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  1. Wish they did something like this but for College Football content. I’d much rather go watch some prospects tbh. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a good offer.
  2. I actually think the Cowboys will be good this year and I have them beating us right now, but this article seems uninformed. The cowboys offense was great mainly against bad teams/defenses, and looked bad against the good ones. It doesn’t mention the defensive improvements of the falcons defense and secondary the second half of the year either.
  3. That makes a lot more sense. It seemed like that at first to me too, but I wasn’t sure.
  4. We scored 10 points against the Rams and they give us dark blue? Lol. Our o-line got destroyed and Matt got murdered that game too. The defensive rankings seem more accurate to me tbh.
  5. Honestly higher than I expected them to have us. I’m surprised the Rams are so high considering they’ve lost like 70% of their best players in the last two years. How does this even work though? Considering the three teams behind us have a better record projection and playoff projection, shouldn’t they be ahead of us?
  6. I might be remembering wrong, but don’t our o-line actually allow a sack against a 2 man blitz last year against the titans or something? Lmao
  7. Julio was clowning Ramsey for sure. Ramsey got bailed on the fact that the rams d-line (especially Fowler) was feasting on our o-line. That, and Matt got hurt as a result of the first factor.
  8. Fowler’s quickly becoming one of my favorite players. Hope he kills Brady like he did Matt last year lol.
  9. Edit: Totally read the OP wrong lol but still, I’m surprised chargers are first.
  10. Idk who the Graziano guy even is but I like him lol. It’s like people just wanna disregard the fact that Brady didn’t play that well last year. I know his receivers were lacking, but it wasn’t really any worse than it’d been the past 3 years. Sure he lost Gronk, but he honestly should be used to that anyway considering Gronk always misses games. Brees can ball for 10 games and then suck the rest of the way, we’ve seen him do that the past couple years. I don’t need to talk about Bridgewater.
  11. Loved him at Washington State. Never liked him as a LB though, always though he should play a role similar to Neal did/does for us. Interesting to see where he plays, but it’ll probably be LB since we have no depth there.
  12. In Quinn’s defense, that was arguably Sarks worst game as our OC. Bryant also missed multiple kicks/had kicks blocked that game I’m pretty sure. Everything that could’ve gone wrong for us, did.
  13. Idc who does it, as long as someone does and we end up winning.
  14. I really just wanna sweep his *** and dominate both games.
  15. I agree. Campbell was a solid blitzer. However, our LB depth has been bad and Debo’s injury in 2018 didn’t help at all so Quinn was probably left with no choice but to play him off-ball.
  16. Antone Smith was freaking fun to watch. He was a big play waiting to happen. A shame he couldn’t stay healthy and we underutilized him. We could really use someone with his explosiveness at the RB position right now.
  17. Oh I definitely think the Chiefs and that offense could hand our ***** to us. I’d just rather take my change with our offense against their defense/secondary than our o-line against the Steelers front 7. Truthfully, the chiefs, Steelers, and ravens are some the few teams that I think can blow us out.
  18. In that case I’d attribute it way more too Reid and Mahomes than their WRs actually being good. I wouldn’t worry about our CBs playing their receivers outside of Hill, our CBs going up against Mahomes is the problem. I agree that Pitt isn’t the team they once were, but they still have one of the best defensive fronts in the league. They’d probably not light us up like they did last time, but their front 7 could still give our offense **** like the previous matchup unless our o-line finally improves like we expect them to.
  19. We really do matchup better with KC tho. Outside of Hill and Kelce, their receivers are pedestrian. Watkins is good for maybe 2 games a year (not including playoffs). We’ll see if Hardman improves, but he didn’t do much outside of long play every handful of games. Our team can at least compete with the best offenses in the league, but we get and have been manhandled by physical teams like the Steelers and ravens.
  20. They were all surprise seasons too, other than maybe 2008. Idk why a lot of people expected us to sorta suck in 2012, maybe cuz we were so bad in the playoffs the previous year.
  21. I’d say 2-2 especially with our play against the AFC under Quinn. I say we beat LA and LV but lose to Denver and KC. Denver has a ton of talent, I’d be shocked if we blow them out like u think we can.
  22. Idk about that, Neal’s big thing was that he could hit. I’m pretty sure people around here were pissed that we took him because that was the only thing people thought he actually could do. I mean, the man lit up Derrick Henry lol. I agree that Hawkins makes impact tackles tho, just not necessarily crushing hits.
  23. If you look up Ashtyn Davis games you might/should be able to find more of Hawkins.
  24. I’ll be honest, I’m not too excited about him, at least not to your level probably lol. I disagree with the hitting assessment. He can hit, but I wouldn’t put him up at Neal’s level. Don’t get me wrong, he’s physical, but he’s probably a tier below that. I do agree that his football IQ seems to be good, and his hands are good as well. Both of those together added up to him making some nice plays. Comparing him to Amos is interesting, I can see it although Hawkins definitely has better ball skills. If he can even get close to as good as Amos is, that’d be a huge steal.
  25. It’s actually a top 100 list, they’re just basing it on the past decade. He doesn’t make the actual “all-decade team,” without looking at it again I’m pretty sure AB and Julio are the top 2 WRs on the list. Looking at the stats, I guess it’s not that big of travesty anyhow to have Hopkins over Green, but Green is still one of the best of the decade.
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