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  1. No idea why only the Bills one showed up when I replied but in any case, I'd be interested in the Steelers one. Last one looks like a throwback in many ways :).
  2. That's just a sticker. What people want to see is a completely different colored helmet.
  3. I love that run where he dances for ten minutes in the crowd before popping out the other side. Very LeVeon Bell looking run.
  4. Free will be fine and I'm glad we have a crew that can handle things while he is out. No one should be wanting our freshly paid 1A hanging out with Schaub. No need for nonsense in this thread, the "Ito Smith" thread is heading towards epic already.
  5. Meh. I'd prefer to see Janet Jackson's tit.
  6. Ito suffered from Badlineitis just as Hill did a year ago. Both Ito and Hill are talented runners if they don't have 3 defensive guys in the backfield when they get the ball. I do think Ito (like Free) will have an easier time as elusiveness is a trait that is hard to counter while speed (Teco) and especially power (Hill) usually have to be paired with scheme and other personnel doing their job well to reap rewards.
  7. Still not a fan of even considering a guy who has so much baggage but watching him hustle Monday night made me sad for what he could have been if clean.
  8. Just glad to see that our run game does not revolve around one guy (Ito looked good). I love Free, the man embodies the fight and spirit of what this team is and he always gives you his best effort. I ain't mad at Falcons for signing him to that contract but anyone who loves RBs could see that Teco is special and has always had more upside. He just keeps getting better and better to the point where I think some of us are thinking 2015 and not 2018. Free use to be a much better runner but Teco is pretty close now (in his own style). I think he's a slightly better receiver and definitely a better blocker on top of his speed. Teco needs to shine as he deserves to get paid whether it is us or someone else (not NFC South..don't want to face him if he leaves). Read around teams are scared of Coleman and we would be too.
  9. He pulled his Twitter but I threw a message of support out there yesterday morning. He needs to keep doing every what he does, just without the ejections.
  10. I agree which was the point that this was more about Duke and not bringing in an extra DB. That Foye was out there and not Duke says that the team thinks Foye is better in coverage and personally Foye has been better against the run IMO. We shall see if Duke stays in the middle or moves back to weakside.
  11. A for effort but MLB is not usually the one they take off the field. Foye was out there.
  12. It was rhetorical. Less about Teco and more about them having a legit 4.3 guy to counter our legit 4.4 guy the one time he is loose with no person who can get an angle on him.
  13. Could see him in Carolina with Cam. I think D. Hopkins for the Texans is also into this new gender agnostic fashion thing. Not judging. If I had their money, I'd do what I wanted to in public as well.
  14. I'm tired of Teco not getting long touchdown runs. When he broke free yesterday, that should have been a TD. There are like a handful of guys in the league than can run him down and one of them just happened to be on the field for Carolina.