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  1. I agree with Falconsfan9, offense had no problem moving the ball down the field in the first half. Turnovers killed em and the lack of getting pressure on Brees really hurt. Doesn't matter now, they'll meet em again January in the GA Dome and I'm hoping for a different outcome.
  2. I'm loving how much faster the front 7 has been this year. They are really getting after the RB, but I would like to see more pressure on the opposing QB. I know it's early in Quinn's tenure, I'm excited for the future and see what other players he brings in.
  3. Now we need a RB that can take the beating like his dad had in TD
  4. Welp we'll see how this goes along and who the coordinators will be. Phuck it I'm ready for the draft already. Hire this cat and get it over with. If not, I'm throwing my name in the hat
  5. I don't think everyone got fired. I got the notification about 20 mins ago. Boy are they gonna be some pissed fans here in Denver
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they contacted John Fox after he left Denver today. Met him 2 years ago and he's a down to earth guy, but he makes some dumb calls like Smitty did
  7. I think it'll be a surprise to us all on who the next HC is. IDGAF who it is just win. And for the next OC, stop making Ryan throw for 35+ a game, get a RB and last but not least please get a DC who can do something about this defense
  8. He drafted Tim Tebow and you want him to coach the Falcons? 👎
  9. New to the forum and have been a falcon fan since 98. Ever since I've seen them do the dirty bird I've been a fan lol. Born and raised in Wyoming and you would think I would've been a Bronco fan, but I'm a die hard Falcons fan. Currently in Colorado and looking for some fellow fans so we can get together and watch games next season.
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