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  1. This should be a simple wash, rinse, repeat Round 1: DE/DT Round 2: OG/OT Round 3: DE/DT Round 4: OG/OT Round 4 (compensatory): Big RB minimum 230 lbs After that BPA
  2. If the Aints win the SB in our house that’s the final straw for me. Some things just can’t be forgiven.
  3. Right side of the o-line is overmatched. Again. They need to keep Paulson in to help.
  4. I don’t get how you can that many punts blocked, field goals blocked and zero accountability for Armstrong and Bosher? Quinn is running a bloody country club. Embarrassing.
  5. DQ and TD fell in love with themselves and kept telling each other they were geniuses. Talk about living in an echo chamber. No plan = no depth = no wins. Teams get injuries. Some worse than others. But this isn’t only about injuries. There are just some really bad players out there, and against NFL coaches, you can’t hide.
  6. He’s the worst defensive player in a Falcons uniform in a long, long, time. And there have been some bad ones. Duke has no business being anywhere near a NFL field. Time to cut bait.
  7. Getting a punt blocked is inexcusable. Special teams were downright bad last years and not much better this year. At some point you have to look at scheme and coaching. Whatever they’re doing it ain’t working.
  8. Unless they find a pass rush this is going to be a difficult second half and a difficult season for the D. They need to make a trade. I have no faith in Beasley.
  9. Really dumb play calls give the Saints the ball back. Dumb, dumb, dumb. You don’t have to score, just don’t give the ball back. Did I mention that was dumb?
  10. Can’t play against Drew Brees with no pass rush whatsoever. Don’t stand a chance as a defence, he’s too accurate and reads the defence so quickly.
  11. Invisible. Again.
  12. Saints ran a stunt and Mack was late picking it up. It happens. Wes was fine and did his job.
  13. He lacks fire. He lacks technique. He has trouble staying healthy. He has to be schemed with stunts to get pressure - he rarely beats anyone one on one. He racked up stats against backups and backups to backups in 2016 If I were AB I wouldn’t pay him and if Vic doesn’t like football all that much he shouldn’t take anyone’s money.
  14. Time to sign Navarro Bowman?
  15. Refs definitely put their whistles away at the end. Don’t like to see that, it’s not good for the game. Offence looked a lot like 2016. Ridley’s drop killed the foot on the neck drive and gave the Panties life. Falcons defence played with less energy in the 4th Falcons missed Deion Jones big time. I’m worried about Vic Beasley - not because of injury. The guy is just not effective.