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  1. Colquitt's alright but this was a missed opportunity to really spice up the lockeroom. 😀
  2. We still suck but after today, at least I don't think we are awful.
  3. Been holding back posting as we did better when I didn't but still if we don't pull out the miracle, this was a good loss. 2nd half has been good and 4th quarter hopefully great. Edit: Too much to drink
  4. To only be down 21-7 (0:45 left) going into the half is a win as we have largely gotten our teeth kicked in but did just enough to be semi-respectable. Let's hope we make more adjustments than we did last week coming out of the half.
  5. Patterson is kind of a beast and I'm pissed I did not start him in Fantasy since I picked him up.
  6. Not gonna lie, I'm far more interested in the post game conference than watching us get walked like we are an FCS team playing Alabama. So far, this game is the worst I have seen a Falcons team since Carolina 1 2015!!!
  7. Hey guys. Dante Fowler is still on the team. Hope this is a momentum shift and not limiting the beating.
  8. Just the first drive of the second game but I'm already starting to think I need to find more entertaining activities on my Sundays.
  9. Perhaps we agree. I am not going to list of six or ten players who sucked, I will blame the guy who let them suck either in preparation or execution. After those first two drives, nothing I saw made me think "we can come back" or "we made adjustments"....I will put that on coaching all day every day. Lots of blame to spread but I'm keeping it simple in 2021 and holding the guy who executes the gameplan and manages the players accountable. That's what he wanted.
  10. I know there is a push to fire and blame everybody but what we saw Sunday was Arthur Smith and Dean Pees work. Rich McKay and others in the FO are executives and not calling plays or preparing the team. Art needs to get his #@%$ together otherwise I am all for a one and done for him if I see more performances like that again. I'm a Falcon fan so I can handle losing but I cannot stand seeing us uncompetitive.
  11. I'll sum up for those who can't be bothered to watch. Paraphrasing: He needs to check the film and coach better.
  12. Going to be a tough week on the board. Lurking encouraged. I will leave my only comment here. We look worse than the DQ teams today.
  13. Oh boy. Post game conference will be a slaughter if Smith and Pees don't find some answers at the half. O looked good early but kinda stalled and got stale. At least we seem to have a run game. Defense has been a hot mess and there is nothing other than a few individual performances that I care to even mention.
  14. The ghosts of defenses past still walk the field of MB Stadium. Looks like the 4th quarter of LI right now.
  15. I just put in a waiver claim for CP in Fantasy. He looks like he belongs brothers!
  16. Lol. So preseason doesn't matter. Offense looks good and D looks like last three years.
  17. That was a great watch. So much talent and promise. As Art said, everyone is optimistic this time of year. Preseason told me little so I just want to see what the 2021 Falcons will REALLY look like.
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