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  1. Great breakdown. Can't wait for pt 2 but he nailed Beasley. I think that the "bad" sack is the way Vic takes plays off. I think he knows he can't really play patty-cake with a man who weighs 60-80 lbs more than him but he also knows he can't rush with his hair on fire every play (I think Takk will try). Hopefully Vic's offseason helped him get more leg and core strength (his arms are ridiculous but he doesn't have a balanced physique to torque guys off of him). I think it is worth noting that even when Vic disappears like he did in the playoffs, he was still a major asset since teams MUST alter their game plan for him.
  2. I saw this pop up on my phone as a Google notification and I knew it was some bored sportswriter's hot take. Who knows, maybe Hill does struggle a bit. Lord knows all our vets needed a year to be good in this system and Terron Ward is the offensive Rico Allen...does his job and reliable but everyone thinks they need to be upgraded (I am in that camp). Not sure I buy the BJ Daniels angle yet.
  3. To be fair they had so much cap space, they didn't really need to negotiate and if you look at the contract details, it's a team-friendly contract. Glad there are no Falcons on this list but got a feeling we are a year or two away from making a debut.
  4. **** yeah! You should go to Twitter/Instagram and call him out for trying to make something so easy look impressive. In fact, you should go to TC and call that blonde mullet-wearing poser that he ain't ****. Here you can post this guy pulling a helicopter with his junk to prove the point. Oh forgot... [/purple]
  5. Edit. Already posted. Ignore.
  6. I'd hope so but the policy is probably a good one to keep profiteers from gobbling up season tickets. They could fix that by making tickets non-transferable. PSLs are a means for clubs to raise more money up front.
  7. Poll was kinda eye-opening (yeah internet poll and maybe Free has hater who is skewing the poll). I'e said that I'd love it if we could pay him prorated top back money since we are not a 1-back system. That said, Free is about to get paid as that what we do.
  8. We don't disagree on the goal of big back, short yardage. I guess I envision a more dynamic role for the FB than just a blocking TE in the backfield (that is what DiMarco was for us). I want our FB to get the ball on quick handoffs and split gaps with power. I'd almost rather put or motion Toilolo into the backfield if we need an extra blocker back there. I'd also argue we are more poor at FB where we have a guy who has struggled to stay on the field and another who is an FCS UDFA. I don't see where putting Hill at FB is a negative unless we just waste him (or the other guys) as a blocker. Also th Anyways I trust the staff to know what's best and this has been a cool convo. Can't wait for camp so all this pontificating the improbable isn't the only thing to talk about. My expectation is that Coleman will be our starting FB and used very similar to DiMarco. Hill will probably replace Ward and end up being used the same way he was. Renew will likely get stuff on PS unless he just goes nuts in camp.
  9. It's all good. We all get what we get and none of what is said on this board matters much beyond it. We all just throwing our thoughts out there and I'm sure Hill would be fantastic in your scenario, I just think he could have the talent to do a lot more than that for us. As I said I'm cool with Coleman (heard he looked good in camp) and I have a personal interest in Renew (just haven't see him play FB the way FBs typically play in the NFL). Like you, I just want the best team on the field.
  10. LOL. Yeah I remember seeing that one. Tolbert is a quality FB who can do it all but that was ugly. It happens to the best of 'em sometimes. Think they are suppose to be doing one thing but it's the wrong thing.
  11. That's the other side of the Hill at FB argument. At RB3, he ain't likely to see a lot of action unless we part with Ward (assumed if Hill makes team as RB3) or Teco or Free gets hurt. I guess they could design some special runs for him but that's slicing the pizza thin IMO. The image I can't get out of my head is the following: Hill at FB with Free or Teco at HB with the option to motion the HB out and be three wide but still have a strong run threat (unlike DiMarco). Stay home with two backs that can run the ball effectively inside or outside or max protect if Matt wants to take a shot. Defenses will be encouraged to play 8 in the box a lot giving Matt one on one looks outside or to the TE. For short yardage, I don't see how Renew is better than Hill since neither is known for their blocking.
  12. The staff has certainly not mentioned and DColeman may have it locked. As practical matter if you don't like what Hill could bring to FB, I'm not sure Renew is an answer either. I went to Furman (a long time Citadel rival) and I haven't missed a game in 16 years and I have never missed Tyler Renew running all over my Paladins. At Citadel, he ran out of the wish/flexbone as an H-Back. He is quick and tough to bring down BUT he never really pass blocked because Citadel rarely threw the ball (53 all season). He caught 5 passes last year which is also his 4-year career total. He may be amazing and I want him to be successful but watching him all these years, I don't see what he brings that Hill doesn't. Hill a tad bigger but Hill has pass blocked a lot and while he had only 8 catches last year, he has 41 for his career. Hill did those things in a Pro style offense against better comp. Renew's running was part of a backfield with what seemed like the whole team is lined up in the backfield and a slippery athletic QB. The SOCON is notorious for churning out amazing "looking" backs out of these old-school wishbone/flexbone offenses. Citadel has been doing it for years along with Wofford and former SOCON member Georgia Southern. All those programs have had some impressive RBs who never made it in the NFL. To be clear I want him to be the exception but I am keeping a realistic perspective.
  13. Yeah it's not a thing but has been floated by me and a couple other posters. My thought was that his physical running style and larger size for a RB might translate to FB. I don't know if he can block anywhere near as good as DiMarco but I know he can run way better and shouldn't have any issues catching the handful of balls that DiMarco pulled in. Derrick Coleman can do the job if he can stay on the field but I'd like to see some competition. I'm a secret Renew fan (even though Citadel is a rival school to my alma mater) but he is a running FB out of a FCS Wishbone offense. I think that that's a tough climb as much as I like the attitude and grit he has. I'd rather see Hill who faced at least B grade FBS comp in a more traditional offensive scheme.
  14. Based on what has been reported so far, Harlow is going to be red-shirted and is not in competition for starting RG. It seems that Harlow will need someone to get hurt, suspended or for Wes to fall off a cliff in performance for Harlow to see the field (Garland is safe).
  15. I would so love to pontificate on this but I'd just be throwing hopes and dreams out there. I really do believe that outside of maybe two or three games, the effectiveness of our pass rush will be keyed more on our linebacker play than anything else. I don't think we have a killer pass rush but I do think there is going to be a consistently short clock for the opposing QB. Our secondary players along with this scheme make going vertical very risky. We are going to see a lot of quick stuff this season and our LBs are going to be challenged. I am really hoping our LB speed makes QBs hold (sack) or make bad choices (turnovers).