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  1. Great now he'll want more from us
  2. Lol
  3. Minus the fact you calling a 3rd a bust. Dude sucks in everything. He is not improving. I drilled cut him after game 2 if he repeats
  4. So live stream a game in atlanta that will be on TV atlanta. Lmfao
  5. It's a ******** call and you know it. You are being a hypocrite. It's people like you that are going to make this league into flag football.
  6. Lmao
  7. You know it happened the next week to ryan by y'all. I said good hit, yall at the dome agreed it was a good hit. But talk about the previous game on brees and apparently it was roughing to y'all.
  8. Agreed and agreed.
  9. I have this saved on my phone anytime a saint fan is trying to talk.
  10. You ok?
  11. This guy to their dance team.
  12. Agreed
  13. Bet he could still pancake quite a few in the league today.