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  1. Well redzone and TDs are not measuring the same can score without starting in the red zone. But yes you could say that Calvin Ridley was more effective scoring TDs than Julio. One could point out that Julio is double or triple covered limiting his end zone ops but statistically Calvin Ridley scored more touchdowns than Julio and hence a more reliable scoring target. I'm just f'ing with you Van. I'll stop.
  2. We all can come across snippy when we disagree but can't look each other in the eye. This is the same kind of silly arguments I have with my real life friends when drinking, laughing and chopping it up. Posting here is a hobby and it's never personal. I thought the gif was funny personally. To your point (bolded): Why did I need to justify Julio's lower catch rate? Julio was just a passing benchmark reference. My post was all about what Sanu does well and that Sanu statistically was the most reliable receiver (based on catch rate) on the team and even better than Julio (assuming you accept that Julio is good as I do). Vandy and apparently you read negativity towards Julio into my post instead of the simple pro-Sanu comparison that I was making. You'd almost think I said..."Sanu is so much more reliable than Julio". If I had said that then yeah I'd be aligned with your concern (though I still don't think it would be up to me justify why Julio's numbers aren't higher if I was making such a point).
  3. I am not sure we actually agree or if we actually are disagreeing about the same things. As I said, Julio probably gets more panic (bad) throws from MR2 which may explain why his % is lower but that's my opinion and not an empirical fact. I'd love to see a better catch reliability stat. Like I said that is the one (and only) area where Sanu is statistically better than Julio. I can't say I've seen Sanu drop many passes here (though he did get mugged bad in a one game once). Agree to disagree...dead horse and such.
  4. LOL Please. I don't have to provide documentation any more than anyone else to have an opinion. I provided him with the catch rate stat purely out of courtesy for a poster I have respect for. @Vandy's response let me know that it probably would not have mattered what I posted, he didn't like the statement and was willing to cherry pick Sanu's career drops and even tried to use my own transparency of Nick Williams against me (I think we all understand that his 4 targets was not statistically significant). Julio is the best receiver on this team and probably the NFL. That does not change that Sanu has caught a greater % of balls targeted for him than anyone else on the Atlanta Falcons for the past three years. If anyone wants to make a case that there is a better stat for catch reliability where Julio is better than Sanu, I encourage him to post it. It's kinda crazy that we're splitting hairs over the one category where Sanu might be a little bit better than Julio. It's like " he didn't say Sanu was more reliable than my Julio."
  5. It doesn't bump up against it it kind of says how good he has been here. In fact I'll raise you and say that you're cherry picking stats. Sanu had a well known drop problem before he came here and even in preseason 2016. It was one of the reasons I didn't think he was an upgrade over Roddy. Show me his drop stats since regular season 2016 and show me Julio's. My transparency of Nick Williams was to show that he didn't contribute much for that 75% while Sanu definitely did. You're one of my favorite posters but odd that you see praise for something that Sanu has done well for us as a put down of Julio that needs defending.
  6. You really going to make me explain this? Statistically yes! That doesn't mean he has done more or been the go-to guy but when targeted he has lead all WRs every year he's been here. (Nick Williams technically has a better catch rate in 2017 as he caught 3 of 4 (75%) compared to Sanu's 67 of 96 (69.8%). I believe in 2016, Sanu had like the best catch rate in the NFL from the slot. 2016-2018 Catch Rate 2016 2017 2018 Mohamed Sanu 72.8 69.8 70.2 Julio Jones 64.3 59.5 66.5 Sanu has been lauded for his sure hands so this should not be a surprise. We know JJ drops a few here and there but in fairness he also gets a lot more of MR2's panic balls which can be harder to bring in.
  7. PFF says we have one of the deepest coaches benches. /p
  8. He'll be what he'll be but he's kicked perfect for us (with two 50+ yarders). I've seen nothing to suggest he cannot do the job as well Bryant did. Who knows one day in 2034, we all may be back here bemoaning us cutting Italian Ice at the young age of 44 and upset that the Falcons want to move on from one of the greatest kickers in the game.
