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  1. Team was overrated(mostly just by us Hawk fans), there's reason the media never respected us
  2. Age of Ultron was a lot better than the disappointing Iron Man 3 and Capt America 2. Still...just too much CGI, Hawkeye is just boring and taking up space, and really the same with Black Widow.
  3. Hawks finally get a fanbase building and break it's back
  4. If the Nets upset the Hawks in this series it has to go down as the most embarrassing playoff upset of all time
  5. Just embarrassing. I hate ever losing to a NY team. Especially one well under .500 in the playoffs
  6. It's embarrassing that we haven't destroyed the Nets yet in any game
  7. We have no direction yet. We've already benched our catcher of the future. We have two bad starting pitchers. We pray the prospects turn into something but who knows Right now the team is three pitchers and 3 non pitchers with no much in between
  8. Any explanation on how Prado's leadership helped in Arizona or New York?
  9. Then please explain to me how Prado's lead by example is helping Florida
  10. How is Prado's leadership and translating sentences helping the Marlins?
  11. If he still had Kimbrel it would've prevented Jaime from having a spot
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