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  1. It’s a long shot, but the Falcons are still in play for a WC. The Bucs loss only eliminates the from the division title race.
  2. Every division game matters. We lose Thursday, and we can win the next 2, then 3 peat the NFCS. Falcons lose, and you will be mathematically eliminated on the holiday.
  3. See ya soon! We’re busy getting ready for our 3rd straight division title. Oh nah, it’s just there’s no downside.
  4. Go ahead, win this game so that Quinn doesn’t fired and there’s no big draft pick.
  5. May have been a good idea for your team to get burrow, if Dimitroff didn’t owe so much to Matt Ryan. You need pass rushers badly.
  6. Emotion played a large hand in that, I agree. As is that case with most teams that go 3-13, much of the roster and coaching had to be upgraded.
  7. Suuure... like the hurricanes that hit Miami recently. Wonder when they last sniffed the playoffs?
  8. The Falcons lead the entire NFL in penalty yardage. I’m convinced that Goodell hates the Falcons more.
  9. If this was still 2016, I could see it. But we’re too stacked on all 3 phases of football right now. The South has become a two-horse race at this point.
  10. DQ is supposed to be a D-Line specialist. This is very unbelievable for this footage to be happening under his watch.
  11. The Falcons’ roster now looks almost no different than the SB squad. This season pretty much falls on Quinn.
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