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  1. Nothing with this team is ever easy.
  2. Amen! If we don't have to play him that's a great thing but I will not ever wish for or applaud such stuff. I don't necessarily believe in karma but I ain't trying to prove it wrong either.
  3. Oops. Didn't mean to hit low if you took it that way. He looks the part and I do think he can be good but he's got work to do.
  4. Oliver has shown some promise and I will not count him out as being able to be a good corner but I didn't have a ton of faith in him being what we needed him to be this season but I did expect better than what Rocky (who I was and remain a fan of) did last year. Oliver's got the physical tools but I have not seen the instincts nor the physicality to be our 2012-2016 Sherman. In that respect he kind of reminds me of Beasley.
  5. Impressive but didn't Mack play with a broken leg in LI?
  6. Not going to get worried yet but in order for TD to make this offseason work, he had to sort of take a "win-now" and locked-in approach. I'm good with it but we need to get max value out of all the guys that got paid as they are stuck on payroll for the next two-three years. Where we will maybe regret our situation is being unable to retain guys like Bailey and Davison who are effectively rentals.
  7. Indifference is where I am now though I admit that anytime I dedicate a few hours to something, I want it to mean something other than disappointment. That said, we were never going to be 16-0 and we almost always look like hot garbage week 1 regardless of how much talent or anything else we have going for us. That said week 2's generally are where we see the Falcons get some of their crap together so if I'm not happy late Sunday night, I will move to another tier.
  8. I almost felt like he was trying to hard to make plays (or break someone in half) and was looking like Willy Mo out there.
  9. Kinda funny that I think most of us were up for a DL upgrade in the 1st round of the draft but out of all the position groups, it was the one that worked the best. Davison and Bailey were those stealth signings that may have made this D better. If I'm being real, our LB, Edge and S groups did not play as well as I had hoped. I can pick on Oliver but the Vikings didn't seem all that interested in challenging the others much.
  10. Hindsight bias From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search "Hindsight" redirects here. For other uses, see Hindsight (disambiguation). Hindsight bias, also known as the knew-it-all-along phenomenon[1] or creeping determinism,[2] refers to the common tendency for people to perceive events that have already occurred as having been more predictable than they actually were before the events took place.[3][4] As a result, people often believe, after an event has occurred, that they would have predicted, or perhaps even would have known with a high degree of certainty, what the outcome of the event would have been, before the event occurred. Hindsight bias may cause distortions of our memories of what we knew and/or believed before an event occurred, and is a significant source of overconfidence regarding our ability to predict the outcomes of future events.[5] Examples of hindsight bias can be seen in the writings of historians describing outcomes of battles, physicians recalling clinical trials, and in judicial systems as individuals attribute responsibility on the basis of the supposed predictability of accidents.[6][7][2]
  11. I try to avoid the board right after a loss but I would like this post three times if I could. In two sentences, this post is hopeful but does not cover up the utter BS we saw yesterday.
  12. Title was kind of obscure. I actually looked over it as I normally would not care about Jay Glazer. Once it started to get volume, I decided to click it.
  13. I really liked what I saw from Ito. He's not exciting but he gets what he can get and does what he needs to. Solid work in every facet. No disrespect to Free as run blocking wasn't great (and not going to gripe too much about putting the ball on the ground) but I'd like for us to ride the hot hand more. Gage is such a player...hope he comes back soon. Ridiculous catch out of bounds. Others I liked: Hoop, Calvin, Sanu and Grady. I might even throw in Hardy. Others had some good reps but also had some bad ones to offset.
  14. And our new $66M WR has lost jump balls to a largely no-name CB and a good but not that good LB.
  15. That'll probably do it for me. Probably need to do something else with my Sunday. Matt Schaub is warming up for crying out loud.