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  1. Lol. That's actually what I played growing up. But when they found the brain tumor I had to stop for a few years...... but I would had no chance of playing in college.
  2. Very very quiet. Maybe they are happy with fans complaining and the amount of fans they have and letting out of state fans feel they are left out.
  3. Could have been last year if Julio made the final catch at the NFCCG. (.....and apparently he thinks he should get paid more for playing like crap and keeping us out ok f the NFCCG)
  4. If you want to be the highest percentage of wr of 20% every year. Then make your contract that way. Don't settle for less and then be a cry baby during OTA. Oh and also don't miss the catch that would have sent us to the NFCCG.
  5. Thanks
  6. Yeah they really need to start giving the fans something. Just so it drives in more people to attend games and events with them. I could have videos of their introduction to the fans, breakdown on what they do on and off the field, ask the coaches (not just Quinn and TD.) What they are going to get out of them. Reactions from the cheerleaders on signings and etc. And even the fans. Then breakdown videos of events. Breakdown again of events happening within 2 weeks. And recaps of events that took place. Of course articles breaking down training camp. With pictures obviously. That would be daily and right after camp stopped. And then having where a Twitter sister account for instant updates to breaking news at camp. Etc etc. Etc. I would be bringing in so many fans and customers.
  7. Definitely will. So far it's nothing
  8. Thank you. And yes I'm confident I'll blow their socks off. I'll pull in a lot of fans if I'm given the resources. I mean a lot of people from out of state used to come here daily to read my mash report during training camp, because I made them feel like they were there. And so far no one else has done what I did. So imagine me with the resources to reach millions.
  9. Thanks!!!
  10. Yeah I'm good at that and etc. It's just not what I'm known for. I say my DM & video is 8/10 of what my photography is.
  11. Thank you
  12. Lol. I'm sure even if you just say, "get jonathan Mashburnto be your digital media producer". That will get their attention.
  13. I'm hoping they read through everything I said. Over 90% of the time I was spot on about someone.
  14. If I didn't the have to go pay bills, I would still be doing it.