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  1. I've kinda gotten to believing that if we can't win the last 3 games, we probably aren't going far if we do make the playoffs.
  2. I think this was a good move but I did like CJ. He looked pretty good in SB and I really saw him and Deji as equals but favored CJ since was new to the position and perhaps had more growth. This year he just hasn't been that good and at times a liability.
  3. I liked your post just for being "that guy". I will throw ya a bone and say that I hope this moment of fun helps his pocket poise. Looking kind of skittish again the past two games.
  4. This what was so curious to's usually one guy and many women but this woman had pretty much everybody over there acting crazy. I'd love to know the attraction/fascination.
  5. Congrats!
  6. The fact you feel the need to say that says a lot about where we are right now. I am of the opinion that any guy who did wrong should pay the price but this stuff is going to shade all men and snag quite a few who are not the vultures that some are but will be treated the same. I'm lucky the only woman I ever did anything like that to succumbed to my power and married me 19 years ago.
  7. That is what is so dangerous about all this. You are automatically assuming that one is using their position as a means to victimize someone else. My point is that people (especially celebrities) see people treat them very different than the masses. It is not a reach for me to think that guys who are constantly looked up to or seen as successful thinking that maybe the object of their eye may be interested. That's a long way from "I'm in charge here and things are going to go down this way because it's just like that." I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong but don't get narrow-minded and think that every man who gets accused of this stuff is on a power trip. Most men who misbehave only have physical power (at best) over women but you're not likely to hear or care about those since women aren't going to deal with the hassle of going after guys getting a little touchy, sexting or sending dickpics unless there is something more to be gained for the effort or the guy just won't stop. I hate when I end up arguing a position that has too much nuance to ever effectively argue.
  8. See below
  9. I don't fully believe that. Sure there are plenty of people (not just men) who power trip and get some high out of feeling powerful and dominating but I think a lot of it is simply people get to believing their own status and stature buys them clout or favor (which it does for some) and they over-read and over-step. You could make a case to me that someone like Weinstein or Cosby may be motivated purely by power and conquest just because those are the kind of people we make into leaders but I think most guys it is is far less sinister and is simply lizard-brain stuff.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Let's be real, those women on that network are pretty dolled up and you're dealing with a subset of men who are almost certainly producing a bit more T than most men. What I was saying in regards to the lady who brought the charges, she had a lot of men chasing her and I'm downright curious what her thing is.
  11. Yes as I said, I'm not talking about sexual assault. If it was only unwanted physical contact, this would be easy but it is also emotional and how you make women feel that is also in scope. I also will give these guys the opportunity to defend themselves or admit guilt before I render final verdict.
  12. I'm not the grabby creepy type but I can't see myself in this panel if I was and had a gig on NFL Network (maybe she has a sexy personality, big butt or something). I fear that this new culture will lead to men just not even wanting to bother with women at all and work against women's interests. Not encouraging grabassing and assault but just wondering how the pendulum doesn't over-swing with the avalanche of personalities making it seem like all men are sexual predators.
  13. Could have been Jesus Christ back there, you can't let a broken play turn into an uncontested touchdown. Sorry Vikes about the fumble call but we and Matt Ryan feel your pain.
  14. I had it on good advice that Minnesota had a great defense and why we only got 9 pts.
  15. Yeah. Don't think they should be in arm's reach of the handoff tho.