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  1. No doubt this will be our first real test this season. I respect the Falcons and what they've done so far but I still think we'll win a close game. Let's say 24-20 Seahawks.
  2. 49ers scored 2 TDs in last 8 minutes when we were up 37-3...
  3. I think you forgot Kevin Williams, who was playing 3-tech in the first part of the season and then moved over to 1-tech after Brandon Mebane's injury. As for Jesse Williams, he was drafted in 2013 as a possible Red Bryant replacement at 5-tech (and he could possibly also be playing 3-tech), but he hasn't played a snap in his first two seasons because of bad knees. He was also diagnosed with a papillary type 2 cancer in May and had to undergo a kidney surgery but he was already cleared to practice two weeks or so ago. I really root for the kid and hope he can stay healthy and make a roster this season. If not in Seattle, hopefully he'll get a chance somewhere else. He was with us twice but didn't play any regular season game. First he signed in December 2011 after he was cut by the Patriots. Then he was two years in Oakland. Second, he was with us in 2014 preseason (so Quinn knows him and Adams knows the system), but didn't make 53-roster and then played last season with the Jets.
  4. I don't think there are or will be any problems between them. Quinn takes his coaches with consesus from Carroll (he's known for always supporting his coaches to move up in their careers if possible) and Schofield was a free agent, so he could signed anywhere. And it's media who are producing (mostly false or overblown) rumours and PC and DQ can't do much about that. I think it's mostly fans and sometimes players (which I can understand to some extent, but eventually they'll all have to learn a business side of the NFL) who take all of this too personally ("they didn't pick up my option, so they don't appreciate me" kind of thinking), but for coaches and GMs it's just a business, which can be cruel, but that's how things are also working in real world.
  5. Sorry, but I always laugh at comments like this. From posts like this I read everywhere it seems like we are the the first and only team in the history who has to sign our QB to a 20M+ contract. We have one of the best GMs in the league who knows for at least the last two years we'll have to pay Russell some day and they have a plan for that. There are all kind of rumours out there but there are just that - rumours, so I don't even read or worry about them. Nobody knows exactly how negotiations are going on, but eventually they will get a deal done. And I don't believe it will be a record contract. Atlanta is coming to Seattle in 2016, if this site is correct. http://www.fbschedules.com/nfl/seattle-seahawks.php I'm already looking forward to the game. Hopefully it will be a season opener next year. How exactly did we insult him? He's a good player, but only a 7th or 8th best player on our defense and not worth 7,5M per year. If he thinks he's worth that money, he should just shut his mouth and have a career year and get his big contract next offseason, whether in Atlanta or somewhere else. After we extended K.J. Wright and with knowing that Bobby Wagner is more important to our defense (both are also 2 or 3 years younger than Irvin) it should be clear to Irvin that we won't pick up his 5th year option. We also didn't pick up 5th year option of James Carpenter last year and let him walk this season, so it's not like Irvin was some kind of exception.
  6. He won't get that. Agree. As mentioned before, we'll get a comp. pick, probably a 4th rounder if Irvin signs somewhere in the range of 5-7M/year which I expect is what he'll get in free agency. So it wouldn't make a sense for us to trade him for anything less than that. Sorry about multiple posts, I didn't know there is a limit to only 3 quotes per post before I started to reply.
  7. I don't think situation is really that bad for us in 2016 and forward. We'll get rid of Harvin's dead money ($7,2M) and it's also very possible that Beast Mode will retire after this season which will give us another $6,5M. I could also see us letting DT Brandon Mebane go. He's one of my favourite players and one of only two still left from pre-Carroll era (other one is punter John Ryan), but he'll be 31 after this season and we did take similar approach with both Chris Clemons and Red Bryant last year. Also, don't forget that cap is supposed to go up to around $160M in 2016. I won't say who is the best player between them because it's hard to compare players from different positions, but in terms of importance for our defense I agree with that. I would probably put Wagner in front of Sherman a year or two ago, but now when we lost a lot of CB depth I think it would be harder to replace Sherm than Wagner (I talk about losing them to injuries not letting them go, because both will stay for a forseeable future). And Earl Thomas is a unique player, not only in our defense, but league wide there is nobody who can fully replace him. Don't forget about Kam Chancellor when talking about attitude. He's usually the one who sets tone early in the games. .
