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  1. Julio and Nuk are arguably 1a and 1b. You wouldnt need a run game with that combo, however, you would not be able to field an entire team paying those 2 along with matty ice.
  2. Its crazy, he couldnt hold a very depleted georgia offense and couldnt get anything going against an equally depleted defense in a bowl game. I usually dont hold much stock in a single game, but that was ridiculous.
  3. Instilling confidence for next year.
  4. Some of yall clamoring for morris to take over as head coach seem to have forgotten his colossal failure as a head coach in the past.
  5. Why do people insist on bringing up games that Ryan did absolutely everything he could to win, only to have his defense lay down and do nothing?
  6. As usual.
  7. Did yall really want a win, the season is lost. Might as well play for draft picks.
  8. Im guessing that "y'all" is a generalization.
  9. Whats confusing about garbage?
  10. I am so glad I stopped investing so much into Falcons football like the rest of yall. Seems like some of yall are about to have an aneurysm.
  11. Couple questions. 1. How old are you? 2. If your old, why do you let this get under your skin? 3. Do you even know what you're talking about?
  12. Strength and conditioning coach wont mitigate ligament, bone, and joint injuries. Those just happen. If anything, it helps mitigate muscle injuries.
  13. Julio has already proved OTAs are unnecessary for him.
  14. At this point, you dont make people think. Most of the time, your posts just elicit an eye roll.
  15. .