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  1. Thank you. I'm loving every time I hear from them. And I know they love seeing my images and how fast I get the images to them.
  2. Maybe
  3. huh? there is 2 injury spots where you can have a player go to that will be out for a few weeks and then you can bring them back. because in the past, you if a player went down, you had to keep them on the roster..... So when I say this. that is on the meaning of the season after week one. not as getting onto the roster..... Again in the past when you go to IR you did not get to come back. while now a player can go to IR, you bring in another player to take his spot, and then when the IR player is healthy he bring him back and waive the player who took his spot on the roster during that time. When I say that he will not start until after the bye. it is obvoius.he is hurt and no reason to risk it until we are certain he is healthy. therefore you put him on the roster. if you don't, your an idiot. unless he is out for the season, which is not the case. I am talking about 2 totally different things. making the roster vs being on the roster, player gets hurt, goes to injury reserve and comes back onto the roster. .......... So you think I do not know what my point is. while what it really is that you do not know about the during the season where you can put a player on injury reserve and bring them back.
  4. even if he is not healthy, he is making the roster. They are not going to use there 2 free non injury spots to where they can bring a player back at anytime on Takk.
  5. Agreed. Last year I did not see us going to playoffs, therefore I was not upset at the SB loss. because I was amazed they made it there. BUT this year is a different story, I expect them to win 1-2 playoff games. And the defense has to be a top 15. anything less is going to tick me off. specially if our D is in the top 20's.
  6. when you do not have enough roster spots you have no choice.
  7. I agree, you can never have enough. but have you looked how many we have? Last year we carried 8 on our team. This year we have Clayborn, Crawford, Hageman, Jarrett, Takk, Poe, Reed, Shelby, Upshaw. If we add Freeney that makes ten, and that means we start cutting into our secondary (area I seen we can afford to make cuts like that).
  8. I do not expect to see him at all until after the bye.
  9. you pull freeney in and drop who? there is wayyyy to many beast on the line. Only reason I see to bring him in is "if" someone on the line goes down for the season.
  10. Love it!!! man I miss him.
  11. LOL. if Julio became that size just turn him into a TE and let him run over everyone.
  12. wow did not know Brooking was like that. I knew he looked like a dusch, but I didn't take him as an obnoxious drunk.
  13. don't hold me to it. but if I cross his path again where neither of us are working. I will try to make that happen for you...... When I freelanced at the training camps, I would run into several random old falcon players.
  14. yes sir!!! and he was awesome. him and I talked for a little while afterwards. He asked if I could send the images to him, and I need to ask the falcons if that is ok to do. he is really awesome. very kind, and such a happy spirit. and man do I miss him. I know a lot of people like Patrick dimarco. but Mughelli was light years better. Give me Mughelli, a healthy Norwood, and Turner any day. butttt with the addition of Hall this year, I wonder if I might end up liking that three headed beast more.
  15. Thank you! I love what I do and the oppurtunities I have had so far are amazing. I got to do work for Frank Mir (UFC fighter). It took me 8 years since I started. but in the last two years it started clicking to get out and work and stop thinking people were going to be knocking at my door wanting to hire me just cause.