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  1. Team-blah, is saying their ex employee stole clients from them...... The title to this thread is on the line of being clock bait. This really doesn't have much to do with Julio. Unless there is a contract Julio signed with Team-blah saying he wouldn't go anywhere else.
  2. Thank you for what you and your father did. Also I found out that Quinn has been the most active falcons coach in military than ever in the falcons franchise.
  3. I was just watching that kill shot on YouTube. It's crazy all the math the spotter had to do.
  4. Thank you for what you did. You really made a very hard sacrifice. Just to give a thanks back to you. If you ever need family pictures or anything else, just let me know the day and time. And I'll be there.
  5. Not without several others on this team..... JS. Your comment is stupid. This is a team not individual.
  6. I love this so much. I am so proud to be a Falcon and also one of the photographers for charity events. Since they reached out to me to taking pictures of their charity events, I see how much they are involved with helping, and it makes me love this franchise. I'll post my work once I have a minute to breath with all the other work I do.
  7. honestly do you need to see the score if you have been watching the game?
  8. He is over at Great guy and post a lot there.
  9. You really should not be recording. This is why some NFL trans are talking about shutting down open to the public camps. Also it'll make it hard for guys who take pictures. Because they'll start to get accused of recording. But eventually if things like this continue, you can kiss open to the public events good bye...... And it's a no brainier why they don't want you to. Which if you can't figure it out, it is because other franchises can see what we are doing and who is doing good/bad.
  10. With the addition of Hill. We have a 3 headed monster.
  11. thanks. the falcons know best in to get a guy who can catch, or a guy who can block/catch. But to me I rather see a guy who can block more than catch. Just so Ryan has more time to throw to one of the many people who can catch.
  12. Naw, no way
  13. just watched a highlight on him. I actually like him for the fact he made the catch and then he made a move. only thing I could not find is him blocking. do you know how he is at it?
  14. If Freeney comes back we are going to be in a bigger bind. but our DL will be freaking strong. And I much rather our DL be strong vs any other position (except Matt Ryan). You can have the best DL and a meh DB, and your DB will look good. But if you have the best DB with a weak DL, your DB will look like crap. point and case look at the falcons when they played the seahawks in playoffs in 2012. our line sucked and seahawks had all day to throw. Even the announcers were making jokes on how the seahawks jerseys were spotless at the end of the game. So with that said, I feel we take 8 DB this year instead of ten. just so we have room on the rest of the roster. here is my breakdown. Is wheeler even at OTA? I really like Reeds and I think Tupou will make a hard push. but no way would you want to carry 10 DL. but who knows Quinn might rather have Reed over Wheeler/neasman/Wreh-Wilson/Olatoye. the other two to watch will be Nick Williams WR and C Cornelious Edison. Matt Ryan is always going to want the most OL and WR.
  15. @MSalmon sorry I just had to bump this with you taking about the 3 headed monster...... I'm supper excited about it.
  16. Pretty sure I would be watching it if it was Jesus.
  17. Thank you!
  18. Nah. Brookings was good before and after the falcons. Reeds is meh at times (and that's on two teams thus far)
  19. Lots of good news here. Very happy for you brother.
  20. Deepest in the entire NFL.... Ever. Well maybe Chicago.
  21. What do you mean my math doesn't add up. It's a 53 man roster..... Unless your looking at my "I think" part only.
  22. So look at my list. You tell me what 3 guys you are going to swap them with.