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  1. Time for Call of Duty: Cold War or YouTube videos. Not so much mad at Raheem as I am Dirk. We haven't looked competitive on the offensive side of the ball since the first drive and don't seem to be trying to do anything different.
  2. Spin what? He looks like crap along with the rest of the offense and why I mentioned him.
  3. Oline is sucking, Matt is shell-shocked, WRs can't get separation. That said Julio is kinda hurt and our usual run game is present so we do have some consistency. Hard to be too mad at D at the moment.
  4. Okay. Yes there's a lot of pressure but Matt has looked very "fragile" this game. He practically sacked himself.
  5. I personally don't think any college coach who has been in college football a really long time with great success will be good in the NFL. In college, if you coach a big time program, you have a much easier time getting the best talent into a scheme. In the NFL, you have to find and build that talent. There are so many more variables to manage and the difference in talent is less between teams. I am not advocating for any of the usual NFL deadbeats who come up every year but the coach of the 2021 Falcons needs to be a guy with a plan, a players coach, a vision and most importantly a body o
  6. I'll say it like this. We just fired DQ who was arguably the best coach available in 2015 when we look at who we could have gotten. I'm not looking for a new face. I want the right coach. If Raheem shows me enough the rest of the season, I'd be okay with rolling another year with him with his fingerprints on the team. I like the way he runs the team so far and if we can get rid of the 4th quarter BS, we might actually be, dare I say, a good team.
  7. Until we get a new OC or a better run blocking OL, RB is not a priority but I'd be fine with is getting a good one 3rd/4th round. Todd Gurley: Great guy (situational awareness sucks) but too expensive for what he brings. Brian Hill: Love his running and dude loves football but hands of stone and in a contract year. Cheap deal yeah but would not go beyond his current $2M deal. Ito Smith: Most dynamic back we got but lightweight and injury prone. In streets the past two weeks says he is not in a great spot with the team. Quadree Ollison: Honestly haven't seen anythi
  8. Recently, we seem to struggle with 2nd round picks outside of Debo. I think most of us thought Marlon would be able to come in and make an impression right away but between injury, COVID and whatever he has been our least productive draft pick of 2020.
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