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  1. Why wouldn’t u watch a team go undefeated?
  2. This sucks, but not unexpected. If we somehow win this without him, we need him fresh and healthy as possible for New Orleans anyway.
  3. For our defense: - don’t let Elliot eat - don’t let Dak be Peyton Manning - Let Oliver play - do something in the d-line For our offense: - Teco and Ito need to run, and we need to stick with it - Matt can’t have an off day, we’ve seen what happens when that occurs - convert on 3rd downs and red zone opportunities
  4. Well yeah Tru, we’d be like 6-3 or 7-2 if you didn’t drop all those **** INTs. How the **** do you drop 5-6 easy *** INTs in critical situations? Shaquem Griffin can catch better and he only has one hand.
  5. I’m confused why the packers went away from Aaron Jones. Didn’t watch the game, but seems like he didn’t do too bad, and got me a lot of fantasy points
  6. Sanu has 12 from Matt now, so he’s already over that.
  7. The run game has been better. We got away from it last game, but it was working. If we have a run game and actually use it this Sunday, we likely come out with the win.
  8. Please don’t release Tavecchio. Very possible that Bryant retires after this year. Don’t let go of our replacement.
  9. Shhhh, trap games don’t exist, haven’t you heard???
  10. Frank Clark would be a huge signing. Unfortunately I don’t see why the Seahawks would let him go. In the prime of his career, I’d assume he’d be a part of the new defensive plan for them.
  11. Seahawks would be better, but if we were to able to beat GB later in the season it wouldn’t matter, assuming we lose 1-2 games max. But at this point we shouldn’t worry about other teams, take care of our own god dang **** first, then worry about other things. We obviously missed that point last Sunday.
  12. Many other analysts seem to be upset/angry at the fact we blew this game as well. We have greater expectations than what we put on the field.
  13. They all suck. But at least Poole wants to hit I guess. *shade thrown at Tru
  14. Cooper: I don’t think I can trust a guy with two first names Matt: That’s coming from a guy with two last names. Good stuff man. With all the apocalyptic posts around here recently nice to have some fun.
  15. Why did Oliver have no reps when both Tru and Alford were atrocious?