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  1. You can play innocent if you want. First of all, if you remember every poster here over the last three years, you seriously need to find another hobby. Seriously. Secondly, the very first rule (in case you forgot or have trouble reading) is “Any communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member.” My first post and you taunt me “Look who’s back. I thought you left.” You know what you were doing. And I know you were doing. It’s cool. If this board is your entire world, I don’t mean to intrude on it. I actually have a life outside this board. It’s why I haven’t posted in however many years (you said three so I guess my posting habits are more important to you than it is to me). But it’s definitely because of people like you that I don’t come around often. Enjoy your little cesspool. Just try not to be so smug to everybody. It’s against the rules and it doesn’t help the board to attack anybody with an opinion you don’t like. And grow up.
  2. It’s interesting when the admins don’t follow their own board rules. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4076050-code-of-conduct/ But whatever. Not a surprise. Some people lack class or much better to do in life.
  3. Why do you feel like safety is such a big need? I like Kazee a lot.
  4. Who’s your favorite that you think will likely be available?
  5. I was talking about this draft. I think the Hurst move was fine. Maybe quite good. The Fowler move is a bit risky, but overall I like it. Not a huge fan of the Gurley signing. We might as well have kept Freeman than cut him, eat the dead money, and then blow $5-6 million on a guy with knee problems. But I was talking about this draft. We didn’t significantly improve the team with this pick. We didn’t.
  6. I hadn’t been around stupid people in a long time and I wanted to remember what it was like. You can’t really appreciate the good unless you’re around the bad.
  7. It’s not because they didn’t do what I wanted them to do. It’s because we didn’t significantly improve our team by picking a high quality player. You can try to make this about me, but it’s not.
  8. I’m sorry if you didn’t watch the national championship game or read my post, but that’s not my fault. You literally ignored my argument either because you didn’t read it or couldn’t comprehend it. But okay, what an interesting analysis, I guess.
  9. Jesus is disappointed in you. So is your mom. But thanks for chiming in. It was helpful.
  10. I don’t even have a huge problem with the Lindstrom pick last year. Yeah, it was a bit of a reach. But look how bad our offensive line was without him. (I do, however, blame Dimitroff for signing both Carpenter and Brown). And I also recognize everything was going fine until a better GM (Lynch) realized that he could easily get a great WR later and dominant lines win championships and he took our guy. If he had taken Jeudy I don’t think Denver takes Kinlaw. But Dimitroff is literally the only GM in the first 16 picks to pick a terrible pick. The only one. You look at the first 15 guys, all of them were quality players. Every team ahead of us significantly improved and basically nailed their pick. Normally I agree you need to strongly consider needs when drafting. We were obviously in dire need for a corner and when Jax took Henderson there were going to be limited good options on the board. But Terrell got absolutely burned against NFL quality players in the championship game. Now he’s going to have to go against NFL caliber players every week. Sure, if we drafted Kinlaw we would have had trouble at corner. But we would have gotten somebody in the 2nd and we’d have a front four of McKinley, Jarrett, Kinlaw, and Fowler rushing the passer. Now we have three corners that are in their first three seasons (Oliver, Terrell, and Sheffield). And arguably the fourth rounder will be the best of the bunch. TD is done. And I haven’t been a huge TD hater, I really haven’t. I think he had some successes and failures like all GMs. But too many failures now. And the Sam Baker contract was the stupidest thing I ever saw.
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