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  1. Brandon Marshall would be nice as depth at the very least at the LB position, although there’d be a good chance he’d start. Crazy how much that defense has changed already since 2015.
  2. Two seconds to move into the first seems a lot, especially with a 4th round pick added. You might’ve done the points system to see how it adds up, but just looking at it, it seems like a lot.
  3. Love how CBS listed his amount of QB hits. That man was a QB Killer. Idk why we’re letting him go, at the very least he’s good depth. Anyhow, I wish him success wherever he lands.
  4. Yeah we better not pay him 4-5 mil a year. Back up QBs seriously have the best jobs in the NFL. If the starter stays healthy, they get a nice 5 mil for doing nothing.
  5. Obviously there are certain RBs that just have “it” while others don’t, but much of that can be masked with a good o-line. Get a good o-line, and you’ll have a good run game.
  6. I know Tennessee fans that said Logan was completely useless last year. Don’t want him.
  7. Bad move by Denver. Unless they gave up a low draft pick or no-name players, they lost the trade. Flacco has been regressing ever since 2014, and they're already a bad team. This move might just be a stop-gap for whoever they draft, which many have been saying will be Drew Lock.
  8. I think both stay for the next two years. Unless either players really drop off in play next year, I expected them to be around in 2020.
  9. From everything I’ve read and heard, Lindstrom is one of the most, maybe the most, athletic OL in this draft. However, they also say he’s not great at ZB. While I wouldn’t mind drafting him at all, I feel like he’d struggle at least initially on our team.
  10. It’s a bit unfair to say the defense shat the bed. They got exhausted because the offense kept them on the field the entire second half. I’ll say guys definitely needed to step up though. Looking at you, Mr. Beasley....
  11. He’s cheap and is decent depth. Not like the move hurts us much.
  12. Needs to learn to get what he can in situations and not dance so much resulting in loss of yardage. Other than that and the drops, he’s already a pretty good WR.
  13. Nah man. It was more bad offense than good defense. Gurley did well when he finally got snaps, but he had like 6 carries.
  14. So what you’re telling me is that Matt Ryan is the current best, active, postseason QB?
  15. I’d be fine for getting McCoy, but I’d rather have Kwon Alexander from the Bucs if given the chance.
  16. Looks like a terrible mock to me, but at least he has us getting who I wanted.
  17. Good luck to Alford. Hope he does fine there, other than when he plays us . Can’t wait to see Ridley and Sanu line up against him.
  18. Someone’s gonna give Clowney crazy money that probably ends up somewhat comparable to Mack and Donald. I would not want him at that price when he isn’t even considered close to the top defender in the league.
  19. Always had high hopes for the guy. Unfortunately his play was just too horrendous this past season. Good luck Alford and I hope you can finish out your career somewhere. Just hopefully not in New Orleans.
  20. Browns are one of the most hyped teams right now. I’m more surprised to see the Giants so high. Packers and vikes as well as cowboys are much too high though. Betting on us wouldn’t be a bad idea if I was a gambler. We might actually be the best value given our current odds.
  21. Excited for the combine. Let’s lock up Grady before the FA period begins as well please.
  22. Yeah but now patriots fans will be even more annoying.
  23. They led for 0 in ours...
  24. They looked deflated during the entire game. Our loss was astronomically more deflating than their loss.
  25. The ironic thing is that Brady played a bad game and they still won more comfortably than the score indicates.