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  1. No point in pullin’ on your panties too tight because of a PFF ranking. Falcons are missing some pieces, sure, but the coaching and scheme will help - and so will an offence that takes the running game and time of possession seriously.
  2. If all goes right, no major injuries = wildcard team Super Bowl? 2 years away, minimum, from contending.
  3. Getting away from Koetter’s allergic to YAC, run to a spot, stop, catch ball, get drilled route trees will help Gage. He could be a real weapon in the right scheme.
  4. You’re reading something into what I wrote - that I didn’t write. TF stated matter of factly after the draft that the Falcons were over the cap and more cap related decisions with personnel had to be made. I have no idea what those are, and neither does anyone else outside of Flowery Branch. The cap will be going up substantially in 2023 because of new TV money, not 2022. Next year will be higher because normal revenue streams will be back but the big increase comes in 2023 and after. I have no idea what they’re going to do with Julio. My heart says he stays, my head says t
  5. Watch Fontenot’s interview on the team’s website - he clearly says the team is over the cap before signing any draft picks and still has hard decisions to make. I’ll take his word over yours. His dead cap hit is lower than his cap hit post June 1, and because of the structure (salary without unabsorbed bonus) would be $15 descending to $11 million - definitely tradable for a team with cap room for a receiver of his caliber. Extending him balloons his cap hit down the road - if Ryan, Deion, and Matthew’s hadn’t been extended I’d be inclined to agree with you. There’s a reason why Juli
  6. Fact: Julio Jones is an immense talent and the Falcons offence is immeasurably better when he plays. Fact: Julio Jones has a long injury history and even when he plays he is often hurt. That’s not going to change as he gets older, likely the opposite. He can’t be counted on to play week to week. Fact: Falcons are in big time cap trouble due to poor FA signings and Falcon For Life contracts courtesy of previous management. Julio Jones has a tradable contract based on cap hit to a team that trades for him and his contract notably wasn’t renegotiated by the new administration.
  7. I think 30 is actually realistic but there will be growing pains and it's all going to come down to whether the run game develops and if the O-line improves. I've said it before - I suspect that we're going to find out just how bad Koetter and DQ were. The team should be improved, but the Bucs and Saints are better right now on paper, and Carolina will likely improve a bit, meaning a tough division - so I don't know if 30 per game translates into more than 8-9 wins. Time will answer all questions.
  8. The thing I like about Ollison is that he's a big man that runs like a big man. Not very athletic in the sense that he's not a freak by any means, but he seems to have good contact balance and surprising speed. The keys with him getting any playing time are blocking and pass catching. We'll know if he has a future in the next few months. I'm mildly optimistic that he could be a break through guy - it may be my Falcons' colored lenses though.
  9. Not sure where Hawkins fits in unless he shows he can catch the ball well and block. He isn’t a special teams guy at least on the return side, and he’s really small and fumble prone - not surprising given the SI article hand measurement 7 and 7/8” ! That’s a size small glove. He’s fun to watch but I’m not sure how his game will translate to a 53 man roster where non-starters need to have more than one skill.
  10. Falcons are in big trouble if Patterson is RB2. There nothing in his background to suggest that he’s good for more than a few plays a game outside of special teams. That brings up Ollison. What should we expect? Not much based on the past 2 years but I’m giving everyone on last year’s roster a pass because most of the coaching on offence in particular was THAT BAD. I hope Ollison turns out be better than we think. I think his problem with the past regime was that he didn’t play special teams and doesn’t catch the ball very well. If he can get better at those things then he
  11. Agreed - practice squad at best. At that point it’s up to him and the Falcons development plans for him.
  12. There is no downside with the Franks signing. He’s got a big time toolbox. The Arkansas tape shows a guy with a big arm and who is mobile. It also shows a slow release and inconsistent mechanics. It’s less than 50-50, but QBs have been known to develop once they get to the NFL. If he sits and learns, cleans up the mechanics - you might have something. I know this - he’s a better prospect then Benkert was.
  13. I’d treat this as him being a guy on the 53 man roster rather than having a set position. His play at RB hasn’t been noteworthy. He’s a returner and a gadget play guy - doesn’t matter much where he’s listed.
  14. Find all the small school, medical red flag guys, draft them 2 rounds earlier than anyone else projected, sit back and act like you’re the smartest guy in the room while you sip on your celery/lemongrass/ginger smoothie and you’ve got the perfect TD draft.
  15. I have a feeling that Javonte Williams may go to the Jets at #34. If he doesn’t it would be real tempting to draft him although Mike Davis is an upgrade compared to what was there last year - which ain’t saying that much, as nice a player as Davis is. Watch Williams’ film though - like a man playing against boys. If you it came down to a decision between him and JOK? Tough call.
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