  8. I can't be surprised by any move that our front office do anymore, but I don't think we'll trade Bruce Irvin before the start of training camp. I think if anything was to happen, it would already before or during the draft. It's just a guess and I could be way off but I have a strong feeling we were trying to trade Irvin to Atlanta to move up in the second round (a switch of picks in 2nd round and maybe some mid/late round picks) to get in a position to draft Dorial Green-Beckham. I watched live video of Seahawks war room and our GM John Schneider was on the phone for a long time. As soon as DGB was off the board two spots before the Falcons he hung up the phone. It's just a wild speculation from my side as he could be talking to any of the other 30 teams and I don't know if Dan Quinn was willing to possibly lose Jalen Colilns to get Irvin, but I could really see this trade happen. Of course now we'll never know. As John Schneider admited himself, he is "crazy" about compensatory picks. He'll only sign players who were released by their previous teams (like Cary Williams) or re-sign our own free agents, so we won't lose any compensatory picks that way. Also, in our current cap situation it's not very likely we'll be after "big name" players in first 2-3 days of free agency anyway. I could see this happen at trade deadline like last year with Percy Harvin trade. Of course Irvin situation is different. I think he's immature and not the smartest guy on the earth but I don't think he'll really be a locker room cancer when the season start. Pete Carroll will probably want to see what we have in Kevin Pierre-Louis (who I believe will take over at WLB with K.J. Wright moving over to SLB - his versatility is one of the main reasons we extended him and not Irvin - if we trade Irvin) before we make a decision to trade Irvin. But I think they would still prefer to keep him for a season and then let him walk and get a comp. pick. Bobby Wagner is priority #2 right after Wilson and I believe he'll be extended this offseason. I think they already have a contract for him in place, but are waiting to see how Russell Wilson situation will develop over the next few weeks. For Russell Okung I think we'll take a wait and see approach. He's good (but not great) when healthy but has injury problems and didn't play 16 games in any of his 5 seasons. If he can stay healthy and play on a high level this season, he'll be re-signed, if not, I can see them letting him walk. If he does re-sign, his cap hit for 2015 is already $7,3M and I don't expect him to get much more. If he wants $10M+ I don't think he'll get it in Seattle.
  9. Sack number is the easiest way to judge players performance, but not the only one and coaches are looking for much more than just sack numbers when evaluating players impact on the team. There are also TFL and "almost sacks". Imagine a situation where player A pressure QB right into player B, who then gets a credit for the sack, but it's obvious play wouldn't happen without player A. I think Dan Quinn would be more than pleased if Beasley only has 6 sacks, but he can regularly get into QBs faces and forced them into making quick and possibly bad throws, which can result in interceptions. In other words: turnovers are more important for Quinn's defense than sacks. If Beasley can help his team to create turnovers, he'll get his job done, no matter how many sacks he has. I also believe DQ prefers to have 4 or 5 players with 5-7 sacks each then one 15 sacks player and if he gets injured, your pass rush (and probably whole defense) would collapse. Just imagine Texans defense without J.J. Watt. Yes, I know he's the best defensive player in the league and probably not a fair example, but you can't rely just on one player, no matter how good he is (QB is obviously an exception, because there are not even 32 good starting QBs in the league, let alone enough capable backups if your starter goes down).
  10. I think there are teams that use this measurement (Seahawks obviously and some other teams probably as well), but most of the outside people that follow the draft or combine are probably not so interested in them as much as in height, weight, 40 yard time,,... Here is an article about wingspan http://seahawksdraftblog.com/wingspan-and-will-the-seahawks-go-cornerback-in-round-two If you are interested, Collins has a 78 inch wingspan.
  11. Another criteria is arm length. All of the Seahawks drafted CBs had 32-inch arms. This might be more of a Pete Carroll than Dan Quinn thing, but still one thing to consider for you in future drafts. From the above listed players you drafted Collins, we get Tye Smith and Gus Bradley takes James Sample for the Jags (he's a safety though). There are no informations about Akeem King's arms on his draft profile on nfl.com and I think he wasn't at combine, so I don't know if he also falls into that 32-inch arms criteria.
