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  1. 52 seconds left in 4th, yes that was Weems. Saw it myself and he got killed on this board for it.
  2. Weems not iinexperianced player just dumb decision.
  3. Still I great line, I wonder if they have started making t shirts for it yet.
  4. I put more faith in tape than combine, your not competing against anybody in drills and not game speed and pressure. We wont agree on this, and where they were picked neither do coaches. But we both agree we want the falcons to do well so lets hope our picks do great.
  5. diagree bowser has more ability. Willis cant bend and personaly think Hall is a rotational player. Thankfully not either of our decisions or the falcons would be screwed.
  6. Bowser went second and even more raw than Tank. Willis and Hall went third. Not bashing your choices but reason they went where they did.
  7. also has some great one handed catches, seems to be concentration issue. think lot of hate we didnt get hodges who peope liked.
  8. Said I wold be okay with it only if 5th or later. Falcon did so have no complanits.
  9. Kiper said wasnt a blocker but actually made tough catches and good athlete. Have Tol for blocking and concentration seems main issue. Know people wanted Hodges but has to be reason he has dropped so far.
  10. I thimk Ward is gone after this pick dude. Love we can go BPA for a power back.
  11. NO!!! Have no tolerance for grown men hitting woman. Let Cowboys or Bangels take that trash!
  12. Wasnt just mental stuff with Foster he has red flages on his shoulders that likly require surgery. Anoher reason top 10 dropped to 31. Similar to Myles Jack last year.
  13. Quinn just said he will be inside LB.
  14. Wow didnt expect that. like the pick but really thought they would go o line. saw a few people mocked him to our 4th but no way he would have made it that far. Go Quinn!
  15. LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLl! God you have to love the Saints!! You just cant make this stuff up!!