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  1. Gotta say that Blank is looking like a hero right now. Can you imagine a new coaching staff trying to put a team together is the BS of 2020? Not saying we will take advantage of "continuity" or that I am exciting about winning a SB with an asterisk but hard not to see how us and the Saints having a big advantage in terms of staff, players, identity and systems.
  2. I expect to see more guys end up on this list. Without a hard bubble, it's going to be tough to shield guys. If they were just contact traced, they will be out of quarantine in a few weeks. If they actually got it, I hope they are either asymptomatic or only have very mild symptoms.
  3. This is a really solid signing folks. Veteran capable of giving solid reps is a plus in my book whether he starts or not.
  4. There's no right or wrong imo. This is a personal choice. Maybe he has family members who are high risk or maybe even has concerns for his own health. I won't judge any player who chooses to sit out if it comes to that. I for one don't think there is a such thing as a good plan for COVID and certainly no one who can assure players they won't get it regardless of the steps the NFL takes.
  5. Uncertain times we are in. May end up bringing Free back 😀 or rolling with our 2s and 3s. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2020/7/24/21337143/todd-gurley-indicates-he-could-sit-out-season-if-nfls-plan-for-2020-doesnt-improve
  6. Honestly didn't see enough of him to know. He was in street clothes half the season and when he did dress he had a very limited role. Even during Preseason I never got a real bead on what he was as he typically only worked with and against 3rd/4ths and camp bodies. Not sure if the plan was to bring him along slow since we had a crowded backfield or if there was some part of his game that needed further developing. If our line can push the yds before contact a bit beyond the line of scrimmage, he becomes a huge problem imo. He has little wiggle but at his size and speed, once he gets momentum he can drag guys, run by or through them. I personally prefer him to develop as hybrid HB/FB where he gets on the field in place of Keith Smith and gives us all kinds of options as either blocker, legitimate runner and also be another target for Matt.
  7. I don't think the offense was good enough to make it but I think our D would have given us a fighting chance.
  8. Fowler, Takk, Harris, Means plus guys like Bailey, Cominsky and Marlon who can kick outside says to me that we could spend our money better elsewhere. Not saying we got the "it" crew but bringing in a 37-year old DE to take up a valuable roster spot just doesn't sound like the kind of forward looking effort I am looking for. Heck I like Schaub (who still can play it seems) but hoping Benkert takes his spot for the 2nd year in a row.
  9. Always liked DQ but was in favor of jettisoning him at mid point last season but they played better and I was numb by season's end. I would have still been fine with them searching for a new coach (I wanted to keep TD tho) but glad they kept him now. With as f'd up as 2020 has been, give me that continuity that Mr. Blank was talking about. A new coach coming in would likely not bode well this season.
  10. Good to see but all I'm interested in is him breaking big chunk runs, catching the ball and protecting Matt when it actually matters. I am unfazed by media headlines, uninformed speculation by coaches and social media workouts.
  11. Don't know why but I'm just not interested in palace intrigue anymore. He's either going to be on the field or he won't and until then, I'm ignoring this crap.
  12. Was over it a few days after it happened. 51 is tired.
  13. Really liked Turbo when he was here but like Ya_boi said, we need to feed the next gen and not try to recreate lost glory. In the Koetter offense, he'd just be another mouth to feed and not the scheme resource he was under Kyle.
  14. Indeed. I was a huge fan but Green's preseason reps did him no favors. Powell is in some way like Hardy...hard worker and has some unique skills that should help him make an impression but he does have an uphill climb. He is tiny and he will need to nail return as I doubt he has a shot otherwise. I'm rooting for him and think he could make the roster but he's going to have ball out.
  15. Not only that, who wouldn't take this guy over what we would hope to be next year's Mr. Irrelevant.
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