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  1. I've had some of my threads closed and/or moved. And now I see others it's happening to. Most recently Falcon Jedi thread. Jedi thread and mine have been jokes and it's very clear it's a joke. However a Mod is getting upset/offended over people trying to make a laugh of things. (People handle situations differently). No one is attacking or spewing hate. Its jokes. So is that now a rule for TATF to not make jokes? I've seen rival central vanish because of mods and trying to establish rules. Then ABF had rules that almost destroyed that place. And now we have a Mod that's getting offended over jokes.
  2. Why is a Mod trying to be rude at something that's clearly a joke? I've had numerous of my threads closed and/or moved. And now others. This forum should be open and not closed minded to what a Mod thinks. We went from butthurt rules in "rivals" to where no one visits the ghost town. To threats on ABF, to where it already vanished. And now a Mod getting upset/offended by jokes.
  3. Wish this thread wouldn't have been moved. Smith was our head coach of the Falcons. And I could have sworn that makes it TATF.
  4. I know, lots of problems out of those Democrats. But I don't think this is the thread for that.
  5. Could you imagine if we had a defense?
  6. So sad
  7. I hate to see Ridley out, he's a great player and changed our red zone around.
  8. They don't open.
  9. You forgot the seasons before.
  10. I know it was directed at defense. Just had to throw in ryan and Turner. Yes, we still won games. Not as amazing, but they won.
  11. Lmao off hotty think we didn't lose players. You clearly didn't watch.
  12. We lost ryan and Redman stepped in and won. Lost michael with turf toe, still won. Lost Grimes with ACL. Lost mughelli, leg, and easily the best FB at the time.
  13. Yet those untalented played close games and those untalented were there seasons before. You want to say smith is better?
  14. Patriots block their guy from leaving every season