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  1. Man I'm so proud of him. He owned up to what he did wonderfully, didn't complain about the punishment, came back and fought hard, helps animals, and now it's paying back something very very few do. And he does a lot. A lot of people need to be like Vick. To many of us act like we are right and even when we know we are wrong, we continue to be a jerk. #BeLikeVick
  2. Lol my bad. Please forgive me
  3. You miss it where Brees and Bradshaw got into it a couple years ago? Bradshaw told him that rings only mattered and that he'll never get as many as him. And Brees replied with he'll break all the other records and blah blah blah. So yes, Brees at least cares.
  4. Fastest qb to 40,000 yards goes to Matt Ryan.
  5. Brees is more about records than farve was. And that's a straight fact. Bradshaw called him out on it before, and Brees said he wants to be known for his records. And Bradshaw said he'll never break his record for how many times he got and Brees said nothing back. Trust me, dude is straight mad tonight that his rival got too 40,000 before he did. And that his rival also got to bring an MVP before he did.
  6. Cough, Hester
  7. What's up man? You seem really agitated. There's no need for picking arguments in here. We can disagree and discuss. But no need for this type of stuff.
  8. This!!!
  9. Nope
  10. I agree. I can't believe he has never had one
  11. And?
  12. I'm sure it doesn't with him wanting every record in his name.
  13. Shhhh don't say that to loud. The couch sitting members here don't believe it
  14. Thanks, I never knew he was like this until this article..... I'm starting to grow respect for years players more and more. I still miss Steve Smith though. I wish y'all would have let him retire with y'all.
  15. He is right. I know your a good guy. So maybe just take a breather.
  16. We have so much more to improve on. We have Sanu and Julio. They are the least of my worries.
  17. No way we draft a WR before round 5 next year. So if we can trade a 5 or later. I say pull the trigger. Edit: nevermind. Just realized he would be getting the same playing time. And he would cause a locker room problem.
  18. Complainers here are only going to die the negative and make it ten times worse. Like I said earlier. United fans went on to cheer and chant for their right after the game. #UnitedWeRise
  19. Yes we lost. Yes I'm heart broken for all these teams. I hate it for United fans. But they did something that a lot here apparently cannot do. And that is they still cheered and chanted for United. So just stop whining like a 3 year old. And look at what these teams have done and be thankful for it. Again. Look hope United fans reacted. We should follow suit. #UnitedWeRise!!!
  20. Lol. It trips me out at the way some act here and how vocal they get with negativity.
  21. that is the most current one. ANd I was about to say this and also add, "you do know we have been doing this for yearssssssss"
  22. to be fair. the op started off this conversation with saying all the way to the start of last year. as for my view on him. it is meh. seven points last night would have made no difference. and clayborn and alford play amazing, their only flaw is penalties.
  23. Meh I actually am not afraid of that. I moved it just because I didn't want his wife or kids to open it. Even though his daughter would die laughing. edit: was actually trying to upload it here, but this board does not like uploading images from a phone. So I had to copy and paste.
  24. Yeah me and this guy were cool. He owns a business. I'm actually shocked he went and did that. And I'm sure he will die laughing.