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  1. First step explosion, converts speed to power, body control, really high football IQ especially for his age, non-stop motor. He played a hybrid role at LSU and wasn’t told to rush the passer nearly as much as he will be in the pros. Lots of natural ability. He had one (bad) injury that kept him out in 2018 but otherwise is as good an athlete at that position as you’ll see, and unlike Vic Beasley, actually loves football and is as tough as nails. To me he’s a high floor high ceiling guy. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s gone before 16. Just my opinion.
  2. I see Chaisson as a guy who takes off as a pro, sort of like another LSU guy, Danielle Hunter although they’re very different players. I love his make up (the anti-Beasley) and athleticism. The bigger point is that Edge/DE is still a big need and has to be filled in the draft, early on.
  3. Rounds 1-3: BPA between Edge/DE, DT, LB, CB. If a trade down in the first works out and there’s another 3rd, then add RB or OG/C.
  4. Etienne didn’t declare for the draft. Big thumbs up on Edwards-Hilaire. Taylor won’t be there in the 3rd and he’ll be over drafted based on combine and big college numbers. Falcons need a RB with home run ability though. I like the kid from Appalachian State as a potential late round gem. Ito has finished both his pro years on IR. I like him a lot as a third down back but nothing about him says #1 guy at the pro level.
  5. Takk’s option not being picked up and injury prone with not much production when healthy. I’d go pass rusher in the first if the chips fall the Falcons way - Chiasson. Otherwise BPA on defence.
  6. Maybe, but I think we’re hoping to set the bar higher than not the worst signing in the world.
  7. Markus Golden? Hope not
  8. I highly doubt he gets an offer that will cost another team a 5th if the Falcons don’t match. Having said that, he’s an expensive back up. I wonder if management has a bigger concern with Ito’s health than we know.
  9. Hill is a hard runner with little vision. Nothing special - lots of guys in and out of the league and on practice squads that are just like him. Ollison is intriguing but is the definition of unproven outside of being a goal line guy. Ito has been put on IR in both of his 2 pro seasons. None of those guys keep opposing DCs up at night.
  10. Would be a very solid move and an upgrade for the D. Go get him.
  11. Quinn on a shorter and cheaper term and draft Chiasson, hope Takk stays healthy and grows up a bit and takes his job seriously.
  12. Good guy who worked his tail off but is just limited in terms of athleticism and technique. Happy for him to be rewarded for hard work and dedication but he’s been part of the problem and wasn’t going to be part of the solution. Looks like TD and DQ starting to learn that loyalty to mediocre players who contribute to team culture and not skill level usually backfires.
  13. RB with the 3 At best or one of the 4s. I’m guessing one of the top 5-6 guys falls, as happens every year. Gotta be strategic if you’re TD because your team has lots of needs and some positions are easier to fill than others. RB one of the easier ones.
  14. Eric Da Costa
  15. Disgusted? Angry? Flabbergasted? Bewildered? All of the above?