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  1. Hmm interesting. I’m in two leagues at the moment. Is there a cutoff day
  2. Does them signing Trufant mean there looking at Simmons at 3
  3. Awesome since the Seahawks lost that means we go against them next season. So it looks like I’m taking a trip from Maine with my cousin who is a seahawk fan to see my very first game
  4. How do we figure out who are opponent we play against next year in the nfc west is it shows tbd
  5. How about dion cain micheal gallup or anthony miller in the second round
  6. Wormley would be a good DT in the second or third round to pick up
  7. This is going to be a long two weeks for me. Being that I live in Maine. Populated with bandwagon Patriot fans who can't name anyone outside of Brady/Gronk/Edelman
  8. Not from Canada but the tip of Maine. I can see Canada from my window. Nice to see other fans this far north
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