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  1. Haha
    datboilando reacted to DirtyBird2 in What vehicle would each player be?   
    And because he doesn't deliver on sunday

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    datboilando reacted to k-train in What vehicle would each player be?   
    Matt Ryan

    An older model Volvo station wagon... it's a little expensive for what it is, but it's comfortable, safe, and very reliable. With the extra room in the back, it's still capable of carrying the load... but it's got a lot of miles, so it's probably time to think about trading in for a newer model in the next few years.

  3. Haha
  4. Haha
    datboilando reacted to Smiler11 in What vehicle would each player be?   
    Not a player...
    Dirk Koetter

    Robin Reliant - 3 wheeler and tips up if you go round corners too quickly.

  5. Haha
  6. Haha
    datboilando reacted to Goober Pyle in Dirk Koetter: ‘We definitely need to run the ball better than we did last year’   
    Sometimes hitting the hole slowly to put some pressure on is a good thing.....or so I'm told. I'm usually trying to hit the hole WAY too fast....
    Sorry, @Emmitt, it was just teed up there....
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  8. Haha
  9. Haha
    datboilando reacted to ya_boi_j in What is DQ good at?   
    Being pumped up and fired up
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    datboilando reacted to WinningIsTheOnlyOption in Marlon Davidson is the real deal   
    I am looking forward to see this young man play! But I will refrain from saying too much, because many years ago when the Falcons drafted Peria Jerry I ran my mouth saying how he had a motor that just wouldn't stop and he would be a game changer! I was wrong, I don't want to jinx any player ever again by saying much of anything as to their potential. So perhaps, for safety sake I might be the one they call "The Bad Luck Guy" when it comes to such things. So I will remain silent on such discussions moving forward. 
    Go FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Haha
    datboilando got a reaction from 1989Fan in Sterling Hofrichter - K   
    **** no Rodrigo???
  12. Haha
    datboilando reacted to Zzzzz in Sterling Hofrichter - K   
    Look at this way: With DK's playcalling,  what's more likely to be needed.
  13. Haha
    datboilando got a reaction from falconsfan4life3 in Sterling Hofrichter - K   
    **** no Rodrigo???
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    datboilando reacted to Akod2017 in This draft will reveal the truly ELITE talent evaluators and front offices   
    I am extremely impressed with the Ravens new GM. 
    -trades 5th for Campbell 
    -trades Hurst to falcons for a 2nd rounder. Injuries and just showing flashes should have had Dimitroff in the driver seat in negotiations. Instead I think DeCosta did exactly what I would do. Prey on a GM with obsessive tendencies for falling in love with a player. 
    -Queen- fills need with BPA for a position that has the highest success rate of rookie impact on defense. 
    -Dobbins- BPA that can make an impact immediately. I argued Murray and Dobbins for Dimitroff if he truly wanted to compete next year because of instant impact. Ravens and the Chiefs did just that. Fans on this site would have said “we finished with the most rushing yards in nfl history, we don’t need a rb.” 
    -DeCosta did not like how the board fell and did what I keep being told on this site is nearly impossible- he traded back. Somehow, someway this man found the elusive trade partner and moved back.
    -Justin Madibuike- A need who Dimitroff would have no doubt taken with the dobbins pick if in charge it we were lucky. Most likely he would have traded up at even a hint of interest from another team. The value here is very impressive. 
    -Devin Duvernay- deep WR draft pushing a very productive former track star further than he likely would have gone typically. Duvernay is dangerous with the ball in his hands with the third most missed tackles last year. Perfect for a QB who can create space for a WR. This was also a need that Dimitroff would have likely addressed earlier with whoever his love affair at WR was.
    -Malik Harrison- thumper who also got pressure on the QB makes him still valuable despite coverage limitations. The 4.6 speed is there so maybe the ravens can develop that skill set. Many wanted this guy for the falcons and his value this late was too much to pass on. God knows this site would be screaming about replacing Yanda and NEEDS over another linebacker but this is how the draft fell.
    - Tyre Phillips- oh looky here, the top juco guard prospect in 2017 forced to left tackle due to needs. A total mauler who is a great sleeper due to the lack of tape at guard in the SEC. 
    This is how you run a franchise. Not saying “we are one player away” and going all in for Simmons to fill a massive hole. New and unexpected needs arise every year. Cheap quality depth is worth its weight in money for the big time guys. Impressed and frustrated at the same time because if I’m Blank I shouldn’t be settling for the middle of the road GM.
  15. Haha
    datboilando reacted to 1989Fan in Justin Fields here we come!!!   
    Breathe, you gonna run out of breath saying all that w/o a period! 
  16. Haha
    datboilando reacted to ya_boi_j in Chris Simms on AJ   
    Hold up. I thought we all agreed that Simms didn't know **** the other day. 
    Stay woke
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    datboilando reacted to CAPT KHAOS in Our First Round Just Evaporated.   
    Alford 2.0 Hate this pick! 
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    datboilando reacted to Falcons805 in Our First Round Just Evaporated.   
    I’d rather have had Chaisson too
  19. Haha
    datboilando reacted to King Jigsaw in Rookie pass rusher dont make the impact of rookie LS,CB,and Safeties   
    Why would anyone want to spend a first on a Long Snapper? 
  20. Haha
    datboilando reacted to jidady in Bad news for Okudah fans   
    I heard we're in on Tua but want to convert him to play defensive line and maybe team mascot.
  21. Haha
    datboilando reacted to hjerry in Falcons - the Innocent Bystanders in a Neighborhood Spat?   
    Conspiracy thread disguised as a Patriots thread disguised as a Falcons thread 
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    datboilando reacted to AJisA-OK in Trade up for Okudeh   
    Trade for a head coach ASAP
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    datboilando reacted to Cole World in Gurley Officially Signs Contract   
    Something that just popped in my head....Gurley and Fowler was denied a SB by Brady as well, so they should be super excited to face off against Brady and (his new team) the Bucs.
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    datboilando reacted to Mister pudding in Hope Today's Mock Is Better Than Uniform Reveal   
    I like the draft! Also, how many posts do I need before I can start a new topic? I don't think we have enough uniform threads yet. Just throwing it out there...
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    datboilando reacted to AUTiger7222 in Do you think that we should have paid Austin Hooper?   
    Nope. Falcons had a price and Hooper wanted more and we can very much get the same production if not better from Hayden Hurst for a fraction of the price.
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