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  1. So I wanted to post some questions to some people and get some feedback. But first of all, Trae Young has been a disaster. Shooting percentage is atrocious. He seems to be a good passer. But Luka Doncic looks much, much, much better than Trae Young. Question #1: Do you regret trading away Doncic for Trae Young (AND a protected first round pick this year)? Which would you rather have? Doncic or Young AND a mid round pick (Mavs don’t look like they’ll be a bottom ten team, and in fact are on pace to make the playoffs which would make it a pick most likely closer to 20 maybe). But is it an asset that might be able to be used to move up from the #2, #3, or #4 pick up to #1? Question 2: Who would you rather have: Doncic or Trae Young AND Zion Williams. Because if we finish as one of the worst three teams this year, it will probably be partially because we picked Trae Young over Doncic. Doncic looks so much better than Trae Young we might not have made the playoffs in the East, but I seriously doubt we would be this terrible. Trading Doncic helped us suck enough to be in the situation where we might be able to draft Zion. And in the Doncic/Young trade we received that first round pick we might be able to use to ensure we get the first overall pick in the draft. So who would you prefer: Doncic or Trae Young AND Zion Williams? #3: Or would you prefer RJ Barrett? Some people say he’s the better player. #4: What’s the best case scenario starting 5 you could realistically imagine (realistically!) next season? Let’s say we end up with the 3rd overall pick and we’d trade up to get #1. We play John Collins at PF. Zion at SF. Trae Young will play PG (God help us, please let him develop NBA range)...with strict instructions to be a facilitator first and only take good shots. What can we do at SG? What can we do at Center? We could offer a player a Max contract but how much we would have left for better depth and role players? Can we get something for Bazemore’s ridiculous terrible expiring contract? No super star is coming to Atlanta even with Collins, Zion, and Trae Young anyway. Or would somebody want to become those young guys’s Leader? Happy discussion.
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