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  1. You know i was the one who said yeahl were always fine. And made a thread trying to help people understand the top 53.
  2. I think he'll do good. With having 2 top DE around him, just like in 2016. But once it's just him, he goes back to blowing chunks.
  3. Prayimg and being there for me meant so much to me a few months ago. So I totally understand.
  4. They do. A lot of people know you, so they'll come around. I've been working on my new house and just saw. So I'm thinking others might be busy doing last minute vacations before school. Keep the faith and stay in prayer.
  5. Just saw. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Keep us updated. And I'll be praying for him.
  6. So where's this war room taking place at? We need a meet up location.
  7. Guess we'll find out week 1 what ridley, sanu, hooper do. And I'll put money on it, Ryan throws the ball around. And freeman is used over the middle line Turner used to........ i mean that's koetter/murlarkey system right there.
  8. Those 2 are not much different than White and Douglass.
  9. Forgot to mention we sign grady, neal, debo to long term deals. And have money next year to go after the best FA in a position we need.
  10. Incoming trade....... 49ers trade for Julio. Deal is #2 #36 & #67 and 2020 first. #2 Q. Williams. DT #14 greedy Williams CB #36 and comp pick to move up for Deandre baker CB
  11. Going to the past isn't hard for me to think. If you were on a planet 6.5 million light years away, and used a telescope to view earth. You would see dinosaurs. If you need me to explain that. I will. All you have to do is warp it like einstein said with travelling. Or travel faster than the speed of light. Which i see as possible. As for the future. It's very slow. You have to move yourself as far from gravity like the guy whos been in the space station for years. But it's only for minutes.
  12. I think it's crazy to think we are alone. Anyhow I've seen stuff that has made me question what I saw. Specially when I was out west looking in the fields at night. As for black box at area 51, from what I saw it always looked like advanced things the army was testing.
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