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  1. Najee Harris is a nice to have but toot a must have. Javonte Williams also plays like a man amongst boys and could be taken in the 2nd, easily, and maybe the 3rd.
  2. Good guy and will become a good DC but this team needed an enema. I wish him well, he deserves the opportunity. With 3 coaches from one of the worst defences in the league becoming DCs, I don’t know if that speaks to the Falcons lack of talent or the tendency to cronyism when hiring assistants and coordinators.
  3. Definitely an air of intelligence and thoughtfulness that was lacking with DQ - who is a good guy but was light on the accountability and adaptability qualities. That doesn’t look like it’ll be an issue with AS.
  4. Even so, no need to over-draft a back. I’d find it hard to understand, for example, if Sermon was as high or higher ranked than Javonte Williams, who may go in the 2nd or 3rd. Most analysts have a 4th-5th round rank on Sermon. He’ll be there later, and Falcons should just go BPA. Drafting/reaching for need rarely works out well as a draft plan.
  5. Helpful instructions I live by: See Bleacher Report as source. Immediately flush down toilet and get on with the rest of your day. You will be happier for it. Ryan isn’t getting traded in 2021. If the new guys love one of the top QBs in the draft, so be it. Outside of Lawrence none are ready to start in the NFL.
  6. Nowhere near 4. He's good but he ain't Saquon Barkley coming out of college good. If they can get him at #36 that would be great, or even late first if there is a trade down, but if not, then oh well, move on to Javonte Williams who I like almost as much and will go in the 2nd or even the 3rd.
  7. Rodgers and Brady think highly of themselves and demand excellence and total commitment from their teammates. I don’t have a problem with that. If Wilson is cut from that cloth, I’m good with it. If he’s a Ryan Leaf kind of spoiled brat, that’s another thing altogether.
  8. Lawrence will be gone by 4, of course. I have serious concerns about Fields' vision/decision making and he seems slow to make his reads - which will be lethal in the NFL. That leaves Zach Wilson. If the Falcons want a QB of the future and they fall in love with Wilson, and he's available at 4, then they should get him. I don't see any viable QB of the future guys after round 1. There could be a Russell Wilson - but there probably isn't - statistically at least.
  9. I'm on board with the candidate that brings the strongest ability to instill an accountable, winning culture and leadership. Think Belicek, Tomlin, Harbaugh, yes even Payton. Don't know enough about Brady (though his age concerns me) or Hackett to say who is better or worse when it comes to culture and leadership. Hopefully Blank and McKay learned from the DQ and TD experience that you need a coach who works for the GM and isn't a co-equal, and that the coach hiring his buddies and guys he owes a favor to doesn't work.
  10. Translation: there is a lack of talent or lockbox depth through the defence. Allen is/was a symptom of a bigger problem.
  11. They aren’t a very good team. Too many roster holes, poor coaching hires, and big contracts and draft busts caught up to them. Playoffs would have meant a week of excitement, a few more dollars for Blank, and more delusion from management about their team. I’m personally looking forward to some much needed changes. This version has run its course. Don’t know if it’s a renovation or a full tear down and rebuild but I say bring it on, whatever it is. The better draft picks could help a lot.
  12. Charles Woodson couldn’t help when QB has all day. Doesn’t change the fact that Rico Allen is a nice story, smart guy, who is just physically overmatched at the NFL level to help even a mediocre defence. I wish him the best, just not as Falcons starting FS.
  13. Been asking that myself...for the past 4 years.
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