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  1. Well they scored 0 touchdowns at home on our defense. I’d say the decline is real.
  2. It’s all random anyways. This is basically the same team the SB. But yea, no way Carolina should be ahead of us.
  3. Younghoe is the goat. Hopefully fox can actually say his name this year.
  4. What color pants will we be wearing
  5. Aaron Donald was a part of the 2014 draft class. Mike Smith was still the HC then. DQ came a year later I believe.
  6. I think you all are misinterpreting what was meant by “valuable tradable player” I.e. given his position, age, where he was drafted and his potential to other teams, he could be considered a valuable asset in trade discussions.
  7. Yea that’s fair. I just didn’t know if people were arguing that they would take Ridley over Adams in a hypothetical world.
  8. Y’all really wouldn’t trade Ridley for Adams? I mean come on...
  9. To be fair, the guy has evaluated probably hundreds of thousands of players.
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