  12. I'm not a Jaguars fan but I've been following them over the last two seasons since Gus Bradley is there. They did a complete rebuilding (I'd say around 80-90% roster turnover and it will probably be more this season) since the beginning of 2013 season, so I don't think it's fair to judge Bradley only by his W/L record. But if they don't get at least 6 or 7 wins this season (which I think they can do), his seat could get hot at the end of the season. I think their defense (especially D-Line, where they added some more experienced players) was solid in the second half of last season, but they had to play too much because of the young offense inability to stay on the field. They started Bortles alongside with 5 or 6 other rookies on offense and it showed with a lot of 3&outs and interceptions (Bortles also had two or three pick 6). I still believe they have a young team with a lot of potential and they also had a great draft (and signed Julius Thomas in free agency; if he can stay healthy, he'll be a great target for Bortles), so they should improve. In the end it probably all depends on how Bortles will develop, because this is a QB driven league. I think he has all the intangibles to be at least a good QB, but time will tell. I think Dan Quinn walked into a lot better situation (he already has his QB, two great WRs, CB,...) than Bradley in Jacksonville two seasons ago (his best player was probably Paul Posluzny, who is a solid, but not a top 10 LB in the league), so I expect him to get better results sooner. I liked them both, but I consider Quinn a better DC in his time in Seattle and now I think he'll also be a better HC. I like players you drafted last week, but Quinn will need at least another draft (or maybe some big splash in free agency next year?) to get players he wants for his defense long-term. Most of the players you signed this offseason are short term solutions until he can find younger, better and cheaper (although you didn't overpaid anyone) replacements for them. Until then he'll get the best out of the players he has.
  13. It's possible, but I don't think it's very likely for two reasons. First, Dan Quinn is much better at coaching and developing DL players than secondary. I'm not saying he or his staff can't or won't develop your secondary, but Quinn is a DL guy first. And second, after our recent success more teams are trying to get bigger at cornerbacks, so it's harder to find a Richard Sherman or Byron Maxwell in the later rounds now than 3 or 4 years ago. Yes, Earl Thomas (1st) and Kam Chancellor (5th round) were drafted in 2010, when Quinn was our DL coach, so he didn't work with them close. Richard Sherman (5th) and Byron Maxwell (6th) were both drafted in 2011. At that time Quinn was a DC at Florida. When he came back to Seattle in 2013, ET, Kam and Sherm were all already All-Pro and Pro Bowl players. I won't say they didn't learn anything from Quinn over the last two seasons, but I think their development has more to do with Pete Carroll and Kris Richard (I don't know the exact impact of your new DB coach Marquand Manuel, who was assistant DB coach with us, but he learned from both Carroll and Richard, so this can only be a good thing). I can give Quinn a bit of credit for Maxwell though, because he got a starter role after injury and then suspension of Brandon Browner in last 5 games of 2013 season.
  14. I'm not a fan of trading future 1st round picks, because you don't know at which spot you'll draft. I loved Sammy Watkins last year, but I didn't like Buffalo's trade to get him in so deep WR class (luckily for other teams they traded with Cleveland, who will most likely use that 1st rounder this year on another bust). They should stay where they were and take Beckham Jr. This year is a deep DE class and I think Dan Quinn can find his pass rusher without trading up. And if Leonard Williams is there at #3 for the Jaguars I don't think Gus Bradley would even consider a trade. If not, he'll probably also like Fowler enough to draft him. But anything can happen. It will be an interesting and unpredictable draft from #2 spot down for sure.
  15. You can't go wrong with another former UW cornerback, can you? Lol. Seriously though, Chris Petersen denied all rumours about Peters choking assistant coach during practice but it's true he had some clashes with coaches. Peters also takes the responsibility for his dismissal from school and he knows he made mistakes. He'll certainly fall on some teams draft boards and teams that are interested in him, will do their homework about his off the field red flags. As UW fan I was dissapointed in his actions, but I still like Peters and believe team that will take a risk and draft him, will get a great player. If he falls to the 3rd round (I don't think he will) I wouldn't mind the Seahawks to draft him. I'd also consider him at #63, but we'll probably go with OL or WR there. As for the Falcons, I think Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel would love to have Peters, but you probably have bigger needs on other positions.
