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  1. Just want improved defense, thats why Blank hired him.
  2. Koetter-Smith connection. Weird how it turns out. Koetter couldn't do anything in college yet here he is an NFL head coach.
  3. Draft would be a success if this team can get Dodd.
  4. Bring it on, if the Falcons can make the playoffs with this schedule, Superbowl is achievable.
  5. Well I'm confident in the running game. If they are consistent, should be easy for Ryan. Worry about the teams that have great run defense.
  6. Gotta win championshps or super bowls in the resume to have that kinda of power. I guess if Quinn stays here for awhile like Marvin Lewis or Andy Reid he can evolve into having final say in drafts and free agency.
  7. He's gets one more season from me before I write his *** off. Dude has to cut down on the turnovers but good luck next year with the kind teams he'll be facing.
  8. Is there a decent OC out there with ZBS? Unfortunate that Quinn had to hitch his job with this guy.
  9. Focus on defense first, have to deal with two mobile QBs. Unfortunately the team that has the top seed built up a great defense and this team is suffering for all the wrong moves done by the past regime.
  10. More like a few million more and be re-united with Quinn. Do it already.
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