  9. Nah there's still a vocal group who would rather see Sanu not on this team. Sanu has been the most reliable receiver (including Julio), we've had since he's been here. His only real flaw is that he isn't fast. What he is: Great hands and will contest catches as good as anyone. Highest catch rate on team. Good route runner (though not the whole tree) Physical with excellent RAC skills. Excellent downfield blocker Executes the Wildcat with great success (and is a legit threat to throw it and complete passes) Fantastic attitude I was not the biggest fan when we got him (I thought he's be Roddy 1.5) but dude is so much more than just a WR3.
  10. I love this kid. I saw him first while scouting QBs and thought...that dude is making plays against this really good Boise State O. When the "backflip" video came out I followed the crowd and realized that this was the same guy and posted it here. I think I've watched every bit of film on him there is. He is a project BUT I think with the right coaching he could be a boss for us. Fear he will go 2nd round and that's a bit early for me though I would not be mad at it.
  11. Mat Bryant was the only one living up to his contract so hard to say anyone but him. Poole would be second but if we're being honest, he hasn't been all that good since Green Bay in the playoffs in 2016. He's had some good games here and there since but has been a real liability in a lot of games as well. I was really shocked at how bad he was at S when we tried him there early in the season.
  12. Clowny is better than Beasley (both are boom-busty) but we don't need money like that tied up in an Edge. Give me Bealsey AND Irvin @ 12-16M over Clowny alone (probably at 12-15). ...or draft an edge.
  13. Good depth signing. When Means first got on the team I was not impressed but down the stretch he was putting in some quality reps.
  14. Ha. No need to beg me to watch film. I like what I see but believe this thread will be dead and gone by the time I found and watched footage hence my comments in this thread. I honestly don't think this kid will be anywhere near where we would be taking a RB so I didn't really want to spend a ton of time (looking for good footage) on him. For some reason...I could not find anything but highlight games last night. I got some today.
  15. Didn't give him the full "vs" look over but what I gathered. Pros Stupid levels of production Nice blend of vision, patience and top end. Great balance Concerns: Not known for his receiving (Just 51 catches in 3 years but not saying he can't) Their RB2 was just as effective (maybe other guy is really good too but could be OL/system bolstering stats) CUSA-level competition (I still think his skills will translate like Ito)
  16. Apologies if this sounds strange but I like to understand responses to my messages that feel like disagreement but there is agreement. Did you feel my "or we are walking away for 2020" was not adequate. My point was that if we can't reach an accommodation, we would tag him but walk away next year as he won't get cheaper unless something crazy happens. Just curious as where you saw a counter (the "but") or if I'm misunderstanding you.
  17. If we tag him, we don't accomplish anything unless he can't play after this season or we are walking away for 2020. Even if he takes a step back, he will still command just as much next season as this season. Pushing it out while trying to juggle Debo and Keanu's 5th year option plus whatever else makes no sense either.
  18. I kind of think the deal is pretty much done. Grady will be paid and TD will work his cap magic to keep the early cap hits minimal. I think JJ will go easy too. I think Vic will be the issue as he may not be worth $12.8M, he probably can still get 10-12 from less cash strapped teams.
  19. I still want to see if there is anything with Brian Hill. I liked the attitude he ran with last year.
  20. I'd take QW cause I think we need an extra stout DT but Bosa would also be good for us.
  21. Ito and Free are comparable in my mind. Both are compact, jump-cutters with good vision. Free's the more physical/sudden runner but I think Ito is more patient and better in pass protection. Ito may have better hands and a little faster (but not as quick). Will say I wish we could have gotten better line play. I think all our backs would thrive but Teco would have benefited the most and I think we will miss that explosiveness he had (do not expect him back). Such a great combo of him and Free.
  22. May have been posted but we could potentially get another pick... P.S. If they knew this before cutting Money, I may be inclined to think TD is more slick than I thought.
  23. Ha. Not sure if I should laugh at the joke or the idea that you may have noticed it due to the websites you had just visited prior to coming here.
  24. More than 10 but High priority (Must get) RT1 / RG1 DT1 Medium priority (Could use) RG2 / RT2 CB3 LG1 / LG2 C2 DL (Depth) Edge (assume we keep Beasley and Irvin) LB (Depth) FB Low priority (Nice to have) RB3 WR4 TE2 / TE3
  25. PRE-6/1 RELEASE 2019 Dead Cap: $3,800,000 2019 Cap Savings: $3,950,000 POST-6/1 RELEASE 2019 Dead Cap: $1,300,000 2020 Dead Cap: $2,500,000 2019 Cap Savings: $6,450,000