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  1. I guess I can understand that. Kareem Hunt could definitely be really good. Personally not a huge fan of Hill, but he had a good season last year and if he adds to his arsenal can be really dangerous, other than just being a deep threat or screen receiver. Mahomes has potential, but he still hasn’t proven anything or even played much at all.
  2. I just can’t expect them being any better if at all than last year. Alex Smith had a career year and was pretty dang good last year, yet it was probably the worst season for the Chiefs as a team since he’d been there. That defense was already bad, and they didn’t do much to get better, heck they should actually be worse even with Berry coming back and the addition of Fuller. I just don’t see them as a legitimate threat to anybody with their defense being so weak.
  3. Someone needs to explain to me the hype on the Chiefs. Tyreek Hill is a bit overrated and is honestly a one trick pony. They have no one else at WR other than Watkins, who at this point is unproven and/or been mediocre at best. I don’t understand at all how this guy ranks them at #1, when I wouldn’t even put them top 16. Pat Mahomes is a huge question mark. Kareem Hunt is pretty good, I’ll say that. But then their defense is gonna be complete trash. They’ve got one DL, one pass rusher, one safety, and one NB. That’s not gonna be close to enough to field a decent defense. Chiefs seem like they’re going in the wrong direction to me.
  4. Matt should be a 90, even though he had a down year. Mack should be at 93 at least. Neal at like 88-89, but I’m not too mad about his rating. Debo at 89 or 90. Grady at 88. Bryant should be like 90 as well.
  5. I’m not too worried about this situation. However, if he skips out on the Matt Ryan and other receivers little training trip, that’s when I’ll start worrying. Some of you guys have already mentioned that as well. Considering it’s not anything with the actual organization and only to be with team mates, that’d mean something is really odd about Julio’s situation.
  6. Watson was 50 or something, which is still way too high for him. I remember 2012 when RG3 ranked 12 or so as a rookie, ahead of Matt who was an MVP candidate that year.
  7. Cam got ranked higher. I’m actually surprised they listed Matt at all considering how much disrespect is always shown to him, but the list is still crap. Even last year there were people talking crap about him on the show, where he ranked 10th despite being MVP.
  8. What’s in Delaware?
  9. If this was Vegas and I could bet that Bucs would win more or less than two games, I’d definitely take the over. They’re probably the worst team in the division, but they should be around 8-8.
  10. We really could and should be. Beasley and Takk could prove themselves as the next great pass rushing duo, while Grady is already one of the best DTs. Debo and Campbell are one of the better LB duos as well, and that stays true when it comes to Tru and Alford. Poole and Oliver rounds out what has become a deep CB group. Rico gets the job done, and Keanu is one of the best safeties currently. With all this talent, top 10 should be expected at the very least.
  11. This thread is pretty ridiculous/hilarious, but Roddy did or maybe still does actually own a white Maserati.
  12. Probably B+. I'd go with: Beasley - A- Collins - F Coleman - A Hardy - B Jarrett - A+ Rodgers - F King - C A bit harsh on Collins, but considering he sucked his rookie year, played decent his second year, then got suspended and cut his 3rd year makes him deserving of the grade. Rodgers didn't even make the team, but I never really expected him to. Nonetheless, it's an F because he couldn't even make the roster. King at least contributed slightly and hung on to a spot on the team for a while.
  13. Julio will draw double and bracket coverages, Ridley will get his chances with single coverage. Sanu and the RBs will get attention too, so there’s no reason for him to not produce other than the fact that the ball will be spread around.
  14. I like Gage, but why was he rated so high? He didn’t really do much collegiately in terms of receiving.
  15. Packers and Panthers are not that good. Chargers I expect to be good but not on our level. They disrespected the Jaguars by not putting them on the list as well.