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  1. Has Marco Wilson dropped that low in draft stock? Wasn’t he a projected Day 2 guy during the season or something?
  2. Heard we’re resigning Sanu to come be our QB2. Russell Gage will then take duties as QB3.
  3. Well in one case you’re asking for the most talented QB in nfl history who got pummeled with no help in the SB and then in the other you named a QB who lead a team to a 4-12 season but will somehow be the difference for this team turning into a SB contender.
  4. Prior to the Jets game in week 17, Cam had 5 passing TDs his other 14 games. I’ll pass on him. Unlike Ryan, Cam is an actual example of a QB who is done.
  5. It’s been time to improve at FS for a good while now, but Rico was a good guy and an okay player for a good portion of his career here. At the very least he’ll be missed in the locker room. Hopefully we can get a difference maker at that position this offseason.
  6. People are joking in here but all 3 of those guys are significantly better than anything we have outside of Grady. They would all provide a boost. Watt is the one I would put at the top of the list if I had to make an order. If the Falcons actually want to win now, signing one of those guys on a short deal would be an ideal move.
  7. Going off what they wrote, shouldn’t Foye be benefiting off of Pees and not Smith?
  8. That’s what I’ve been saying but everyone is ready to just hand the job to Hennessy. It’s like they’ve forgotten what happened the last time we did that with the center position.
  9. I meant our DBs, but Debo actually doesn’t have as many INTs as you would expect.
  10. Real **** lol. Hopefully he can teach everyone else to catch before he leaves. Only guy that has hands outside of Kazee is BWW.
  11. I guess why not. At the very least it’s competition at the WR position. Can never have too much depth at WR. Just wanna see if he still has the burners he used to.
  12. This is something no one has mentioned yet. If we trade Matt after this upcoming season and after trading down, we should have a crap load of draft picks. Worst case scenario is that we use those picks to move up for a QB like you said. Best case scenario is we actually win with Matt and also still have good draft capital. This year is not a “draft a QB by any means” year at all.
  13. You’d think at the very least people would realize a great QB can’t win alone after seeing Mahomes literally defy physics and still have his teams ***** get whooped.
  14. Off topic but your inserts just made me realize that perhaps your username means 007 as in James Bond and not 007 as in the year 2007.
  15. 49ers were 4-12 in 2018 and went to the SB the following year too. It’s not impossible at all.
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