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  1. The OP reads a bit like click bait...BUT...since 1990 teams that start 0-2 have 12% rate of making the playoffs. Not desperation time but it’s within sight.
  2. Like many things with Quinn, what is said and what happens on the field don’t converge often enough. The team still looks undisciplined and disorganized. And that’s on the coaching staff.
  3. The question that needs to be answered is why, after weeks of camp and 5 pre season games, were they not ready/making brain farts in game 1? Who’s accountable for that? The lack of preparation/practice caused them to lose the game. Because there are only 16 of ‘em, it’s not a good idea to throw one away.
  4. I agree - I didn’t raise the topic to suggest that Quinn is Mora. He has a lot more substance and skill than that. I’m concerned that his act has worn awfully thin and that the same problems keep coming up and are not being consistently addressed and it’s hurting the team. At some point it’s time for consequences and some tough love both to him from the owner/management and from him to the players. The contrast between Zimmer and Quinn yesterday was, um, noticeable.
  5. One question: Where’s the discipline? I think it’s pretty clear that the relentless positivity, genuine love for the game and players, and rah-rah atmosphere has become stale. The continuing penalties, all of which seem to be costly and come at the worst time, the over-valuing of personnel, churning through assistants, the bad situational and game management all reflect directly on Quinn. He is accountable, period. Without knowing what goes on behind closed doors, I’d like to see him become way less tolerant of mistakes, penalties, and general incompetence. If that means sending messages to players (looking at you Devonta Freeman, with another red zone fumble) then so be it. You don’t need to be friends with every player. Well coached, consistent teams just don’t regularly self destruct and appear unprepared like we’ve seen throughout the Quinn era. What I saw yesterday, last year, and the year before for that matter, screams out for a change in approach.
  6. The o-line will get better. The run defence will get better. When you don’t actually play as units in the preseason, this is what usually happens. You’d think that Quinn would be smart enough to see the trend. Freeman looks slow to me and they need to get him involved in the passing game, and need to help the line by going with more quick throws. I’m not real confident that Koetter will adjust.
  7. I hate that play - so many moving pieces and everything has to go right for it to work. You also expose the receiver to a bunch of defenders running full speed. I close my eyes every time they run it.
  8. Jake Matthews should give some of Arthur’s money back. Awful.
  9. Time for up tempo offence and more Ito.
  10. Freeman’s fumbling again, it was a problem in 2017, now again. Can’t win with 3 turnovers in a half. Sloppy.
  11. Getting your footing is one thing. Deer in the headlights is another.
  12. Very, very, unimpressed with lack of preparation. Everyone is off, and that’s what happens when you don’t play the preseason, or do it differently than everyone else and don’t even try to compete. You can’t just flip a switch, sorry.
  13. Sorry to beat a dead horse but it’s not lack of talent. There are totally unprepared to start to game, emotionally, technically, schematically. Offence, defence, special teams. Inexcusable on the coaching staff.
  14. And therein lies the problem.