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  1. The NFC South faces the AFC West and the NFC West next season, so are you going to play the Los Angeles Rams in L.A., or is Gurlie coming to Atlantie next year?
  2. Have to wonder how close to being a great team everyone in the NFC South is this year. Last year our division played the AFC North and NFC North. We all still have those bruises. 3 teams from the AFC North and 2 from the NFC North made the playoffs. Ouch. Soft schedules for everyone this year facing the NFC Least and AFC South. Next year has the AFC West and NFC West on tap. I think a couple NFC South teams will have even worse W-L records next year.
  3. On Monday, gonna recycle this thread or start a fresh one?
  4. Albert Breer wrote about our turnaround a couple months ago. Here's an excerpt: The Panthers did, in fact, rebuild. It just happened so fast that you might have missed it. One of the first things Gettleman -- who wasn't available for this story; his policy is to not speak publicly in-season -- was taxed with on the job was fixing the team's sideways cap situation. And that might be the one thing Carolina has actually slow-played under this regime. The Panthers went 12-4 with a veteran group in 2013, silencing any questions about Rivera's status. And then came the bloodletting. Steve Smith was cut, and two other receivers bolted via free agency. Cornerstone left tackle Jordan Gross retired, and three other O-linemen followed him off into the sunset. The secondary was gutted, with Captain Munnerlyn and Mike Mitchell shown the door. "Honestly, at the beginning of [2014], we were just trying to find a combination of offensive linemen we could play with, we're starting a rookie at receiver [Kelvin Benjamin] and we have another, in Philly Brown, who's gonna play," Rivera said. "All this stuff is in my head early in camp. It was crazy to see the turnover, but you always look at it like you have a chance. I kept telling the coaches, 'Keep telling the guys, take care of business, and we'll be fine.' Then, Greg Hardy's situation flared up leading into a Week 2 game against the Detroit Lions. Then, the bottom really did start to fall out. Working with rookies and castoffs all over the place, the Panthers went through a two-month period where they didn't win a game. As it turns out, that was the team's rebuild. It lasted seven games. "There was that time, we're playing young guys like [guard] Andrew Norwell, [guard] Trai Turner and [safety] Tre Boston, we're developing them," Rivera said. "Our mantra's always been 'Keep pounding,' and it really is to just keep working. At one point, we're 3-8-1, but it was knowing that if we got on a roll, we'd have a chance. The month of December gets here, and we have a crazy record in December since I've been in Carolina. Sure enough, we get on a roll." That roll hasn't stopped. Since last December, the Panthers are 10-1: four wins to close the 2014 regular season, a win and a loss in the playoffs, and five wins to start this season. Even better, this team, unlike the one Gettleman and Rivera rolled with in 2013, is built to last. Of the 22 players who started in the divisional playoffs that year, only eight are still in Carolina. Conversely, of the 22 players who started last Sunday's win in Seattle, only 10 were on the team in 2013 -- and that's counting Ted Ginn, who left and came back. In the wash, the roster got younger. The Panthers have a lot of players in their early-to-mid-20s aboard with still-untapped potential and rookie contracts that keep the finances in order -- some of them high draft picks (like Star Lotulelei, Kawann Short and Turner), others not drafted at all (Norwell, Brown). And to stay competitive while those guys develop, Gettleman and Rivera tapped trusty, affordable vets like Peanut Tillman and Roman Harper, as well as in-their-prime values like Michael Oher to fill in the blanks. Maybe the best display of all the growth: How the Panthers have ridden out the season-ending injury to budding star receiver Kelvin Benjamin and the shorter-term absence of Luke Kuechly. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000563790/article/carolina-panthers-suddenly-a-model-organization-week-7-notes
  5. I think you're confusing him with Marquis Spruill. Or maybe Tyler Starr. I dunno. It's your team. You tell me.
  6. Playing well in the 4th quarter of pre-season games against the scrubs who are going to be cut doesn't mean anything. Was it Maponga that the Smith staff had playing the wrong position at the wrong weight? Or was that Massaquoi?
  7. Team's also had 4 wins by 6 points or less with several of those coming in the final minutes of the game. But that was early in the season, and the close losses are more recent. Why has your team forgotten how to win the close ones?
  8. Just drag Kurt Warner out of retirement. His broken jaw being wired shut for 3 or 4 more weeks will be a problem calling plays and audibling, tho. But even with a speech modulator like Ned from South Park, he'd still be better than the Ice Pick. #2 might even learn more from Warner thru scribbled notes and hand gestures than he's learned from Shanahan's voice.
  9. LOL a blatant lie about shooting for 85-90% completion and you all ate it up b/c you want it to be true. Here's the entire 3 hours of the radio show Cam was interviewed on. Cam's interview starts around 1:57:30, with what he ACTUALLY said about his completion percentage goal at the 2:02:01 mark. http://wfnz.com/2015/06/10/carolina-panthers-quarterback-cam-newton-talks-personal-goals-being-panther-for-life-and-more/
  10. ^^^Not interested in anything you have to say. Talking ish about football is one thing, talking that ish about our military is way over the line.
  11. ^^^ you poor dumb *******. Try living overseas where dictators and tribal alliances are the norm with rule of law and it's equal protection being a source of corruption and abuse with genocidal consequences. Good American men and women die trying to elevate cultures out of the Stone Age mentality and you poo on their graves. smh
  12. It stinks because of all the Salute to Service and Thank the Veterans promo work the NFL already does. Off-season visits to bases and having draft choices announced this year from some military bases make it seem the NFL does it for free to recognize the importance of the servicemen's sacrifice and show genuine respect for them. Pocketing money for the patriotic displays means they're doing it for the wrong reasons and don't appear to have genuine respect for the men and women in uniform. DoD could use that money to buy proper ads in commercial time but some owners will do anything to bring in more $$$. /end rant
  13. Bunch of fuggin' snakes. Should be paying the servicemen to perform at the stadium. Probably aren't paying the fuel bill for all those flyovers on gameday, either. Hope the money was worth the bad press they'll get for this.
  14. Mr. Bundchen will get a strongly worded letter of reprimand and publicly lashed 30 times with a wet noodle. Gotta keep those big TV markets interested in the games.
  15. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. Hope he gets well quick for next year. Maybe the football gods weren't happy with a rookie wearing gold shoes to the draft party and dropped some instant football karma? Gotta be humble rook.
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