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  1. I’d add a better number one RB, better and more consistent o-line play. Watch the good teams this afternoon and you’ll see how far the Falcons are from being an offence that scares people. They put up 57 points against 2 of the worst defences in the league. I’m pumping the brakes on calling anything near dominant.
  2. There were a whole bunch of inexcusable things about that possession.
  3. Two things: Falcons had the ball with 3:52 and the lead and did zero on offence. Awful. There is a cringeworthy lack of talent on defence.
  4. Mike has no vision. Doesn’t see the hole on the cut back. Runs into contact. Better suited for a power scheme. I’d like to see Gallman again.
  5. True - and the roster problems are even deeper than that. At this point, with such an undermanned team, I’m happy if they play tough, mistake free football and get better as we look a couple of years down the road and resolve the cap and poor talent problems (hopefully - it’s just as easy to be the Jaguars than it is the Bills). The coach is a work in progress like his roster but I feel a lot better about him than I ever did about Quinn.
  6. No dinero. Wasn’t possible - therefore not a mistake.
  7. I’d add pass rusher and RB to that. This ain’t a 1 year fix, especially with no $ for quality free agents to fill in gaps. This is 2 or 3 more drafts from being fixed, assuming the QB situation is sorted out.
  8. Moreau was benched by Washington last year. You saw why today. Green could be something but you can see why he’s been a Safety his entire career - and he’s been in the NFL for a few years. CB will be a priority in next year’s draft, I’m sure.
  9. He played 12 or something college games. He was always gonna be a project. He should improve over the season and be solid next year if he gets into better NFL shape and condition, refines his technique, and keeps his confidence.
  10. One of the ugliest wins I’ve seen but I feel great for the new regime and the players. Always good to get the first one under your belt and now they need to win one at home!
  11. Great call. Smith knows his O-line isn’t going to win a short yardage slugfest so goes to the blocking TE. Love it.
  12. I’m at least willing to be patient with a 2nd round rookie 3 games into his career. Debo is what he is at this point. And that ain’t anywhere near what he’s being paid to be.
  13. Deion Jones absolutely blown up on that play. He’s paid way too much $$ for a pass coverage linebacker. Another TD/Quinn gift that keeps on giving.
  14. The team is a long way from even being a middle of the pack team.
  15. You can see why Mike Davis hasn’t established himself after 6 years in the league. He lacks burst and misses reads on cut backs. He makes up for part of it with physical play and good pass blocking - but he ain’t it.
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