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  1. When in particular? I want him to be great, but he struggled all season I mean you can find a few plays where Lamar Holmes looks good but it doesn't mean he's good because of a good play here and there
  2. He's a character from The Wire
  3. You post your Twitter all the time with arguments you get in on there as well, you're face is your picture. It doesn't take a Edward Snowden to find it
  4. It must upset you because you keep arguing back By the way, who is this person mocking:
  5. Hardly "elite". He's supposed to be, but it hasn't shown on the NFL field yet.
  6. As much as I hope that happens...Seattle is too good at drafting and not handing out bad contracts. When they do hand out a bad contract they find a way to dump it quickly
  7. That's only because you were wrong yet again,I wouldn't bring it up either if I was you
  8. Just because you want to believe some source no one has mentioned ever on here before now doesn't make it more credible
  9. I always hated Hanson, what are you talking about?I'm sorry you're so upset about Heyward that you're making things up about me you fat tub of lard
  10. Everyone is on Shelby's nuts right now. Get used to it and go cry yourself to sleep over Heyward
  11. And everytime Heyward bats
  12. I agree. But he did right on the Heyward trade
  13. All the crybabies like 456 about Heyward being traded away. What a steal that was for us.
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