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  1. Bedwetter said so
  2. yeah the up down votes. those actually move post up in Reddit. the Neg system we used to have was fun. but caused to many to get their panties in a wad. and they would not move the post up and down. However if we cannot get a feature like I and other would like. I am interested in bringing the Neg system back due to showing the players when they are signed we are not disliking them. Example the guy who said Barf on Ty signing, would show several negs. which would let the player know we do not feel that way.
  3. That is sadly how I feel as well. but if it's a time issue or cost issue, I would put money towards it. I feel it would greatly help.
  4. see suggestion boxes ignored a lot. that is why I put it here.
  5. Just curious because some of these threads need to have comments moved up. For instance the thread for cuts. there is a lot of people who flap their gums, and its hard to scroll through to see who was cut (specially when it gets to 10 pages). Another reason to have it is for threads where someone says a rude comment right off the bat. Like the Signing of Ty Sambarillo. first comment is a guy saying "barf" followed by again of him repeating it in the second comment. If you can, Awesome! If not I understand.
  6. Just saying I would give them vic and a third just to make sure the deal happens.
  7. I wish the op would update the first comment. Because when it goes 10 pages it's not fun trying to see what's an importance or what's people flapping their lips
  8. Yep. Unless it's the superbowl and a few others.
  9. You forget when he removed himself and went on to the tunnel?
  10. Was not thinking that but you are correct
  11. Press zero to dial out. Lol
  12. Don't get me started with them. I'll just say i'm still salty over when they flat lied when Jackson and burfet met face to face. My pictures clearly showed what happened their story was filled with drama.
  13. Oh i might get a reply with Sam baker. Lol
  14. I will continue to access the players as I've always done. And take pictures. However I will do videos at the end of the camp. So if there is any questions you like me to ask, I'll ask. But try to ask questions to players who are not ryan and julio. It's a swarm around them. For instance of questions, "Quinn or Dimitroff. Why do you say a failure last year was depth. Cut players to save money. Yet show interest in signing a banlck up QB and over pay him, cough cough Schaub? Why not turn him into a qb coach if he's here because ryan likes him? Shouldn't we be focused on signing depth for players who rotate, prone to injury, or a position that's more at risk of an injury? " ..... i'll bump this thread as TC gets closer.
  15. Quinn complains about how depth was pretty much horrible. Yet wants this guy back.