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  1. This is the only thing keeping me from cutting someone, or myself after that loss... I mean, only Kyle Shanahan is to blame, but he also responsible for the success and he's gone, so I don't know what to feel right now...
  2. Uhhh no... Theres a time to be agressive and a time to be smart. I thank Shanahan for getting us to where we were but he blew it big time... Just had to be the big shot and try to force things. His narcissism cost us a championship.
  3. I feel you. And I feel the same way. I've been on since 91 though. Starting to feel like it might not happen for me either lol. Its all good though. This thread was made because I thought I was among friends, clearly I'm not. And I do believe there are a few level headed, decent people here, but wading through the trash ain't worth it really. At least not for me. Not anymore. I'm not gonna let TAFT ruin football for me. If I had explained to them that Larry Fitzgerald is an all time great and our best CB was out (not to mention our defense is for the most part pitiful) and that AZ had
  4. Thank you for having my back but you'll quickly learn going against popular opinion around here will well, you see what happened. But yeah, I probably will disappear now. The people here are... Let's say the reputation is well deserved.
  5. I said I hope I'm wrong from the very beginning... I'm a Falcons fan. I never want us to lose. Even if it would have made you all look like ********. Oh wait, you managed to do that anyway.
  6. And yeah, I bet they were sweating up until the half...
  7. Nah homie, I'm still here. I'm not afraid of having an opinion or going against the grain on an internet forum. Just had nothing to say to people so ******* awful lol... I could have ran and hid in the first place but nah I came and said I was wrong in the 3rd quarter... Like we're all on the same team... No need to be so hostile. What's wrong with you people?
  8. Hey we won. I was wrong. Good job Falcons!
  9. Yes. But the defense by and large has been a burden. And the offense has sputtered in a few crucial moments. The Falcons aren't quite there yet. They're decent, but I wouldn't call them great.
  10. So every thread that doesn't have us going 16-0 makes you question the kind of people we are?
  11. Yeah I do. Any given Sunday dude. You've heard that one I'm sure? The Falcons aren't that great... Don't let the numbers fool you. I mean we can beat anyone, and we can lose to anyone just as easily. We've all seen it happen before.
  12. So just dip out bro if you're uninterested. And take that big *** video out of your signature.
  13. Came true last week. I have the same feeling this week. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong.
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