  16. From a neutral standpoint. QB: I kinda like Cam Newton, but have to go with Matt Ryan here. WR: Both teams have a really good #1 WR. Julio Jones is a beast when healthy and Kelvin Benjamin had a great rookie year and I expect him to get better. After that, Atlanta have an aging but still solid Roddy White as #2 WR and the Panthers don't have any really depth at the position. I think both teams will use another deep WR class (probably not as great as last years but still very solid) to improve their WR core. RB: Jonathan Stewart can't stay healthy but right now I'd still take him over Devonta Freeman. But this is one of the positions which will be better evaluated after the draft. I think both teams will use a pretty high draft pick (round 2-4) in a very deep and one of the best RB draft classes in a long time, maybe ever. OL: To be fair I don't know much about both teams OL units because I don't watch teams so close. Carolina bring in Jonathan Martin and Michael Oher in the offseason, so I think they are seeking for a help at both tackle positions. I didn't watch them in many games but based on the playoff game in Seattle, I think Carolina OL played really good. For Atlanta, I liked Jake Matthews coming out of A&M last season. I've read he struggles a bit in his rookie season because of injuries, but he'll get better in the future. TE: Greg Olsen is a top 10, maybe top 5 TE right now and Atlanta have a really big hole at that position. It will be also hard to get better in not so good TE class. Offense: I'll choose Atlanta here because of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones connection, but they need to improve running game. Carolina needs to get another target for Newton and both teams should probably also improve their OL. DL: I love the Panthers DL and think they are second best in the league after Buffalo. Atlanta will improve their pass rush in the draft and with better Dan Quinn's scheme, but talent-wise I still think they won't be close to Carolina's DL. LB: I don't know much about the Falcons LB core, but from what I've read in my time here they need to improve a lot. On the other side, Luke Kuechly is arguably the best MLB in the league and Thomas Davis is also still very good despite his age and injuries, so I have to go with Carolina here. Secondary: I don't know much about Panthers secondary to be fair, but we probably all agree that Desmond Trufant (as a UW fan I loved him before you Falcons fans did, lol) is the best secondary player of both teams. I'll also say that overall secondary play for the Falcons will improve a lot under Quinn, Raheem Morris and Marquand Manuel, so I go with Atlanta here. Defense: Atlanta will improve to (I quess) around top 15-20 in most statistics but Carolina's defense will still be better overall. HC: I love Dan Quinn as our former DC and think he has everything to be a good to potentially great HC, but he's still unproven, so for now I have to go with Ron Rivera. To conclude: Despite losing their best offensive playmaker I can't totally write off Drew Brees and the Saints (and the Bucs with Jameis Winston will most likely also be a better team), but as of right now (before the draft) I think it's between Carolina and Atlanta for the divisional title. The Falcons are better at key positions like QB, #1 WR, #1 CB and probably LT, but the Panthers are defending back to back NFC South champions so I think they should be considered favourites again. I think it will take 9 or maybe 10 wins to win the division this year. Both teams will benefit to play against AFC South and also NFC East (yes, Dallas and Philadelphia should be good, but both the Giants and Redskins are beatable). Of course, there is still a draft before us and a lot of other things can happen betwen now and September. And when talking about AFC South opponents - Falcons@Jaguars is one of the non-Seahawks game on the schedule I look forward the most. I hope it will be a good defensive battle between the teams lead by our two former DCs. Hopefully a young Jags offense around Bortles will improve this season, so we'll see a good game.
