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  1. Well...the do owe us a couple trillion. Maybe we could call it even?
  2. Please!! Maybe France will give us a refund!!
  3. Problem is the play happened too quick. Slant route, refs couldn’t get the flag out in time. Or they didn’t know whose turn it was to throw the flag.
  4. We still won the game, but when we ruined the panthers perfect season. We had the ball with little time left and panthers had no timeouts. We somehow committed 3 straight holding penalties, all declined, but all clock stoppers. We took very little time off and had to punt. Still won obviously but that’s the moment that made me start wondering.
  5. Maybe we could do this for the 2012 game. We get to start it at the point of the PI against Roddy. We got this!! Championship!!
  6. Why no billboards in Seattle after this game? Did Benson pen a letter to Gooddell then as well? I just hate when things don’t go my wa...uh...I mean, aren’t fair!!
  7. Sounds good. I think I’ll send one to Abita. Haha
  8. I don’t remember anywhere near the media outrage for that play either. Wonder why?
  9. Think we can petition Sweetwater or Terrapin to make a Saints Tears Gose? Little salty with a sweet aftertaste!!
  10. That’s a first. Haha. Nah...just pointing out every penalty, no matter how short, matters. And missed calls are still wrong regardless of the outcome of the play/drive.
  11. Oh I know...just repeating a statement made earlier.
  12. “Only woulda been 1 yard. Who cares?”
  13. We all would if he dropped it. Flag shoulda been thrown regardless