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  1. I forgot all you do is post negativity about the men and women who served and protect this country. Time to put you back on block. Cause all you do is cry and complain..... Regardless what you say back, I don't have time to respond to drama. I'm heading to Savannah to go hang out and do pictures for Pence.
  2. This
  3. I love those huge threads. However hate it when it's stuff like this, because it'll get overlooked fast. People and I only look at those threads to see tweets from big name media.
  4. I will say the facts. Last year at training camp he played both sides. And he did play some snaps during regular games. He was the reason for the safety on Wilson. But I will say I have no idea if this is true. It's speculation from talks, and if not for posting it, I would have continued to stay quiet.
  5. Huh? Did I list this as a thought? Did you read the first sentence? You might want to read to what I said.
  6. Lol i so thought he was meaning air
  7. ^^^^ for anyone that has followed me since 08 doing training camp as a freelancer. Knows I try to stay as honest as possible and stays far away from speculation, when reporting to you guys. Again, if this wasn't for my mouth would stay shut.
  8. Naw your not being a jerk in asking that. It's not confirmed. It's just been discussed. However when I saw post it, it made me start to wonder if it is confirmed to it's going to happen. In my opinion..... I think he'll start out in that position at training camp. And it'll be looked into deeply if it works for him and for Quinn or if he'll be more rotational. *By the way I'm just a photographer that talks and ask questions during dead time. No one would ever tell me something that's a secret. When I talk with certain guys on things like this. It's a shrug of the shoulders and a we shall see and maybe a wink. But it's never a definite. I've had things said to where I thought it was going to happen. And it did not. And I would look like an idiot if I said something...... The only reason I'm talking about this is because of using it.
  9. Da. mn right he is!!! I have so much respect for him on and off the field.
  10. Dang that's a big one. I had him in my head for a split second and forgot. My hate goes off to you for remembering that one
  11. Only player who did not do well playing in a new position was Vic. Everyone else excelled at it when placed in it (that I can remember).
  12. Agreed. That was the only thing I have wondered. As anyone who knows my reporting during training camp (since 08), I'm horrible at judging the line. Those are positions I can't tell if someone is right for it, doing their job, or they suck.
  13. I'll point out how many players played different positions last year. Garland, Reuben, Vic, Ryan, Poe, and I know there was a few more. I just can't remember them all. Quinn loves doing this to players.
  14. This wasnt a find for me. I do know a thing or two sometimes. And keep my mouth shut. However this was starting to leak and I respect the heck out of Ben.
  15. I'd that a **** yeah for moving him to the other side. Or **** yeah a thread was made earlier? Lol