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  1. I’m not a big Broussard fan, but he has some hilarious analogies. I’ve watched a ton of videos and takes covering the game by now but im pretty sure it was him talking about Embiid and how in a fire, instead of settling down the family so that they don’t panic while in a burning house, Embiid would run out of the house without even telling his family lmao.
  2. I wouldn’t underrate Holidays defense from the bucks. The nets though have no one to defend Trae.
  3. Realistically, Ridley, Lindstrom, and Jarrett. Ryan will probably have a 37 TD, 5,000 yard season with 8 INTs but miss out due to Trubisky 2.0 getting the nod over him like in 2018.
  4. I’m not high on this roster either, but let’s not forget the 2016 Falcons weren’t supposed to be the 2016 Falcons either. Media outlets predicted 4 wins, last in the division, and ranked the Falcons as the worst roster in the league. I say all this to say that anything can happen.
  5. The Bud hawks in 2014-15 made the ECF before sadly being swept by the cavs. That team was badly missing a superstar. If we had someone like Trae, they might’ve beaten the Cavs tbh.
  6. I’m hoping this is like when the Falcons choked the Cowboys and bears game, and the next game 6ers just come out demoralized and get their butts whooped like we did against GB.
  7. If the Falcons know a good sports psychologist, they need to be the ones actually utilizing that help first.
  8. Would expect nothing less from the worst sports city in the world.
  9. If y’all were wondering why the Braves weren’t good this year while the hawks are.
  10. Finally Atlanta sports on the other side of a historic playoff collapse! Maybe this team is something at least kinda special?!
  11. I still don’t know what happened but LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  12. I see it but I don’t believe it nor know what happened lol.
  13. I don’t like him too much either, but unless we can find someone better we may as well stick with him until we do.
  14. Our shooters can’t shoot for crap right now. This is infuriating to watch.
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