  17. http://www.nfl.com/player/chrisclemons/2505312/profile Look at Chris Clemons's statistics before coming to Seattle. It's hard to get good numbers if you are only a part-time player or maybe misused in the system (that's not a concern for OBS, because Quinn knows how to use him). Most of the fans are just looking at stats when talking about players from other teams they don't really know well. It's nothing wrong with that but coaches are smarter and evaluate players based on their tape. Or in OBS case - Dan Quinn has seen him in every practice and game over the last two seasons and knows exactly what he can expect from him. Can OBS have a similar production to Clemons in his first three seasons in Seattle before the injury? Probably not, but I know he can be a productive player for you. When talking about DL in Quinn's defense, forget about starters and backups. Yes, there are 4 players who'll start officialy, but what he likes to do is rotate a lot based on opponent, on-field situation and just to keep all the players fresh and minimalize risk of an injury. If I remember correctly in 2013 we had 7 defensive line players with around 45% (Red Bryant) to 57% defensive snaps (Michael Bennett). Of course that's best case scenario and you need a lot of luck with injuries (last season Bennett played in around 80% because we had more injuries on DL), but if you ask Quinn he'll probably tell you he prefers for his most used defensive lineman to play no more than 65-70% snaps. Does Atlanta have enough DL depth for that kind of rotation right now? I don't know your roster well enough to answer that question and maybe even Quinn himself won't know the answer before he can see all players during practices. But he certainly believes that OBS can be an important part of that 6 or 7 man rotation. They don't expect him to play 80% of the snaps, but he can be productive in that 45-55% he'll probably get. I think we could re-sign him for a similiar contract he got in Atlanta, but as some other posters already said it has more to do with OBS wants to get a better chance to "start" or at least get more playing time alongside going to play for a coach he really likes and respects. I don't know what the Giants doctors have found out, but he tear his knee in Senior Bowl back in 2010 and played without problems since then (he missed part of the 2012 season with an ankle injury) for Arizona and Seattle. If they use him correctly in games and also manage his workload during practices (which I both think Quinn and his staff will do), I don't think his knee will be a problem. If it is, you are not tied to him long-term. With signing this contract I also think QBS is confident in his ability to stay healthy, have a good season in a system he knows and get paid next offseason.
  18. We know about rumors but most of us don't take this too seriously until it's not reported/confirmed by more reliable source like Adam Schefter. This Bennett rumor started from some Cowboys beat writer at the time when Greg Hardy is in Dallas. I think this is on Drew Rosenhaus (who is agent for both Hardy and Bennett) trying to get the best deal for Hardy. If/when he gets a deal in Dallas, Rosenhaus will probably denied all Bennett rumours. If not, then I'll be a bit more worried that really something is going on. Nobody had an idea that this trade was coming until it was done. To be fair, most of the times we don't know much that's going on, because the Seahawks organization is really good to keep secrets. Most of it it's probably because local media sucks and national media is too far away. If anything is leaked it's because they want to spread false rumors (i've seen this used more before the draft than in free agency/trades) or some informations are leaked on the other side.
  19. It's well known that Carroll has a final word on all personnel decisions, but he accepts and respects Schneider's opinions. Carroll was hired first and then helped in the process of finding a new GM. It was one of his conditions when coming to Seattle, that he would be allowed to build a team his way, which he wasn't allowed to do with the Patriots and Jets (of course he's more experienced and better coach now than he was 15 or 20 years ago). He works very well with Schneider, who I think is a great talent evaluator. Russell Wilson was Schneider's pick with all of his Green Bay and Wisconsin connections. He already wanted to draft him in 2nd round but they talked him down that he'll be availlable in 3rd (luckily for us he was). Of course it was then Carroll's decision to let Wilson compete and beat out Matt Flynn in training camp.
  20. Also add Earl Thomas with our second 1st round pick (14th overall) in 2010. He's the only of the mentioned players who is guaranteed a long-term spot on team. Carp is already gone, I don't think we'll re-sign Okung because of his injuries and Irvin will probably also be hard to keep next year. And for Irvin we did a small trade down from 12 to 15 to get another 4th and 6th round picks, which we used to draft DT Jaye Howard and CB Jeremy Lane. Howard, a former Dan Quinn player at Florida (I'm sure Quinn did gave Pete Carroll a positive grade on him before the draft) didn't work out well for us, but is now a solid starter in Kansas City, so talent evaluation was probably good, he's just a better fit for 3-4 DE. Lane is also a very solid player, so I think we did get a great value for only trading down 3 spots. And we still get a player (Irvin) we wanted. About trading for Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham. I'm not a fan of trading away 1st round picks, but I can understand why John Schneider made both trades. Harvin didn't work out and I believe Graham will (because he's a better character and team mate), but when looking back to the 2013 draft I really don't see any player in that 25-32 range who I'd like to have except for DeAndre Hopkins who was my favourite WR in that draft. I also think 2013 draft was our worst in Pete Carroll era (2014 is still to early to gave a fair grade IMHO). Based on the talent in that draft it was probably a good year to trade away late 1st round pick (I missed our 3rd round pick in 2014 much more to be fair, because I liked some players in that range) for what was supposed to be a playmaker our offense needed. Same as this year. We wouldn't get a proven player of Jimmy Graham's quality at 31 so I can get behind the trade. Overall, Schneider's philosophy is to get at least 9-10 picks in every draft, so he likes to trade down as much as possible. I have a total confidence in him as our GM, but right now I trust him more to find a good to potentially great player(s) in that 3-5 round range than in 1st round.
