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  1. basically, all these ******* talking **** on me, are learning real fast not to **** with me
  2. put it like this homeboy.......You made this thread ****in with me about threads ...then you are proved more gulity than me.......HAHAHAHA Then you got put in your place, then cried like a child.... then you went to the mod for Coc voilation like a baby.....yet .......and the only COC coilation was one you made....... Ugggh put it like this homeboy...you done ****** up boy...Im fast as **** playa like I said, you ******* with the wrong playa
  3. Really? who's making threads about other posters?...I cant wait to see your next whopper of a thread about hotdogs....dont wory .I'll try not to post real threads to push it down ******* with the wrong playa homie
  4. The horror of making threads....I might just push that amazing corndog thread from 2 days ago to the second page.......my god
  5. Right, thanks for your thread about corndogs...it was real barnburner......so many posts... no wonder you dont like any more threads...too hard for you to keep up!
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