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  1. We don't need and won't draft a 2nd round QB nor do I see Jackson falling anywhere near where we would pick in the 2nd if he doesn't go in the 1st.
  2. Think you may be taking my post just a wee bit too seriously. It's just humor..."cute and all" was all it was intended to's Friday..relax. We're going to be okay.
  3. Denial - We will probably re-sign these guys or get Bennett or some other upgrade. Anger - Poe, Clayborn, Shelby...what is TD doing, everybody is leaving. Matt Ryan is killing us, trade Beasley, we could over pay if we wanted to.. Bargaining - We're playing the long game, TD is being smart with the money, the best teams build through the draft. Depression - We're doomed. Saints, Bucs and Panthers are building All-Madden teams and we're playing the draft lottery. Acceptance - We got a no-name TE and resigned our best backup DL from last year, can't believe y'all were worried. Just having a little fun with the board's emotional swings this offseason. I think we'll be fine as long as we get a disruptive DL in the 1st round and a solid draft of role players. Save for Julio (and maybe Matt), this team is not built on stars, it's built on "do your f'ing job" and play hard every snap.
  4. I have not been a part of the freak-out train (mainly because I knew we didn't have money to do much). TD is playing the long game here and I am fine with that but drafts are not all that predictable. 2015 was pretty good but 2016 draft was spectacular in that we got 4 of 6 picks starting (5 if you count Wes' red-shirt). Last year, Takk was the only starter and Kazee was the only other that bore edible fruit. If 2018 looks more like 2017, hard to see how we improve the team and make the run.
  5. No disagreement, but I don't see Shaq as a serious pass rusher at 225lbs (he doesn't have the frame to get much bigger). He's a WILL linebacker to me and the hand matters more at that position. I don't want anyone to get it wrong, I think he is a solid 4th-5th round talent for some team...maybe even 3rd if you got the picks. His athleticism will allow him to make some plays that others can't. His hand will make it hard for him to make some tackles or get his hands on some balls that other could. I'm not trying to be mean and I do think he can succeed but he would not be my choice for the Falcons in any round except 6th (I'd take him in 5th if we had one).
  6. I prefer Taven Bryan at 26 Love Gesicki at 58 (doubt he's there) Daniels would be a quite a get in the 3rd (doubt he's there), I love Shaq's story, heart and all that but that hand will always be a liability no matter how good the rest of him is. He's a super athlete and I think he will find success but I don't think he will ever be great. Still might be an upgrade on Riley tho as I can only see him playing Will or moving to Safety. Unless I missed something, no way BJ Hill is waiting for his name to be called on Day 3. Fine with Alexander but doubt he would pass the Falcon filter. I really don't see JT. He's not nearly as athletic as you would think or all that accurate when I've seen him. We do need a developmental QB but JT strikes me as a discount Tyrod Taylor.
  7. Well he's certainly going to get a heavy dose of some of the speediest in the league in practice so let's hope this is a learning opportunity..
  8. Ha. Forgot about Clayborn but I figured Takk would get his snaps. We definitely have no replacement for Poe. I seriously doubt Clayborn will be back, he has a market. I know Upshaw is not under contract but I don't think there is a big market for him. I didn't see where he had been picked up.
  9. I didn't read other responses as I agree with Louis but to a point. It's one thing to not get ripped off in FA and as we saw with Suh in Miami, it's not about the big names. That said, we lost two solid to above average DL in FA and I just don't think guys in the draft can be expected to be NFL-ready year one. I think we are in the final year of the 3-year window and I would like for us to have gotten at least one DL vet...FA is still open so who knows but I don't think there are really any guys I would say are upgrades on what we had with Poe and Shelby. Crawford returning maybe mitigates Shelby but replacing Poe is going to be harder.
  10. I support this. I didn't think he was amazing or anything but I don't see anything better left in FA and we'd have to be pretty lucky for our draft pick(s) to come out and be as solid as Poe was. He's worth 8M/yr but we don't really have it.
  11. I'm gonna trust the staff to know who is a good get and who is not but Suh costs too much and even though he has been fairly quiet with the dumb stuff, I still don't care much for him so I hope we're not kicking the tires.
  12. Hehe. I don't know if I'd go that far but out of our needs, we're probably not looking at CBs until day 3 or UDFA.
  13. Good keep. I do wonder who will be our splash signing this season. 2015 was Reed/Durant (lol), 2016 was Mack/Sanu, last year was mainly Poe.
  14. All true but Beez didn't really need to be called out for his play in a thread about Takk's attitude. Anyways don't mind me, playing board police without a badge.
  15. Was doing good until you had to bring in Beasley.