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  1. If beasly really is going back to DE full time Reed not needed if bring back claymore too. Agree on Poe.
  2. Like the cuts and free agents, wanted brown last year but he probably wants a long time deal and more money this year. I think Poe prices himself out to us unless takes another proof it deal. To many picks for a OG, Julio was once in a lifetime player. Can get a good one first or second round.
  3. Thought Allen was FA by bad. They wouldn't have to be immediate starters but get the spots during the season. If Poe and Gabe leave we could get starters to replace them. OG could easily make a transtion to starter during season. Three is pratical. **** if we go FB late or unrestricted there's another as colemon(not RB) is a FA.
  4. I'm not saying reaching I think there would be studs at DT or OG where we pick in the first and second. The only way I could see going WR or LB early is if the first or second rank guys at those position fell to us some how.
  5. Not if it's not best need. The trenches are the biggest need unless you disagree.
  6. If Gabe leaves the highest I would go for WR is third round. But DT and OG have to come first.
  7. It seems DT and G are the 1st two picks consensus. Also need to decide if Ricardo Allen is our starting FS or not. I might look at WR in third or fourth if Gabriel leaves. Loved Quinns first 2 drafts but this one really only had Tank and kazee as real contributors. Need at least 3 starters out of this year and no trade ups already no fifth. Wouldn't mind trading down this year for more picks.
  8. Couldnt break in rotation as even ward improved this year. Maybe can get on practice squad and interested in what Hall does had good games in preseason. Decisions on Gabriel and Coleman coming soon and we might have to start lookin for cheaper options.
  9. Duke does need to improve but i think people have been spoiled by how good deion jones was last year. Riley has played like a rookie, jones didnt. Also people wanted campbell replaced and he has looked great this year.
  10. Ref had balls of steel making that call in detriot, but was right. Ryan only had one bad pass colman and sanu have to catch those other two.
  11. my bad was thinking of reggie ragland from the bills. it is early.
  12. Argued in a different post wouldnt mind Hall and Davis being 5th and 6th because of ceiling. Roberts hasnt been much beside already being paid and Williams is at his ceiling.
  13. thats if both hall a Davis make it through waivers. Like williams but he is who he is, perfered one of the other two with more upside. saubert over perkins surprised me too and suprised hill didnt go to PS.
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