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  1. There have been a lot of bad coaches. Unfortunately Quinn is another. There aren’t any great interim solutions because the good ones are employed now. The time to have done this was last off season, but instead Blank was seduced by wins at New Orleans and SF, forgetting the other ones were against Carolina, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Quinn has a track record now, and he is what he is - a rah rah guy, salt of the earth, solid citizen, who lacks coaching skills and definitely lacks judgment. In other words, an assistant coach, at best.
  2. Something, maybe wishful thinking, tells me that Quinn is done.
  3. If Blank wants to have any credibility with the fans he has to fire Quinn by tomorrow morning.
  4. I’m not watching another game until Dan Quinn is fired. The coaching is simply incompetent.
  5. That was a Quinn-esque call by McCarthy. They don’t think that they can stop the Falcons from scoring.
  6. Injuries to Takk and Foye really hurting the D and Lazee is consistently out of position playing FS for Allen. D is undermanned right now.
  7. I think that the Falcons win this game but there are some big flaws on this team - starting with the head coach. He just doesn’t have “it”, whatever that is that consistent winning coaches have. If they blow this game I’d fire him. Not like it would be a knee jerk reaction.
  8. I was on here last weekend *****in’ with the best of them, so I gotta give credit to the Falcons D and O-line in particular. Play calling has resulted in 3 field goals and Falcons would be up more if 1-2 were converted into touchdowns.
  9. The offence and the head coach in particular put a young defence in bad positions. Quinn also sent the message to his young defence and to the Seahawks that he didn’t think his defence could stop Russell Wilson. There’s a line between the positive message of being aggressive and the negative one where players sense the decisions come from a lack of confidence in them. In my view Quinn was on the wrong side of that line last Sunday and he looked kind of cartoonish aggressive - he wasn’t making football game sense, analytics stuff aside. Morris needs to disguise his defences more and m
  10. If it was anyone other than the Head Coach that means that the organizational dysfunction and bizarreness is worse than we thought. The DK hire rightly should be hung around Quinn’s neck.
  11. The next 4-5 games will probably determine Quinn’s future. He’s out of rope at this point.
  12. This is why I think the rot starts at the top: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2789764-ricardo-allen-falcons-reportedly-agree-to-3-year-195m-contract-extension "He's part of our family and represents the best of everything we're about on the field, off the field," Falcons owner Arthur Blank told McClure. "He's another one of these guys that will be a Falcon for life."
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