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  1. Video of Jones back when he was a scout with the Saints. https://www.neworleanssaints.com/video/area-scout-dwaune-jones-on-scouting-the-draft-12979917
  2. Nice. Been waiting on some scouting department moves. Just figured it would come post draft.
  3. Please bookmark this. Mac made those around him better
  4. I’m thinking 2 years and he grooms someone on the staff to take over.
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was Pees talking to Saban and recommending Perry
  6. I remember Nick Perry from his playing days at Bama.
  7. I’m a big Paris Ford fan. I think he can be a very versatile chess piece on defense that you can play in multiple spots. I think he has some tyrann mathieu in him with the ability to play deep in coverage as well. something that Pees mentioned yesterday was the ability for every player on defense having the ability to blitz. Ford plays very well close to the LOS.
  8. This is my preference if we are not going qb. Trade back and acquire picks.
  9. Obviously 4 is way to high for anyone in this years draft. IMO RB and FS are positions I could see us addressing in rounds 2 and 3. I assume we make some sort of FA signing to address the pash rush, and with Pees’ multiple fronts defense that could be in the form of a DE or OLB. Even if we sign someone in free agency I would be shocked if we didn’t draft an edge player as well. With the senior bowl going this week I have been keeping an eye on mid round draft guys. One guy that stood out for me is Hamilcar Rashed Jr out of Oregon St. Had a huge 2019 but didn’t do much of anything in
  10. His dad is AJ Smith, former GM of Chargers.
  11. Nice hire for Font. Kyle has a background in college scouting which will go well with Font’s background on the pro side. Assuming Kyle will be overseeing both college and pro side in this position
  12. I would argue that if a team is in 6-14 range and their guy is there they are going to make a move. No reason to risk another team taking them.
  13. If there are 3 QB’s on the board when we pick I’d be willing to bet we trade down. Phone will be blowing up from teams wanting to make a move.
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