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  1. Just grain of salt. I'm sure you know that fake news is a real thing. Maybe he said it but that would be uncharacteristic of Dre and most players on the team.
  2. Meh. Entertaining maybe but not really different. The idea is to not have performances like we had Sunday. Not a lot of value in going ape $ on camera, same problems and questions exist. I may not love the coach-speak and "I don't know" but I do appreciate DQ keeping a level head in public. I imagine DQ gets more animated off camera when needed and will as I know for sure he did not ask them to play that way.
  3. We really did get outcoached. Guys played like crap cause we had no idea what they were doing. On our heels all afternoon on both sides of the ball.
  4. Since I will be avoiding this place for a day or two. I will say he did not have a great game but we got outcoached.
  5. That's pretty much true for every OC. QBs are the engine of any offense and you need a good one and a supporting cast to realize any success. Kyle's genius was only realized in places where he had competence under center.
  6. Nope but they did need someone with a vision and system which they did not have prior to 2015. I'm not saying we don't have a ton of talent but DQ is little different from other coaches as he is not necessarily looking for the best guy for a position but rather the best traits that fit a role. That's why you "reach" for Keke, Debo and Campbell or draft a relative unknown from an Ivy league school. Their traits in this system make them very effective.
  7. I hate it for Dez. I didn't like the way Dallas dealt with him and he was patient for the op. Didn't get a chance to show if he was still good or make Jerry eat crow.
  8. Well they did throw a flag.
  9. Good post. I don't think he should have been ejected ('burger slid late) and I also agree there should not be a dedicated Eric Reid thread on TAFT. He's not on this team and however he chooses to protest is just fine with me and how he plays won't be relevant until week 16.
  10. Kazee on Cam Newton in Week 2.
  11. Yep. That's what I saw too. If he ever gets to the point where he has the confidence to turn his head and track the ball, he will be elite. I certainly have noticed more confidence and physicality than he showed early on. Great first start. He should be proud of that film.
  12. @birdz4i
  13. Hope Bruce shows Vic that "dog" instinct. I think Vic could easily be Bruce Irvin if he played as physical. Vic certainly isn't terrible but he isn't producing anywhere near the 12M in cap he will hit us up for next year on his option. We could keep Teco or sweeten Grady's deal or hold back for Debo/Dre/Keke.
  14. I've been a fan too long to take anything for granted. 2015: Started 5-0 2016: 28-3 2017: Nick Foles starting for Eagles (technically he didn't beat us, poor O did but he made enough plays to win). 2018: Healthiest team coming into season I want to be smiling and chilling in the 4th quarter like everyone else but I ain't assuming anything. We are capable but that's never stopped us from falling short of the standard from time to time. Go Falcons, Rise Up, Beat the Browns.