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  1. Some people really give QBs too much credit for SB wins. Just look at Rodgers. The only time he won a SB was when he had a good defense and the best receiving corps of his career.
  2. Bro u posted three times lol.
  3. Seriously, every player against our trash D should be disqualified for contention. They wouldn’t even get half the stats against a half-decent defense.
  4. Wow, the dude that Finneran was replying to said Matt, Rivers, and Moon are guys that aren’t the “solution” for a team lmao. Those are three guys that are HOF players. Another dude even mentioned Marino(top 10 QB of all time, would certainly be higher if he had at least 1 SB) and Jim Kelly. Wow.
  5. Kirk Cousins or Stefon Diggs at the very least should’ve won it over Murray imo if not Ryan. Both those guys played better than Murray.
  6. Oh true totally forgot about Graham. They tried that at the end of their run. It wasn’t the worst for them, but losing Unger. The Harvin trade was terrible though, so bad that I completely forgot it even happened. Guess they did screw up as well lol.
  7. The problem is that no franchise can replicate what Belichick does. They could just as well sign chic fil-a workers and win a SB.
  8. All those teams with those QBs didn’t trade away assets to win though, and that’s a huge difference to what the Rams have been and are trying to do. Seattle was mainly home grown and FA signees, with Lynch being the only major player traded for I think. Eagles were basically all drafted. Colts fell off quick, they did try some trades but they didn’t work out(Trent Richardson lol). Vontae Davis was actually good for them though. Cowboys are basically just drafting guys as well. The only team out of those that fell off hard were the colts, who happened to trade picks away just like the rams. Even then, they didn’t trade their next 5 years away.
  9. Yep, this was easily the worst play of the game for our D. David Johnson, arguably the Cardinals best player and inarguably their best offensive player, has no one around by at least a 20 yard radius. How the **** does that even happen!?
  10. It’s been frustrating. There are plays where there’s open grass and I’m like “okay, that’s at least a 5 yard gain.” Then he stops running and only gets two yards. And I’m just left there like “wut....” lol
  11. Mainly outside runs have been my problem with Free. Our interior run blocking hasn’t given much of a chance to do anything, but on outside runs he seems to do a stutter step of sorts instead of just keeping on running and gaining additional yards. Its been the difference for 2nd and mediums into 2nd and long’s and first downs to 3rd and shorts.
  12. It’s a dumb move. If anything, they should’ve traded for actual good interior OL. I know they traded for Corbett, but he’s not even close to pro bowl talent. He was on a bad o-line and couldn’t even manage to start. Imagine if we could trade Wes for a 5th round pick lol. Goff’s contract kicks in next year. They had no first round picks in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Now they have none the next two years. They already went all in last year with trades and signings, I have no idea why they insist on doing it again, when they’ve shown they’re no where close to SB contenders right now. A CB does not fix their biggest issue.
  13. Definitely looked his best so far this year. He’s still too hesitant at times for my liking, but it seems like he’s improving. Hopefully he can keep it going. He’s still a threat in the passing game at the very least.
  14. Thomas and Chancelor definitely helped, but Sherman was great in his own right. All three instilled fear differently. But the fact that Sherman let his guy beat him by 5+ yards just to play catch up and get an INT will always amaze me.
  15. Ramsey is easily a better athlete than Sherman. There’s no debate there. Surprisingly though, that didn’t limit Sherman at all. Despite only running around a 4.6 the dude baited QBs all day long. That’s what I loved about his play the most. Even though I hated Seattle during those years, looking back now, I can truly appreciate what that defense and Sherman in particular did for the game. Haven’t seen a D quite like it since, not even 2015 Denver compares imo.
  16. I still don’t know why the **** we’re paying Schaub so much to hold a clipboard. He’s just lucky Benkert got hurt.
  17. Chalk that up to Trufant dropping 7 INTs last year lol.
  18. I’m not disagreeing that Ramsey is better, I think he is too. But everyone wants to act like he’s a Greek god and the lord and savior combined compared to Tru when that’s just not...true. I honestly think Tru is a better man-to-man corner, and so was Alford. Forcing them to switch to being zone corners ruined them somewhat IMO. Neither were ideal fits for the Seattle style defense. Now on the Sherman/Seattle thing, it’s possible he could thrive more than Sherman, but Sherman has a very distinct style of play. He’s super physical at the line and basically everywhere after that, but his IQ is really what separated him from the really good, and even the great CBs at the time, to being the unquestioned best. This is coming from a guy that doesn’t even like Sherman, I just respect his game, even though I do think he gets away with a lot of grabbing.
  19. I was a HUGE fan of Ramsey coming out of Florida state. I thought he could be the next great DB, and he still could be. But right now he’s more so getting away with having a big name and a big mouth rather than actual big play.
  20. Those make Tru look even better than the ones I posted. Idk why our fans love to glorify other players while pegging ours down. Grass is always greener I guess.
  21. Bruh, go look at the stats posted above by Falcons007.
  22. Too bad they wasted all those draft picks from Washington.
  23. Hey man, I liked Nnamadi . But yeah he sucked for the eagles lol.
  24. Yeah I was thinking the stats may have been a bit off, but not completely skewed. Like you said, he’s not a shut down corner. That breed doesn’t exist anymore. Gilmore is the closest to it right now and I wouldn’t even say he’s a shut down corner. The last true shut down corner was Sherman during the LOB days.
  25. Ramsey 2018: 78 receptions allowed on 128 targets(60.9%) on 455 coverage snaps, 13 PDs, 3 INTs, 946 yards allowed and 3 TDs, 78.5 Passer Rating allowed Trufant: 83 receptions allowed on 130 targets(63.8%) on 511 coverage snaps, 12 PDs, 0 INTs, 813 yards allowed 5 TDs, 91 Passer Rating allowed I’ll preface this with the fact that I’m not sure how exact these statistics truly are, because some of the numbers were very slightly off from what’s posted on sites like, but I’d assume if they’re off, it’s not by much. But as you can see, if they are fairly accurate, the disparity in both CBs performances are not very different at all. The only major difference is the fact that Ramsey was able to pick off some passes while Tru wasn’t, which helped Ramsey lower his opposing passer rating as compared to Tru.