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  1. I'm about sold. A fullback who can hold his ground against linemen and flatten linebackers alone has his uses, but considering he can also run and apparently has good ball control, he should have a place in Shanahan's offense. If he can bring that level of gameplay to the pros and he can catch and run plays in clutch situations, he's a shoo-in over DiMarco. Still, all his highlights are from about 6 years ago, so it remains to be seen if he retained his skills.
  2. Wynn looks good but also... He's nothing stellar but instant bias on my part. This guy played for my college! Being Division II means that even UCO students are generally more inclined toward OU and OSU football, but the team definitely had some serious improvements last year. 2-9 or 2-8 seasons from 2009 to 2013 and they shot up to 8-3 in 2014. I'd love to see a UCO player get drafted (hasn't happened since Joe Aska in 1995 and no one even slightly significant since Keith Traylor in 1991), but it's good to see even one get a shot. I vote put this guy on the practice squad and take him for a
  3. I was thinking that. He can book it for a dude his size. Sadly good blocks never reach a highlight reel so it'll be a hunt to get an idea of his blocking talent, but he looks like a good grab. Might give us some added flexibility in the run game, since he can batter through the line and take off running. Plus I, like many other fans, lost all my benevolence and even ambivalence toward DiMarco after Week 17.
  4. I can dig Coleman. He's got good speed and doesn't go down particularly easy. Main criticism I've seen is that his vision is lacking and he can get stuck grinding through the trenches. Can't say I've watched a whole lot of IU football but he can make some sharp cuts and fake out defenders to make open spaces happen. As for the latter complaint, you don't get a 7.5 yard per carry average if you spend a lot of time getting bogged down at the line. Buuuut if the blocks ain't there, there's only so much the back can do. I'm still not sold on the O line and it's not like our receivers had many chan
  5. Sadly our fan base is going to find something to moan about unless the Falcons post an undefeated season.
  6. Saints, mebbe? The butthurt per capita in New Orleans skyrocketed after Week 1 and Week 16.
  7. Judging from the fact that virtually every single article about this story is almost exactly the same, there hasn't been any truly concrete evidence. This is likely just a last-minute attempt to distract people from the fact that one of the teams in the Super Bowl cheated.
  8. Steven Jackson is "good," that hasn't really cut it. Every good team needs a few stars for the fans and their teammates to rally around. The Seahawks have Wilson, Lynch and Sherman, the Cowboys have Bryant and Murray, the Pack has Rodgers, Cobb and Matthews. We have Matty Ice, Julio and Roddy. See my second post, sir.
  9. Crazy idea...support your team even during their slumps and don't hop on the bandwagon during winning seasons! You should be just as happy to wear your Falcons colors during 2014 as you were in 2012. There's nothing wrong with having some dark humor about the team's fortunes but why jump ship? That's like giving your kid the cold shoulder when he comes home with D's on his report card, it doesn't help anything.
  10. ^This. Atlanta can't afford losing a draft pick that could get an epic pass rusher. We could have the best secondary in the world but as long as the pass rush gives the QB until the second coming to throw, it wouldn't matter. Also another Trufant-quality secondary player never hurts.
  11. Yeah, we'd all like to hope Julio might take a slightly lower salary for the sake of team camaraderie but we all know the vast majority of athletes are concerned with themselves first and the team second. It doesn't matter if he makes a name for himself with the Falcons, if he gets a better offer somewhere else, odds are he'll take it. But a high salary could be seen as an investment. Julio's 25 and already one of the top receivers in the league. (If he was posting these types of numbers in Green Bay, Dallas or New England his name would be on almost everyone's lips). Meanwhile, Roddy turns 34
  12. Exactly, and Ballghazi is much more fun to say than Deflategate.
  13. Enough with all the godawful "-gate" scandals. The Tea Pot Dome scandal didn't cause every subsequent scandal to be called "WhateverDome" and the incessant Watergate references have been old for years. Stop feeding the cliche beast.
  14. Don't get ahead of yourself. A lot can change on all the teams by December. But saying the Saints will own the division with any kind of ease is...idiotic, to say the least. Even with all their problems the Falcons were in it until that Week 17 debacle and the Panthers toughed it out to notch a playoff win. The Saints aren't anything special and even our 32nd ranked defense gave Brees a beating to remember in Week 16. It's a toss up between those three again. I honestly don't see the Bucs turning 2015 into a magical comeback season.
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