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  1. Hopefully this means he’ll turn his season around. Not sure what’s up with Debo, but he always starts the first third to half of the season mediocre or bad before turning it up the rest of the season. That’s been the case since 2018.
  2. I had too much faith in this defense playing decent against a garbage offense smh. Won’t make that mistake again.
  3. I just read an article suggesting a potential trade of Reddish for a lottery protected first round pick which I found to be hilarious.
  4. Ridley honestly SHOULD match up against Diggs well due to his route running. But man he needs to get it together for sure when it comes to hanging on to the ball.
  5. Molly got their ***** with that defense comment lmao. They ain’t know what to say. I do find it hilariously ironic so many analysts in media love to give a guy like Stafford a pass despite him being one of the most gifted QBs in the league and not doing anything for 80% of his career and have been sucking him off all offseason and regular season, but love to bag on Ryan even though his career has been exponentially more impressive than Staffords.
  6. Did you see the saints offense tonight? Some of you really love looking at only the negatives for the Falcons while simultaneously only looking at positives for other teams.
  7. He’s done most of his damage through the air though.
  8. After watching this game, it really makes things make more sense as for why the Quinn Falcons teams were so stupid.
  9. Winston was facing his own endzone. The play was basically over and 27 decides to hit a QB in the head.
  10. Cards are for real. You usually see teams flame out after playing a soft schedule and then having to play contenders. Cardinals have dominated the contenders they’ve played against.
  11. What a stupid hit by 27 smh. You really think you can get away with doing that.
  12. Personally, I think the saints/Cowboys/patriots stretch is the biggest stretch for the team. Not mad at the games you chose though considering a loss to the Panthers next week would really put a damper on the next few weeks.
  13. I think it was completion percentage outside of the pocket.
  14. Not sure why we aren’t giving him more opportunities. He’s looked good in limited snaps.
  15. I think he’s been pretty consistently underwhelming.
  16. A win next week along with some losses from other NFC teams could put the Falcons at the 6 seed, which is crazy.
  17. Crowded with mediocrity lol, but crowded nonetheless. Seahawks and 49ers have been exposed.
  18. Beat the Panthers next week to get a winning record for the first time since January of 2018 and keep climbing up the standings. If both the saints and Bucs lose as well, this would be a great week for the Falcons.
  19. I was more of a Chase guy but both JaMarr and Kyle have very bright futures ahead of them. Could each be one of the best at their respective positions when it's all said and done.
  20. If Dolphins stay in zone then we’ll win. If they go back to man then we’ll lose.
  21. Defense doesn’t know how to tackle or what tackling angles are.
  22. You gotta love how people suddenly pop up after a bad Ryan play.
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