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  1. This guy baited y'all hook, line and sinker.
  2. You are also missing the point, the point is, concussions affect everyone differently. Aaron hernandez had one diagnosed concussion and showed signs of CTE. I have had 6, I could breakdown each in the severity (none were mild); and my brain isn't mush yet.
  3. Exactly. My point was that I have had more diagnosed concussions than both of them and only have a slightly altered short term memory.
  4. People exhibit signs of post concussions overall also. I have had 3 concussions in my 13 years in the Army and a few during my high school football and baseball times, probably 6 all together. The only thing that it has affected is my short time memory. It isn't horrible, but it still affected it
  5. Can't watch the video right now, but if he is playing basketball I'm guessing the shoulder is good.
  6. stop, facts don't support his narrative.
  7. The unfettered love for the seahawks didn't start until they started winning though. Yes there were die hard fans through out the years, my wife's family being one of them. But, it didn't start getting ridiculous until they won the superbowl.
  8. He does, in the Army.
  9. Four Loko.
  10. I was wondering if someone was going to catch that post or if TATF is finally going to let comments like these fall to the waist side.
  11. I got a buddy that is a seahawk fan, and he said the loss of chancellor, sherman, avril and bennett isn't that big of a deal since they already have players close to those players levels and could possibly be better.
  12. Bothered by hive sop dap? What are you cat down the mountain melted theater butter?
  13. I think you're only problem with Julio Jones matched your problem with players like Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson wasn't anything on the field. It was simply all of their names started with the letter J.
  14. I can kind of understand why kids look up to them but young adults. That is kind of lame.
  15. I think Brady's suspension was longer because it supposedly affected the actual game. Where as the others it doesn't and the NFL wants to make it seem like they hold the players accountable for their actions while they hold positions that can be viewed as being role models.