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  1. Was that an RPO as well?
  2. A lot of motioning so far from the offense. Seems to be working.
  3. Finally some good run blocking. Need to keep that going.
  4. Good methodical offense so far. Keep it up!
  5. Gotta take advantage of a suspect secondary.
  6. Good tough catch by Hoop.
  7. Let’s get this going. Protect Matt and we win.
  8. Wow! Bears narrowly escape defeat and avoid an 0-2 start!
  9. Well that’s unfortunate. Especially considering a lot of the falcons fans won’t even be in the seats.
  10. Saw a tweet that said there may be anywhere between 10-12,000 eagles fans in the stadium.
  11. They only average 15.5 points in two games tho....
  12. Going against Kupp in fantasy but I ain’t even mad about that play.
  13. Don’t have an official stat but it seems like revenge games don’t usually go well for the team looking for revenge. Only recent game I can think of is the Vikes beating Philly last year where a team won in a revenge game.
  14. When does the merch go on sale? Or was it an exclusive for the pep rally thing?
  15. Saints look like they’re just going through the motions while the rams are basically already celebrating.