  21. Talking about Patterson, the Vikings just traded for Mike Wallace, so maybe they are really willing to trade Patterson. I would trade a 6th round pick we got from the Jets for Percy Harvin for him, just for fun.
  22. I think there is no way we trade him for a 5th or 6h round pick. We already have 9 or 10 draft picks (depending on compensatory picks) and it's very possible 5th or 6th round draft pick won't even make the team. Willson is more valuable to us than that. He is still inconsistent, but developing into a very solid #2 TE and after him we only have Anthony McCoy on the depth chart, who is coming back after torn Achilles twice in last two preseasons, so there is no guarantee he'd stay healthy all season. It's also a bad TE draft class so it would be hard to find a replacement for Willson. Carroll always talked about how he wants to have a 2 TE set and we tried in the past with the likes of Zach Miller, Kellen Winslow and Tony Moeaki, but injuries never really let us to fully execute his plan. Now we finally have a very good 1-2 TE combo with Graham and Wilson. I really think you should look after Zach Miller if/when he's healthy. He would be a good short term solution until you can draft and develop someone younger and better.
  23. He'll improve our passing game a lot. We need a Red zone target badly and he's one of the best. Graham is also a player that opponent DCs have to gameplan for. I don't think we'll see as much of 8-man in the box next season, so there will be more space for Beast. I like them both, but no team is affraid of Kearse or Baldwin as your best receiving options. Can Graham be stopped? Of course, but I think only his presence will open up offense for Lynch, Wilson's legs or another receiver. I'm not worried about his contract. He just signed a 4 year, $40M extension last season (Julius Thomas has an AVV of $9M per year with his new contract, so Graham is still the best paid TE) and I don't expect any restructures right now. Graham's cap hit for 2015 season is $8M and $9M for 2016. We are also preparing for a life after Lynch, when we'll probably become more of a passing offense. Wilson needs targets. Graham will help, but I think we need to draft another WR or two and I hope we can develop Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson (when he comes back from his ACL injury). Chris Matthews also has a size, but is still very raw. We already extended most of the defensive players (Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, Bennett, Avril) for the next 3 or 4 years, the only one missing is Bobby Wagner. I'm also sure GM John Schneider has a number in his mind for Wilson's contract. Don't know how close the deal is, but I expect his cap hit won't be big this season. In 2016 we get rid of Percy Harvin's dead money (about $7M) and it's also possible that Lynch will retire. Rusell Okung's contract also probably won't be extended, so there are another $7M. And also don't forget that cap number is supposed to go up for around $20M over the next 2 years. So I'm really not worried about our cap situation. About the trade. I think it's fair for both teams. You can also look at it as two separated trades. Jimmy Graham for a 1st to Seattle and Max Unger for a 4th to New Orleans. We wouldn't get a player of Graham's quality with #31 pick this season (we would most likely trade down anyway if we could find a trade partner). And as much as I like Unger he missed 10 games last season and both of our backups played very solid in his place so I didn't miss him too much. Still, the Saints will get a good center if he can stay healthy. Coming into today I was hoping we could get Andre Johnson as experienced big target receiver (it seems he'll sign with the Colts), but I didn't even think about Jimmy Graham. At first I was surprised as everyone, but now I'm just happy to get him. I bet Wilson is also excited. It remains to be seen how he'll get along with our defensive players (there was some bad blood between them in our last game), but I believe they are all professional enough to get over this.
  24. Agree. Defense was already solid at the end of last season. Problem was inexperience on offense, where they started 6 or 7 rookies. If they can also get Murray and have a good draft, they are one of my candidates for the most improved team next season.
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