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  1. Meanwhile the browns are at -21 but sit pretty at 8-3 smh.
  2. Watching the replay, the other defenders weren’t that close. There was really only Hurst and his defender. Ball bounced off of Hurst. He could’ve and should’ve still had it even with good coverage.
  3. Receivers were also dropping passes which did not help Matt at all, including his INT today.
  4. Word is that Ollison was sick all week.
  5. I agree we need a new RB, but that’s not happening until the offseason. Let Ito at least show us what he’s got the rest of the season.
  6. Bucs have some serious issues. They might actually end up missing the playoffs. If we sweep them they probably would miss it.
  7. Would need one of the current playoff teams to collapse for that to happen.
  8. I’m mainly talking about the FGs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bad roughing fouls from a team.
  9. Yeah the raiders really killed themselves today. But the falcons actually took advantage of them unlike usual.
  10. No, we definitely still need Julio. Ito should be the lead back the rest of the way though.
  11. On to the saints next week. But before that, let’s watch them hopefully lose to a QB-less Broncos team!
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