of the last 2 drives.
  8. Offensive penalty stops the game clock, even if declined. Happened to us a couple years ago on 3 straight plays when the NFL didn’t want us to ruin the panthers perfect season.
  9. As I’ve always said...there are 3 types of people in this world. Those that are good at math and those that aren’t.