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  1. Neasman not getting a chance after last season is a head scratcher. Did DQ forget why moving Ish to reserve LB was a good idea? He's a good tackler and physical but only if he can catch up. Heck I'd rather put Grace or Foye back there than him. Also, we're not playing Graham and got two perfectly good backs and a 3rd Rounder (who has been decent in action) in street clothes every week. I don't know if we find any more success but they won't get better on the sidelines and I'll swallow an L on young rookie mistakes more than vets.
  2. I don't know if he is a long-term solution but he is 100% my choice for interim over Mularkey (hard "no" for Koetter and the other former coaches). Beyond that, Morris will have the opportunity to show Blank if he can do the job...a tall order given the way we play right now and the schedule left. Morris and Ulbrich (especially) are really the only two guys I think have done a good job with their position groups over the years and would really want to stay on in some capacity.
  3. MNF

    NY Replay officials have offices in Vegas.
  4. Hard to see how he goes another year. I love Matt Bryant and few kickers make it this long let alone with the success he has had. I wanted him to go out on top. That said we will need to find another kicking solution as neither his age nor cost are advantages. A few more missed kicks and it will be academic.
  5. I forgot...which player were we going to draft who could play DL, LB, CB and Safety (simultaneously)...and scheme a working defense?
  6. Not really. The sideline catch was an amazing catch and 50/50 debatable. The fumble was a potentially lucky break for us, but we still allowed the long catch. The fair catch interference was the most egregious (imo) of the three but it led to just good field position. We still could have stopped them from scoring a TD.
  7. The fumble was a bad call but the sideline catch was debatable. That said, we didn't look like a winning team so I'm not gonna become a Saints and keep b'ing about it. We lost this one for a lot of reasons beyond refs so charging it to the game and moving on.
  8. We are the Atlanta Falcons!!!
  9. Almost forgot Graham was on the team.
  10. Well I did pick up Chase Edmonds in fantasy as both my regulars Cohen and Singletary are on bye and I am ashamed that I did it but I will take the points. FYI...Ito is my other RB.
  11. F'ing robbed but this is the kind of year we're having. Oh well.
  12. I didn't think he should challenge the earlier catch. This one however is worth the challenge!!! Smart of Kazee to recover the ball!!!
  13. Beasley playing paddy cake while everyone else is chasing Murray.
  14. Grady looking like the Kool Aid man on that hold.
  15. Yes it was collapsing and Matt went for the ground.
  16. I hate how Matt just seems to crumble in the pocket. At least they were offsides.
  17. WTF is this free kick rule? Is this new and I've been asleep?
  18. Matt Ryan is NOT an issue. I was never a big Matt Ryan fan (not personal but just prefer more dynamic QBs) BUT this team can win with him (saw it in 2016). When Matt has time, he will pick NFL Ds apart but he seldom has that time and way too often penalties happen when he does. That said, one has to wonder if someone else would be a better solution but his contract makes any other consideration pure fantasy. This team's two biggest issues are a questionable offensive scheme that shows little creativity to get playmakers open and a defense that looks like we have 4-5 rookies playing on every down.
  19. You know things are bad when your top CB is out and you're not sure it will make a difference.
  20. I'm still a little hopeful they will find something but I'm not interested in anything but results. Brotherhood, fight for one another and all that stuff is just words. I just want a win... a good win. I'd actually like to come back to the boards too as I have largely avoided hanging around here with all the bad mood threads the past two weeks. I feel the same way but do not want to live in the negativity bubble. Another loss and I'm probably done caring for the season and will expect new leadership by end of season if not sooner.
  21. Don't care as long as they know how to win. I would prefer to take my lumps with a young creative offensive guy paired with solid DC. Solid as in not the 31st team in the league in ppg allowed; only ahead of a team that is actually trying to tank.
  22. Only way I see such a trade is with a new staff. We haven't been trying to give Ito more snaps in spite of him looking better and we got two young backs in street clothes every week who I think would be better at executing those "Teco" outside runs of the past.
  23. We also have the advantage that our city doesn't actually smell when our teams stink.
  24. I'd be interested to hear myself. You can point fingers at Matt for some stuff but out of all the issues we got going on, Matt is the least of them....especially since he got past the pick fit earlier in the season.