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  1. You know i was the one who said yeahl were always fine. And made a thread trying to help people understand the top 53.
  2. I haven't used it this year. But I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks
  3. You're right. Julio was crying over not honoring his contract. While AB is arguing over safety
  4. One, two, three platforms. Don't care. He still did it. So how about quit being a Hypocrite or at least admitting your bias when your own players do it.
  5. This kidd has really started growing on me
  6. Let's not try to act like Julio didn't go and remove all his falcon social media platforms last year.
  7. I actually used to do pictures for him. Very humble guy.
  8. Sanu is someone I didn't think was going to be anything like this I love that I was wrong. I thought he would be close to being a Harry Douglas
  9. You really think I'm a troll? Lol. That's why I'm a season ticket holder since 2010, go to the first away games, did pictures for 2 years, did training camp pictures and break downs for the fans here since 2008 as a freelancer, etc etc.
  10. My bad. Forgot we only do homer threads and laugh at dled here.
  11. I think he'll do good. With having 2 top DE around him, just like in 2016. But once it's just him, he goes back to blowing chunks.
  12. I so bad wanted Rhodes over trufant Edit : but if Julio wants it. He can twist their ankle with a double move
  13. Being serious. That's what I hope for as well. We seem to have better winning games spreading the ball.
  14. Side note many here know it's just Julio's contract I dislike because of paying that in that postion.
  15. Since I'm accused of being a troll and /or Julio hater. Figures this thread should be made. Lol
  16. I think it's silly to delete all your falcon stuff off your social media. And they can make a contract like that work. Pay him 56 for 3 years (including 10 from this year). Each year 22. That'll keep him in the top 5.
  17. He asked for more last year. And only way to do it was to give him some and then say it's going to be done again the next year. So it's not silly at all Furthermore Ryan is barely in the top 20 this year. Where's the cries to reworking his deal?.... Abs before you talk about guaranteed abs front loaded, Julio was done the same.
  18. Pointed out several great points. Nothing responded to. Which is why post like this is nothing but for going into politics of racism. ..... I'm out
  19. I didn't say 5 years. I said 3 years at being in the top 3 each of those years Edit : just looked and saw I didn't add the 3 at the end. In the first conversation I had with you tonight... I apologize if that's where you're getting confused at
  20. House that a lie? Are you counting Megatron deal, who isn't playing anymore? Or counting deals done after his?
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