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  1. Isn’t the bonus for making a pro bowl a few hundred thousand dollars? I mean, idk what they be spending their money on, but that at least covers plane rides.
  2. I'm surprised to not see Oliver on this list. With the possibility of cutting/trading Alford and the impending FA of Brian Poole, I'd expect him to get an increased role next season. He struggled early on, but played better late in the season.
  3. Was about to say the same thing. The play wouldn't have ended the game, but it would have definitely helped the Chiefs a lot.
  4. It's already been influenced way too heavily in the QBs favor(ironically enough, not for Matt Ryan though). There was a play earlier in the year where Chris Jones backed off a would-be sack on Brady because he didn't wanna get penalized. Brady then ran into the end zone.
  5. First team do it back to back, beat that NFL!!! Hahaha....
  6. Very reminiscent. Giving me flashbacks.
  7. Boy was clutch at Georgia Tech. Was clutch just now as well.
  8. Crap. Pats probably just won it...
  9. Pats with too much time left. I don’t like this.
  10. JC Jackson gonna get lynched if pats lose this game.
  11. That drive was all on that BS roughing call.
  12. Bad challenge. That’s a catch.