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  1. This season isn't Ryan's fault. Its quinns fault.
  2. This is ridiculous, another drive saving penalty on the defense.
  3. It's a combination. Too many injuries to key players and Dan Quinn, marquand manual, and Thomas dimitroff unable to adjust to them.
  4. Where you seeing the other 2 wins?
  5. Only question is when does Quinn join the hot seat coaches.
  6. See tall next week for another disappointment.
  7. Wasted blocked punt.
  8. True, just commenting on the question.
  9. Dallas offered a 2nd in the offseason, but Seattle wanted more.
  10. Anybody ready the start of the 2nd half and Quinn or Manual to not make any adjustments what so ever.
  11. That was pretty much his answer. What I got from it is they are pretty much conceding this year to be able to retain they big names.
  12. Quinn was asked the question. Quinn doesn't control the money and who is signed. Answer probably would have been the same if Dimitroff was asked it.
  13. Quinn has pretty much already confirmed nothing will be done about it when he was asked about Eric Reid.
  14. Nah, he was. Then he got injured and never got back to his form before the injury.
  15. Everybody on here complaining thinking that after losing Debo, Neal and Allen wasn't going to turn this defense into trash.