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    RyanC reacted to paulitik in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    I think we could follow a lot of drafts of GMs and find similar results. Teams rarely let go of their superstars. You're not going to find a lot of players leave their teams and blow it up somewhere else. For every Drew Brees there a a dozen or so Greg Jennings and Ray Edwards types.
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    RyanC reacted to JDaveG in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    I agree, but in large part I wish TD would quit talking about it. At some point it looks a lot more like excuse making and scapegoating. "We" made these decisions. TD is part of "we." He can defer to the coach, or he can tell the coach he needs to make better decisions, or he can work to see the coach is fired and get someone else he likes better.
    The last scenario seems to be what happened. The problem is, TD selected Smith to begin with, so he bears part of the blame there, too.
    Smith had to go. I'd feel a lot better about it if TD would quit telling everyone who will listen how much better things are that we have a competent coach, when he hired the guy who needed to be replaced with a competent coach. Smitty is competent. He lost his bearings, for sure, but it's not like he doesn't know what he's doing. At some point, he just lost the handle on the whole operation. That started with Nolan coming along, and it seemed to me all along that Nolan and Smitty were never on the same page. Because I don't believe that Nolan forgot how to coach defense, either.
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    RyanC reacted to Francis York Morgan in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    Yeah, after a while we lost our identity. Started strong and Smitty lost his way. I appreciate him for turning this into a winning franchise and giving us expectations, but it was definitely time to move on. Smitty didn't grow with the game and I'm glad that weight is off his shoulders.
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    RyanC reacted to gazoo in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    I will never forget last year, during preseason, having all kinds of mixed signals on what our identity was and what kind of defense we were implementing. Right up to the first game of the season, there were conflicting reports in the media, conflicting statements made by our players, and even conflicting messages being stated between Smitty and Nolan. Smitty came out and "corrected Nolan" a week before the season started about being "multiple", whatever TF that means. How is TD supposed to get Smitty players when Smitty has given him no clear idea on what scheme he is going to run?
    Something happened in Flowery Branch as soon as Quinn was hired. Quinn came here with a very specific scheme, mindset and attitude. Quinn and TD watched endless hours of tape on current players and then Quinn gave TD clear cut directions on what he needed in players here. TD went out and stacked this team with exactly the kind of players Quinn asked for, both in FA and the draft and the entire NFL has taken notice.
    The way I see things, certainly after this draft, is Smitty was clearly the problem here because this team became a rudderless vessel with Smitty as HC. We had no identity, no direction, didn't even know what kind of defense we were running. If you disagree, I challenge you to tell me what this teams personality was the last two years. If you say "soft" you'll be on the right track, that came from the head coach. If it came from TD it would still be here.
    TD said in one of the first press conferences with Quinn that he was really excited about having such a clear cut direction on where Quinn wanted to take this team, he also made it clear he was getting Smitty the players Smitty was asking for last year.
    TD proved he is fully capable of stacking this team with the kind of players the HC asks for.
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    RyanC reacted to Artys Arryn in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    It's a little long but very much worth watching.
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    RyanC reacted to TheFatboi in Moeaki Signed   
    The Seahawks were built the same way. Nobody knew a single name on that defense until the young guys emerged. They produced stars not signed them all.
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    RyanC reacted to Sandy5prings in Moeaki Signed   
    It's looking more and more like Quinn wants to fill the offensive gaps with el-cheapo FAs, so that he can the draft mainly for Defense. It should not be shocking if we go D with the first three rounds.
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    RyanC reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Moeaki Signed   
    So why were both starters on their previous teams?
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    RyanC reacted to Mr. Lubba Lubba© in Moeaki Signed   
    You'd think the team with the worst depth in the league would have fans more appreciative of depth signings and might understand by now that not every signing is supposed to be a splash.
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    RyanC reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Moeaki Signed   
    Im here for the overreactions of a vet min signing.
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    RyanC reacted to JiveAF in Moeaki Signed   
    I'm okay with picking up Seattle players. Better than that Jag crap we were doing.
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    RyanC reacted to AtlantaFanatic in Moeaki Signed   
    You're right...Welcome to the Sealanta Falhawks Tony.
    If you could go ahead and play like the last Tony that played TE here, that'd be great.
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    RyanC reacted to Francis York Morgan in Grain Of Salt: Michael Bennett Seeking Trade To Atlanta   
    He's a phenomenal player, I'd say he still has another 4-5 very good years in him. Easily. Especially since his first few years he was a backup.
    Cool stat, he was 3rd in the NFL in QB pressures behind only Justin Houston and JJ Watt last year. Idk why you guys aren't getting more excited about the potential for this, he'd be absolutely huge for this defense.
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    RyanC reacted to ausfalc in Grain Of Salt: Michael Bennett Seeking Trade To Atlanta   
    Have a feeling this maybe false.
    Oh well, we have #71 as backup.
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    RyanC reacted to A-TowN.- in Grain Of Salt: Michael Bennett Seeking Trade To Atlanta   
    Now this is a move I will get behind.
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    RyanC reacted to shockerfalcon in Grain Of Salt: Michael Bennett Seeking Trade To Atlanta   
    He must really love him some Quinn
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    RyanC reacted to hjerry in Falcons Waive Massaquoi   

    vaughn mcclure‏@vxmcclure23

    Massaquoi was in the doghouse last year with the old staff for skipping treatments on his foot. Was upset about playing time.

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