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  1. It has come full circle. Brady beat the Rams for his first superbowl. Maybe this will be his last superbowl against the rams.
  2. Wait, the Seahawks only have 4 picks?
  3. So let's have another player that Beasely abused in 2016.
  4. The hate comes from the few drops he has had in big moments.
  5. Ehhhh, more along the lines of not caring about bring perceived as intelligent.
  6. Ask yourself this first. Who is the one being immature?
  7. Sarah is not the only one that finds Matt attractive.
  8. I can see his point though. Coached under shanny here in ATL and under McVay last year in LA. Those two offenses are what shot him up the boards as a head coach. If he stayed as an OC in TEN another year and the offense performed like it did this year, his chances of being a HC wouldn't be as good.
  9. Fromm is the next Alex Smith.
  10. You right, I forgot about that.
  11. To be fair, any year Rodgers stays healthy, he has a shot.
  12. Sometimes two seperate facts don't correlate.
  13. This will stop if you stop responding to him. He is a wannabe swift copycat that is failing at it.
  14. He is getting personal. Classic move of someone who knows he can't win the argument.