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  1. Who cares if he is. Julio is good and he is falcon. Metcalf isn’t a falcon.
  2. Just because he is a Georgia quarterback doesn’t necessarily mean he is good. People need take off the location bias glasses.
  3. Sad to say, but Ive pretty much given up hope of any georgia based sports team winning a championship. The amount of choking that i need more than 2 hands to count is just ridiculous.
  4. To win out and see a complete culture change. So, not very likely i would be willing to see any of them back, especially koetter.
  5. Honestly, i like lawrence more. But, wouldnt be upset with fields.
  6. I get what you are saying. And you are correct. Im just saying, he wouldnt have to start right away. He would be helped with ridley and jones starting right away.
  7. Hear me out, tank for lawrence. However, keep ryan so lawrence can learn.
  8. If Quinn isnt fired after this game. Blank will lose most if not all of the fans.
  9. Well, you get the pressure you are asking for. However, it means nothing due to coverage still.
  10. All are OP. A and B will create fireworks. C would not be extremely flashy but get the job done just as well.
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