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  1. We will be on the couch or, you’re going to be my tour guide in 2 weeks!
  2. Matty ice, what’s up?? Enjoy the game, fellas.
  3. 276 people are talking about this Did the Eagles talk trash before this matchup? Was there something we all missed? They didn't just stop with the dancing, which would've already crossed the line. Mark Ingram and Marshon Lattimore decided to start it all off right after the game, mocking the Eagles' ski mask look. 299 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy Alright, that has to be enough right? They can't possibly hate this team for no good reason to keep this up? Nope, that can't be true. Alvin Kamara and Ingram decided to take things further by wearing ski masks during their postgame interviews at their lockers. View image on Twitter The Saints acting like this is a rivalry is a weird move. There's never been any bad blood between these two teams or their players. This isn't even about the Saints getting revenge either, considering they smoked the Eagles earlier in the year, 48-7. You better believe Philly is going to remember this one as New Orleans started this feud for absolutely no reason. Gee, is it so wrong to feel good after winning a hard game against the champs? The Michael Bennett incident with that reporter after the game is what defines classless. The 12up site is fake news media at its finest.
  4. Suh is being led by a DL coach we have fired. Not a chance.
  5. Now, now... don’t be that way. Family knows best!
  6. The Vikings had a much better record and were at home. So they were likely the favorites to begin with.
  7. Also, can you leave us what date and time do the Vikings play this Sunday?
  8. Well, Tom Brady does have a losing record against Drew Brees after all.
  9. If it’s any consolation, a Saint did lose today. Ol Saint Nick, who’s performed well in every playoff game he’s been to.
  10. 2 more wins til expand that trophy case!!
  11. Yeah, Foles played well in each postseason game. I would be rooting for Foles if he was playing some other team, but the N.O. voodoo may be too much for the Foles magic!
  12. Wonder who was the last team to beat Foles in the playoffs?
  13. Very true, Brooks is Vick’s 2nd cousin. They’re both from Virginia.
  14. Aaron brooks. When Vick on on your squad I would go to the games, knowing we’d lose, and I’d be like...”Man, I wish we had this guy.” “Where can we get a game-changer like this?” The Vick hype was nothing like Cam Newton.
  15. Suuuure. Fantastic job by the Katrina refs to push us away from FG range after a fumble recovery. See ya in the ATL in a month!