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  1. I like the signings fair enough, but I like the late round picks a good amount more than the early picks. Would like a better guard than Omameh in FA though, don’t think he’d be much improvement if at all over Wes. Not sure if Cobbs falls so low, I’ve seen him pegged as high as a 2nd rounder but low as a 5th rounder. Personally not the biggest fan of Bryan or Watts. Don’t know much about the 3rd round guy.
  2. Outside of Vea, I don’t love any of the prospects. But considering we pick later in the first round, a lot of what’s left will be fringe first rounders and second round guys. Payne will probably solidify himself at the combine though.
  3. After last season, I think it’s fair to say AB is the most skilled receiver, while Julio is the most gifted receiver.
  4. When taking about this game in particular, it was obvious that Teco was running better. He was basically the entire Falcon offense. Still don’t know why he didn’t get more touches, but I’m over it and ready for 2018.
  5. I agree, it’s typically game to game, sometimes even quarter to quarter or series to series. We need to keep both imo.
  6. Go watch his game against Jacksonville in the WC round and tell me if he can win a SB. It’s telling that the Bills want him gone when they have trash behind him, whether or not I agree with their thinking or not.
  7. Really hope Tru and Beasley bounce back next year and have seasons that we know they could have.
  8. Position value seems like one of the dumbest ratings you can have when judging a player. They’re basically gonna give trash QBs a 10 for that while Aaron Donald would still get a 7.
  9. What the heck does position value even mean? And I think his pass rush rating should be a bit higher if we’re just talking about DTs. He doesn’t get sacks much but he gets pressures, although I can see why it’s a bit low.
  10. I’m guessing we had Dimarco when Nix was on the team, so it makes sense why Nix didn’t make the cut. We should’ve taken cared of our Pro Bowl FB, but that didn’t happen either.
  11. My thinking is that if we don’t beat pats with Brady/Billichek, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about a win against Pats it it’s against a scrub team in 2020. I want to beat them once before they retire. Only way that happens is a SB.
  12. Leaving us to SF, not running the ball, somehow losing the playbook a day before the SB.
  13. Why would shanahan want revenge on us? We should want revenge on him. Great stats tho. I hope we beat Pittsburgh as well. Would leave New England as only team Matt needs to beat, maybe he’ll get the chance again in the SB.
  14. I sure hope we can beat at least one of those Pennsylvania teams. Matt needs at least one career win over Pitt. You also have us losing to all the major contenders, I hope that doesn’t happen.
  15. Other than the draft I think the moves are fine. I can’t get behind drafting any of these WRs in the draft in the 1st round, and I’d be the first person here to tell you we need a WR. Unless someone like E.Q. St Brown runs a 4.3 I don’t think any of the WRs have transcendent talent or guys I’d even like as my #1. I know we don’t need a #1 WR since we have Julio, but taking a #2 in the first round would just be a bad idea. And when I say that I dont literally mean a #2 WR cuz we’d be doing that regardless, but that the WR doesn’t have #1 type of talent.