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  1. I haven't used it this year. But I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks
  2. You really think I'm a troll? Lol. That's why I'm a season ticket holder since 2010, go to the first away games, did pictures for 2 years, did training camp pictures and break downs for the fans here since 2008 as a freelancer, etc etc.
  3. My bad. Forgot we only do homer threads and laugh at dled here.
  4. I think he'll do good. With having 2 top DE around him, just like in 2016. But once it's just him, he goes back to blowing chunks.
  5. I so bad wanted Rhodes over trufant Edit : but if Julio wants it. He can twist their ankle with a double move
  6. Being serious. That's what I hope for as well. We seem to have better winning games spreading the ball.
  7. Side note many here know it's just Julio's contract I dislike because of paying that in that postion.
  8. Since I'm accused of being a troll and /or Julio hater. Figures this thread should be made. Lol
  9. Prayimg and being there for me meant so much to me a few months ago. So I totally understand.
  10. They do. A lot of people know you, so they'll come around. I've been working on my new house and just saw. So I'm thinking others might be busy doing last minute vacations before school. Keep the faith and stay in prayer.
  11. Just saw. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Keep us updated. And I'll be praying for him.
  12. So where's this war room taking place at? We need a meet up location.
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