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  1. O-Ther liked a post in a topic in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    This place and some posters on it used to get to me a lot more than they ever do now...I realized that I wasn't ever going to meet 98% of you and we're just a bunch of people posting on a football message board...
    It's not as important as your health, your faith, your friends, your family or your job.
    So someone disagrees with me. Thank God.
    I wouldn't want to live in a world where everyone agreed with me. I'd get bored with that in about 5 minutes.
    If it's that important for you to be liked or agreed with on every subject then you need to probably get off of every form of social media there is.
    If you think someone is a troll or is trolling you in particular avoid them. It's easy once you get into the habit. I call it the "dog poop on the sidewalk" method. Don't step in it. Hop over it and avoid it completely.
    This place is a pleasant little diversion from life. Don't make it into anything else.
    Honestly, there isn't a single person I have ever fought with on here that I don't think I could sit down and have a beer with today.
  2. Falconcheff liked a post in a topic by O-Ther in Free Agency 2015 ....   
    What happened to Rob Housler? Did the Falcons brass come to their senses when he dropped the pen to sign their contract offer?
    Moeaki and Tamme are best available options, so good signings. Gresham is a big medical red flag.
  3. O-Ther liked a post in a topic by Shredman in Free Agency 2015 ....   
    I assume he wanted to much Money, still I like his Game, and feel he would have been a perfect fit for Falcons O.....
    But Like the Tamme signing, he just has to Catch the balls thrown his way, with Jones, White, Hester and now Hankerson , he dont have to be Gonzo....