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  1. I think they actually may have showed our 2013 divisional game against Seattle on NFL Network.
  2. Mack is on there. Him and Pouncey are the two centers.
  3. Didn’t Mack get hurt as well in the game?
  4. Just wondering, but is there supposed to be video along with it? Or is it just written like that?
  5. He was. We better beat the brakes off of him twice this year.
  6. The Fuller/Kazee segment doesn’t make sense considering Kazee is much more of a ballhawk than Fuller. Kazee’s whole thing is literally that he gets INTs.
  7. You’re in KC but you’re a falcons fan and a gators fan? Interesting combo there lol.
  8. Actually it’d only be one, because we’d force both Brady and Brees to retire .
  9. That’s actually pretty good imo.
  10. Not feeling 21 for Gurley. For me, that should be given to a DB.
  11. How is Brady guaranteed to play in 2021? I’m pretty sure he could hang it up if he wants after this season. I do actually think he’ll play at least two more seasons though, don’t see Tampa being a one year stint.
  12. Time zone difference bruh.
  13. Hankerson ran a 4.4 tho.
  14. Was about to reply with the same thing lol. Treadwell definitely fits into the Sanu mold more, although idk about him working the slot like Sanu.