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  1. Good job lol you are lame Probably used to get picked on in school a lot growing up. I'm sorry we don't share the same past!
  2. Smh that's why I'm hardly on here the guys that be on this board with the foolish attacking if others are the ones that need to be banned! People can't speak their mines around here about Matt Ryan boy
  3. I see how it works on this board it's sad around here fans of the same team one fan can't say nothing about Matt Ryan on this board if you do they get in their feelings lol good job
  4. Lol you are def a loser lol I like how your making the Matt Ryan argument out of an education situation! Ok d I c k rider! I bet you would def kiss Matt Ryan in the mouth huh? Lol
  5. So we have to type proper on a message board now? Dude lol y'all Matt Ryan fan boys are taking a BIG L today! Point blank
  6. Again again and a ******* gain dude!!!!!!!!!! Wtf does today, this year has to do with anything??? We are talking about the quaterback play overall Matt ain't having a big year either soo that is invalid dude! But anyways how can things get embarrassing for me in a message board? Lol lmfao once I log off I presume to live my happy life plus you Dj g know me and I do t know you what the ****?
  7. **** Michael Vick has nothing to do with this! Wow just wow!!!!! Matt Ryan is like God around here! **** Michael Vick has nothing to do with this! Wow just wow!!!!! Matt Ryan is like God around here!
  8. And for the last time since I see you and the rest of the "MATT GOD RYAN" fan boys are sooo slow. What I mean is it's something about his playmaking ability he's missing that's all when I watch tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers , and Andrew luck man I'm telling you Matt Ryan is good enough to win a Super Bowl with but he would be like the best quaterbaxk in the league right now if he would just make certain plays man. I know he could do more
  9. No it doesn't suck over here lol I'm actually enjoying this making the Matt Ryan fan boys mad! But anyways yea I did mean whack instead of wack too bad I'm texting off my phone and not my computer
  10. He performed great! But wtf does today have to do with anything again????? Overall Matt Ryan is a good quarterback But he lacks a few things that kinda hurts us sometimes!
  11. I also can figure out wack people too!! I also can figure out that you are a Matt Ryan fan boy! Take it how you want but I was born to be a realist and not a homer reguardless of what y'all have to say in this bored at the end of the day my feelings still stand exact! Matt Ryan is a good *** elite quarterback! But he is still missing something!! Has nothing to do with him playing g a bad game today
  12. No this is texting on an iPhone grammar lol I talk 10 xx better than I text on the Internet dude! Come on who texts proper?
  13. Again today means nothing Matt Ryan is gonna have plenty more good games so one bad game means nothing. But even when Ryan plays good I still see things he's missing and that he could def improve on
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