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  1. Agreed but it's be dishonest not to mention that this was an early season game and not the game to go to the Super Bowl.
  2. Ruled correctly but they lost time through no fault of their own. They got robbed of an opportunity because of the run off. They still needed to score but the refs cost them they opportunity.
  3. Yep. DQ getting rested before binge watching film for the next four months.
  4. Works for me. Hope those coaches are on the staff. I want Vic to be great but I am less encouraged that going into his 5th year we're still treating him like a rookie that needs to be coached up.
  5. There was thread where this data was posted and argued a while back. The argument isn't that 2016 doesn't count, it's that it is an outlier. He has not been even remotely close to that productivity in two years. As trivia, he is the best we've had but with a $12.8M cap hit due, trends matter more than totals.
  6. I already gave you the penalty and now it's 20-20 with the Saints at the 2-yard line. What happens next that you're sure about?
  7. The no-call did not change the outcome in the way that people are acting like. If the flag is thrown, it's still 20-20. Do the Saints score a touchdown? A FG? A block? A fumble? A penalty that backs them up? No points at all? How much time is left? Lots of questions but what we do know is the Saints had a 23-20 lead with Rams on their side of the field and they let them drive down field and kick a FG. Saints even won the toss and got the ball and still lost. I remember a couple years ago we lost to Seattle after Sherman pulled Julio down before the ball got there. With Bryant, I think we win that game with the PI call but we didn't get the call and who knows if Bryant uncharacteristically misses or get it blocked. We took the L and history is written.
  8. Not doubting that DTs are not big in the top 10, I remember the Jets getting Leonard Williams in 2015 off the top of my head as some of us wanted him but he went two spots ahead of Vic. Edit: I just looked it up and he is listed as a DE in the draft (though he plays DT).
  9. If the game is rigged, Saints are in on it as they let them tie it and score in OT. If they had not gotten the lead, I'd probably stand with them. They knew what they needed to do and they didn't do it. Strings are broken on the pity violin.
  10. They're still Katrina refs. I hear that Sean Payton's "pile of money" stunt required withdrawing money from payroll for the Katrina refs. Sean being a smart guy, tried to pin it on the government shutdown but the refs weren't buying it. You can see Sean run down the sideline saying "I told you I had the money in disgust" after the no-call. I am sure the money will be put back for next year as well as them continuing to try to keep roots on us with Steve Gleason appearances.
  11. Absolutely terrible no-call and I agree it was huge play. BUT Saints lost that game the way everyone loses games...missed opportunities. Settling for FGs instead of TD's Multiple blown leads Defense that let the Rams march downfield to tie the game Offense that turned the ball over giving the Rams a chance to win with a short drive and a FG. The refs gave the Rams a potential lifeline (we don't know if NO scores after the penalty or if the Rams come down and match). Saints lost the game straight up. Eat it.
  12. All this talk about RBs. What every team that lost this weekend needed was a defense that could get one more stop than they did. While I missed most of both games due to an Xfinity outage, Saints and Chiefs were done in by defenses that could not get one more stop. It was particularly painful to see the way the Chiefs fell to the Pats. They beat the Chiefs D the way they beat ours in 2016...kept converting 3rd downs and making more athletic teams slow and weak by hitting them with an ungodly number of plays. Same will happen to Rams.
  13. I think the opposite is largely true. Real easy to see others as inferior when they can't or won't do what you do.
  14. Order has been restored.