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  1. I haven't been right about any of the Falcon's first round picks since 2015 but it doesn't keep me from becoming enamored with certain prospects. I'm a huge Simmons fan but I consider him unobtainium so have said very little about him draft wise. One guy I have had on my radar since season end is Javon Kinlaw. I have watched every piece of film I could find on him and my assessment has been that he is raw but the things he does and how he wins show tons of upside. With better talent around him, a little bit of coaching and maybe a little bit of conditioning, I think he will make our front 7 scary as he!!. The Bucs already have a crazy front but Kinlaw is apparently a target but these guys do a fantastic job of breaking him down. Thought I'd share. I am generally opposed to trading up unless we get a weird slide from Simmons, Okudah or Young but if we could get to 11 and only give up our 3rd, I'd be okay but draft value charts say that move would require our 3rd and one of our 4ths which is way rich for me. I'd live with it and my only rule is that TD and DQ cannot use future draft capital unless blessed by AB and McKay.
  2. If that's how he chose where to play, glad he ended up in Chicago.
  3. Agreed. He clarified that he wasn't saying he was going to break that record but that it was the goal (as in benchmark) and you should always be aiming for that.
  4. In terms of skill, Trufant. In terms of impact to defense, Campbell.
  5. Kinlaw is my guy if he's there at 16 but I think the cost of moving up to 11 to get him is too high for what I consider to be a developmental prospect. I'd do it for Simmons, Young or Okudah but Kinlaw is kind of a 2nd round prospect with top 10 upside...same is true for Chaisson. While we agree on staying put and letting him fall to us, as long as the effort is there, hard for me to see how he is a high bust candidate. He wasn't "boosted" by a ton of talent around him like a lot of the other guys and the way he wins is largely through brute force and length. He's going to be a handful no matter what but staff has to make him more effective. Since I mentioned him above, Chaisson is the guy I would take at 16 (Kinlaw gone) but would be somewhat concerned about busting.
  6. Admitting I could be wrong also, I agree that the post-June 1 cut means that the money that we would save cannot be used until June 2. This is the price of deferring the money to later years. Tru's contract should count against the Lions' cap as soon as it is approved by the league.
  7. Woo boy that was some heavy stuff. I really like Hurst...a real human being and not just a football player.
  8. I could see us trading back into the first or up to early second. Under no circumstances should we considering a blockbuster trade up. I don't care how good Young is, we need to maximize the roster, not just a position. I could be talked into that improbable 3 & 5 trade up for Simmons at 11 but wouldn't necessarily love that either.
  9. Author makes fair points. Heck I even said it earlier this offseason that I felt like a lot of these first round guys looked like 2nd rounders after watching film.
  10. Proabably but the draft value calculator does say if we surrendered our 1,3 and 5, we would meet the value of an 11th overall pick.
  11. Brown is the most polished DT in the draft but I prefer Kinlaw's upside. I'd take Simmons over either as I can find a pretty good DTs in the draft far more than a guys who can credibly play 8 positions on the defense.
  12. I don't care. His knee is what it is. We got him for a year to see what he really is and don't need to trust armchair doctors. It's a a low risk deal and our running game was bad enough last season that short of putting the ball on the ground, it's hard to see how it couldn't be better even with a reduced Gurley.
  13. 2014 isn't sexy but it was not bad. 2012 is the draft that has definitely not aged well.
  14. Wouldn't be a terrible draft but wouldn't love it. I'd be pretty happy to land Murray at 16 Harris makes sense to get that first year of experience but 47 is way high for this. Prefer 3rd or later. Like Akers but RB room is already crowded and there's good RBs in every draft...I say wait until next year for this position. I like Highsmith! Don't know much about Sneed but I think we would want to take a corner higher. Know nothing about Keene but in the 7th, doesn't matter.