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  1. While the lack of MVPs and Super Bowls will keep him from being a first ballot and the like, in 10 years Matt has been top 10 in most categories, exceptionally healthy, well-known and respected "around the league". Guys like him do get in and with future MVPs and SB wins he can shorten the wait.
  2. I went from "we need to upgrade Rico" last offseason to becoming a fan but I just feel like Kazee if given the reps will be that ball hawking mini-enforcer we want. Rico will lay wood but he is most concerned with never giving up the big one (and he's pretty dang good at that). I like both qualities but I almost feel like Kazee fits the character of our D more even if we give up a few more big plays as Kazee will most certainly emphasize the ball over the man.
  3. MR2 will be in the Hall of Fame unless his career goes completely off the rails. I don't think people will be chomping at the bit to put him in but he will be in.
  4. Good stuff. I really like everything about Vic. Just wish he had more dog in him. Vic is probably top 5 in terms of weight/speed/agility/power. He just doesn't play "pissed off" to me. Who knows, maybe that is the built-in safe guard to keep him from wrecking the NFL.
  5. Too bad the Falcons don't have a race team or mercenary killers as I don't play Madden but I love GT Sport and killing people.
  6. It would be too much red with the chrome helmet but I do love this uniform and trust me I tried to hate color rush just on principle but the team looked good in those.
  7. While I don't agree with his picks for top WR trio for 2018, the Falcons should not be on that list as Ridley has not played and we could not be grandfathered in based on what Turbo did for us last year. No reason we should not have been #1 on last year's list tho.
  8. Exactly what I was going to say. We took what the defenses gave us and we killed them. They had to play every player on every play...Lock down Julio or stack the box, we still moved the ball, still had explosive plays and still scored every other time we had the ball. That's how you win, not by force feeding to pad stats and give defenses a blueprint on how to beat you.
  9. No question Julio got his point across and I hate the drama but Julio will be ready, healthy and if there is something that will derail this team, it won't be this dust up.
  10. Oops. Illuminati forgot to wipe a few...don't tell anyone that 2018 already happened once.
  11. I am fine with Julio getting paid and think he is worth it but that's not the issue. Julio has a contract that he signed that still has three more years. I do not think that we should rally around highly-compensated players doing this mid contract. I mean there are a bunch of guys on this team who deserve more money than they are making (Jarrett, Allen, Coleman) but their time will come will Julio's but he's already had a big bite at the apple.
  12. Disappointing considering he has been lauded as a "no-drama" superstar but long as he is ready for the season I'll just pout and live with it.
  13. Yeah but we weren't "great" or "good" in those games either. Falcons gone be Falcons.
  14. It's really unfortunate. We have to brawl and be "great" for the 6 games in our division while NE can just be "good" and can get 6 wins in their division. It really is almost a bye into the playoffs...AFC East needs to step their game up.
  15. I heard that Foye was raising a few eyebrows too. Can't wait for MC/TC so we can "hopefully" get to see these guys doing stuff.