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  1. Love the final sentence. Only played here a couple of years but even S-Jax understands the rivalry.
  2. Actual negotiation between the Falcons and Dennard: Falcons: Before we begin, are you a former 1st round pick? Dennard: Ye- Falcons: You’re signed. On the real tho this is a great signing.
  3. Those are all great choices tho ngl. Was gonna come in here saying I prolly wouldn’t stack on falcons lol. The only real big gamble, unless u take Ridley early for some reason, is Gurley and Ryan. It’s an even-numbered year tho so expect Matt to eat.
  4. Well if u drafted Matt in 2018 then that was a win.
  5. People really overrate Barr too much. Idk how still gets pro bowl nods. Guess fans just recognize his name as a former top prospect and vote for him.
  6. Brees is under 100 now after last years run. Surprised he’s that high tbh but he did have a great 2009 run.
  7. Brees has been a huge reason why they lost the last two games. I definitely wouldn’t have him #3.
  8. Jimmy G is in the top 50 🤮. This list honestly just keeps getting worse every year. At least the earlier “seasons” made a bit more sense outside a handful of spots.
  9. This literally the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. Do that with every QB and they’re gonna suck. Even a magician like Russel Wilson got thrown around like a rag doll a few years ago against the Rams when their o-line got dominated.
  10. Doubt it. He dropped almost 50 spots despite nearly doubling his TDs from 2017 to 2018. The list is always a joke anyway. Mahomes threw 50 TDs in 2018 and Brees was ranked over him.
  11. I love Metcalf, but dude had 900 yards last year. Someone needs to explain to me how he got placed 10 spots higher than Grady. Disrespect af, but that’s what’s expected when Matt threw 35 TDs and dropped 50 spots from 2018 to 2019 lmao.
  12. Terrell without a doubt. Not a big fan of Diggs.
  13. Honestly a win-win for both teams. Maybe even more so for the Jets imo. McDougald high key super underrated. Definitely makes week 1 (if it happens) more interesting though. Edit: Totally forgot Seattle has been complete *** at selecting players in the first round since 2013 or something. Might not be a huge loss for them at all lmao.
  14. To keep with the trend of big leads, do we just get a crazy lead like 56-0 or do we come back from a crazy lead to win it?
  15. Willie was definitely very uninspired. Seriously, dude picked a team that went to the AFC championship game as his dark horse lol.
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