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  1. Gotcha. I learned something.
  2. Is that still going to happen? I heard something about it every year after 2010, yet they got their players. But the last few I had not heard crazy thoughts they'll be gone over the cap.
  3. Lol
  4. Can be returned. Then this would have been a tied game.
  5. Very cool
  6. Stark will thrive better with tight ends. Maybe even a two tight end set. Poe will be back. But if not then that leaves us money for an OG. And that's the only way we get a better guard.
  7. Lol Vikings look like they have class.
  8. And now we have Payton taunting the crowd. SMH
  9. I fine with this before OG
  10. Agreed. I see we go OG, TE, then RB (or maybe another guard/tackle). Now our DT is fine. Really is. We even have depth there.
  11. Agreed. I grew up thinking Philly was bad. But in the last ten years saints have topped them.
  12. Now if someone post images like farve did, we will talk. But I will say I'm shocked they didn't go to doing things dirty. Latimore is just a hairline away from being dirty.
  13. Nor do I. But I didn't see it.