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  1. I don't really get this move unless there is some unknown circumstance. I thought he would at least get to compete in camp. I don't think we save any appreciable money. Last time we saw him, he looked good but got hurt and simply has not had an opportunity to play. I certainly support getting a QB in this draft (not high tho) but this seems like an odd release.
  2. I totally get why people want to draft a QB early but just feels like we are trading this year's first rounder to 2022, 2023 or 2024 with no compensation and no assurance he would work out. For three years, if he did pan out, you only have one year before he becomes crazy expensive. While I have a higher opinion of Mac Jones after watching film, (top 15 but my #4 QB behind TL,ZW and JF), we don't need him either. I say trade back, get a player who can help the team now and pick up an early 2nd. Grab a QB in the 3rd or 4th who has traits and can come in and learn to be Arthur Smith's
  3. As a huge Teco fan then and now, I say would say no thanks. As much as I really love watching him run, he has never had good contact balance and really can't make his own if he can't outrun defenders to the edge. If we had a better O line maybe but I think we need a guy who can stay on his feet, make that guy miss in the hole and shows some better vision. There are two options in the draft that I would break my 3rd round or later rule for taking RBs. I'd take Harris late first or Williams early 2nd as opposed to dipping into nostalgia with Teco.
  4. I'm highest on Javonte Williams in the 2nd (and I generally hate drafting RBs before the 3rd). Najee Harris will go mid-late in the first and I think Etienne will get picked up late first as his skillset will be far more valuable in certain schemes but would welcome him here. If we trade back, we open up all kinds of options and we could be getting a good day 1 pick and two quality picks early day 2.
  5. I'd be over the moon to trade out of #4 and pick up another 2nd. This guy and Javonte Williams in the 2nd would make me tear up.
  6. I know we think that we could just plug and play but I don't know if that is really true. I actually think Tom Brady as a QB talent isn't all that special. Don't get me wrong, he is sharp, quite accurate and surprisingly tough. What makes him so special is that he usually wins when it matters the most regardless of who is around him. It's as if he is proof of "The Secret".
  7. There's a familiar name. He went to my alma mater and was a heck of a receiver for us (some electric returns too). Looks like he's been busy since he graduated. If he coaches like he played, we got a good one.
  8. This is how you put your foot on your enemy's throat. KC's defense is whooped.
  9. I'm still high on Wilson if we do go QB (I'm a trade-back guy who sees the logic in going after a QB high). I have read some things that suggests he has maybe a bit more confidence than some people think is appropriate. That would make the Manziel comp make more sense if true.
  10. That's a lot of dudes. 😄 Love seeing the Javonte Williams love.
  11. Kinda funny you mentioned Ito as he is a lot like William's teammate Michael Carter in size, skillset, running traits and same concerns (size/pass pro). I think Ito could be a great #2 if he can stay healthy.
  12. I literally watched every piece of tape I could find on this guy this weekend. I seriously can't find any notable flaws in his game. I actually think he is an even more complete back than Harris. Etienne is way more explosive and faster (hope Shanahan does not get him) but I think Williams would be a better fit here.
  13. Very likeable guy and he looked good all week in practice (minus the belly). I'd take him in the 4th or later but suspect someone will reach for him sooner.
  14. If we trade up for a QB, Fontenot can keep his bags packed afaic. If we didn't have a QB set to make $40M and who can still play...fine but we need a full roster of contributors and that ain't going to be easier by giving up precious draft capital for perceptively "good" but not "generational" talent.
  15. Unless it is one of the three elite QBs or WRs...maybe Sewell (I'm not sure I buy him as much as others) I don't think there is value for us at #4. I like a lot of guys in the 1st round but few I'd want at 4. I'd probably go Wilson or Fields. If you really think Julio is near done, Chase would be a good get. I personally hope we trade out and go shopping in the late mid-late 1st through second round.
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