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  1. Three constants, TD, Matt Ryan, Arthur Blank.
  2. he is lazy because he is not on the field for every single play.
  3. taking pettis in the 2nd is fine as long as we can get P.J. Hall in the third in my opinion.
  4. Seems like you're getting a little defensive over an overly optimistic record prediction. No one thinks San Fran will be horrible, I just don't think they will turn it around from having to trade for Garrapolo mid season to being the #1 seed. I do think they will make the playoffs though.
  5. Very bold in my opinion, I don't think they will be dumspter dwelling this season. But, don't think they will be #1 seed good.
  6. they need to take down the stupid embrace the suck picture.
  7. Why even give him the satisfaction of having someone reply to him. this crap
  8. 2 year olds are *** holes, there is no denying it.
  9. There was really no point to responding to that, he was just trying to be snarky because he is upset that the QB of our favorite franchise is worth a good amount of money.
  10. NFL suspended WLB Thomas Davis four games for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. The suspension is reportedly for a non-HGH banned supplement. It's an early-season blow for Carolina, but Davis was expected to have a lesser role after considering retirement this offseason. The Panthers don't have any proven options behind Davis, with Jared Norris and Richie Brown behind him on the depth chart. Shaq Thompson will see every-down snaps while Davis is sidelined.
  11. Lurked the boards for years before I created an account.
  12. I can't wait for draft night so we can transition the boardfrom people complaining about other peoples mocks to people complaining about the draft picks.
  13. These boards man. Critical thinking is a lost art. The point of my post was to point out why there is a cap on the number of players and a salary cap.
  14. Only way to allow a team to have as many players as they want, they would have to do adjust the salary cap to allow that. The salary cap and roster limits enable the parity.
  15. I dont even scout DTs in the game anymore, I just wait until the later rounds and guess. It usually works out the same way if I were to pick one in the first three rounds.