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  1. I am rooting for Ollison but I still struggle that the previous regime didn't even want him dressed out and they clearly liked something early on since they drafted him. I think Hawkins has a chance and wouldn't completely rule out Huntley (not dissimilar to Oliison as runner). No one knows how much Patterson will be used as a RB but his role may make it easier for Art to take a flyer on someone like Hawkins who is a different kind of runner than the rest..
  2. Agreed. This is a cooler way to deal with messengers 😉.
  3. I do not know why more teams don't just "rip the Band-Aid off" like he suggests. Come in, get rid of everybody with known talent, draft someone you could have but didn't, pick up a bunch of other rookies and picks, still trade Julio since he wanted out and before you know it. you're winning Super Bowls. So simple and works every time. /purple.
  4. Flemlo does a great job with these and Juantarius' story is a good one.
  5. Everybody going mad. Messy, dramatic and public. I am too old for modern society.
  6. Been watching Emory for years as he covers a lot of FCS stuff (best brand of football imo). I don't always agree with his takes but he does his homework. He is not some mass media attention whore, he scouts a lot of small school and back-half-of-the-draft guys and willingly explains his POV.
  7. Didn't see this posted and did a search on this guy's name but didn't see a topic so posting it here. Apologies if already posted: "... [Juantarius] Bryant, a defensive back from Austin Peay, was never actually contacted by the Falcons but instead by someone texting him from an Atlanta area code pretending to be defensive coordinator Dean Pees. So when Bryant arrived at the team's facility Wednesday to get ready for his chance to accomplish an NFL dream, he was instead turned away...." https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31457094/ex-austin-peay-governors-db-juantarius-bryant-falls
  8. I might be a little sensitive to size as I saw what happened to Ito.
  9. No "doubt" scheme is key to his success. I would have told him to decline that offer if Koetter was still here but I think he could be a nice RB1b in a well-run O scheme. Edit: My "doubt" disappeared.
  10. Javian a baller and dude ran tough inside but the laws of physics still exist. You see his limitations on film. He just doesn't have a ton of contact power and as such he goes down on clean hits and while his pass pro technique is sound, he got overwhelmed easily. Don't get me wrong, I love this kid and all the other traits he brings (even his character...great interview with some local podcaster on YouTube) and he did some endurance work at Louisville but he could get beat up like Ito (who is 10 lbs bigger). Not saying he can't be Warrick Dunn but most guys his size end up being specialty
  11. Not you (and certainly not Jesus 😄). LOL. No, and not sure why you care. I'm sure Jesus is more powerful than you and can fend for himself if he thought I was sinning.
  12. Kinda weird that some folks throwing shade at Kurt. Dude played well in the limited time he was here but never got a shot between injury and Matt being an ironman and Schaub being a capable and well-paid veteran backup.
  13. This might be fun. Arthur was all business. No slogans, clichés or rah rah here. Short, sober and to the point.
  14. Said it in the video comments but Darby and Hawkins are the guys I'm looking to shine. Darby had a nice high point catch in that video.
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