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  1. Starting this season, MNF is able to be flexed post/during Week 12.
  2. I’ll say one thing, we better whoop the ******* Cowboys ***** to at least VERY SLIGHTLY make up for the debauchery that occurred in 2020. Someone better make sure our plays know the ******** rules of an onside kick before and during the game too,
  3. I’d be okay with that too tbh. Just wanna see this team be competent.
  4. You’re gonna be disappointed then cuz it’s literally impossible to go 8-8. But I’d be happy with a playoff berth and win. Honestly, I just wanna see this team be competent and intelligent. If this team shows signs of life with Smith at HC then I call it a W. I’m thinking we get 5-7 wins, but I’m really hoping I’m wrong.
  5. That one makes sense, as SNF is usually left for top matchups / good teams / stupid NFC East games. But MNF is usually given to all but a couple of teams that they think suck too much or won’t bring any views. Guess we’re that team this year.
  6. Just realized we don’t get a MNF game. Wow.
  7. Wow it looks weird seeing the regular season dip into January so much.
  8. That’s nice. At least our “home” game in London is likely against what should be a still pretty bad Jets team. But then again who knows if that actually matters.
  9. Man the NFL really loves having us play the Eagles in either Week 1 or Week 2 whenever we have them on our schedule. Cant blame them though, our games against them are usually intense.
  10. The true test of being a Falcons fan is us all still being here after SB 51.
  11. I hate Brady but for now it’s him. Ryan can definitely take the title with a great season next year though. Hopefully Arthur Smith and Matt can work some magic and take back the South.
  12. Our offense will be fine, potentially very good if the o-line holds up. Main thing I’m worried about is the blocking and RB situation on that side. Defensively, it’s still pretty ugly like you said. Our d-line still looks terrible. Our corners are also still pretty bad, maybe even worse due to Dennard gone. Even with Terrell likely improving, our other corners still aren’t very good. Our safeties are solid but they’re not superstars by any means. We’ll have to see what Pees can do with this bunch. On paper this looks like a 6-8 win roster.
  13. Was never a big fan of his and did not really like the pick when we got him. He really wasn’t that good of a pass rusher and did not have much in his arsenal. Felt like it was a bad pick but hoped he’d develop into something.
  14. The good thing is we still have another 4th rounder I suppose....
  15. I am as well, granted idk how good we’re gonna be. On paper we look like a 7-9 team to me. It really depends on how much Smith and Pees can coach these guys up to be at a playoff caliber level.
  16. That’s what I’m afraid of.
  17. I meant decent competition. I wouldn’t put too much faith if any at all in Josh Andrews lol.
  18. Was hoping we would at least bring some competition in for him.
  19. Oh man, we really going all in on Hennessy at C huh?
  20. Trying to find it myself as well lol.
  21. Oh, Cousins can definitely be really bad. Falcon fans saw that firsthand when we played them last year. But he’s overall a pretty good QB. The problem is that he almost always doesn’t show up when it matters. I’m just thankful that he showed up against the saints a couple years ago.
  22. The clock is on, but Mond isn’t gonna do anything.
  23. Grant is fine I guess. Not gonna act like I love him.
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