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  1. Watching the play I initially thought it was Tru too. But then I realized it was Campbell.
  2. That was Campbell in coverage on that play.
  3. Definitely a nice game. Don’t remember seeing any real terrible passes. Wish he coulda gotten his 200 to keep his streak, but I’ll take the win. Matt’s been playing well the last 4 weeks, if he keeps it up and gets even hotter, we can make noise.
  4. It was Chaz Green level awful.
  5. Wes got beat way too badly for Matt to really be able to do anything on that last play.
  6. Still a little upset Matt's streak is ending, but at least we win the game. Got way too close.
  7. Where's Hageman to block this kick?...
  8. Walsh won't make this....I hope.
  9. Yep, the streak ended against him the last time as well.
  10. If Clayborn makes the sack or if Poole makes the pick, man....
  11. This O-line sucks at the worst times. Wes you're terrible.
  12. Well that's not what we needed....
  13. Give Matt the ball and complete a 5 yard pass. That's what we all want.