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  1. Dear lord we can’t catch a break. Looking like the Atlanta Chargers out there now. Wes stepped in for him last game right? I think he did pretty well from what I’ve heard at least, so I’m not too uncomfortable about this.
  2. If Takk really is hurt, Vic might be all we've got. He needs to do something. I've been a huge supporter of his, but he's done nothing in the past year to show that he's truly a top pass-rusher. However, Quinn needs to quit the idea of him being a LB and stop dropping him in coverage as well. Duke Riley on the other hand is just completely bad and I have little faith left in him.
  3. Kuechly got laid out a few times that game. On the Matt Ryan scramble he tried to hit Hooper but he ended up going down instead lol.
  4. I like him, but that’s not where we need help. If we make a move it should be for a defensive guy.
  5. He’s gonna probably have to if we’re gonna win. It likely won’t look like the defensive battles of last year.
  6. Brees is gonna make sure Thomas get all the stats he can get. He’s a Jarvis Landry type of receiver, bunch of receptions with typically lesser yardage. Fortunately we have good CBs and DBs so he won’t be the biggest concern. Like others have said, Kamara will be the biggest issue. Not sure how we’ll try to stop him, perhaps Kazee will be on assignment. I don’t trust any of our LBs right now to be on him except maybe Campbell.
  7. They both think Matt is good enough to win a SB, although Jennings seems higher on him than Cowherd. Matt tried to send a message to the team and the haters when he ran for the score. Matt and Sark actually have a good relationship and the media overblown the idea that they hate each other. Also that it’ll take time for both to click with each other.
  8. His postgame interview was gold.
  9. I was gonna point out the similarities of this year to last year as well. Mostly the schedule, since we played both carolina and New Orleans early in the year too. Hopefully the results are the same next weekend. Unfortunately, we won’t bave Freeman to break the saints ankles again. I’m sure Jairus Byrd still has nightmares.
  10. They did well until the 4th quarter and melted down. If Kazee comes back and balls, we should be fine.
  11. Healthy, we’re definitely the best team. These injuries just keep piling up though. Hopefully we can stay fairly healthy the rest of the way. Need the defense to hold the fort down until Debo’s return. Steelers definitely not looking good. The offense is still moving the ball, but that defense isn’t great and Big Ben can be disrupted.
  12. Gotta pay attention to the Bucs for sure right now. If they beat Pittsburgh, then it might be time to really get serious. For now, we might still be the best team, or at least the most talented. Really have to beat the saints next week.
  13. Agree with pretty much everything. I’d say Takks stock is up a bit. Only one doing anything in terms of pass rush from the d line.
  14. He had two big runs, but did nothing aside from that.
  15. Or the Browns, who consistently find new ways to avoid winning games.