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Everything posted by datboilando

  1. Too surprised the ball was coming to him
  2. Crowder a DGD...played instead of getting ready for draft
  3. Think we can get one of Kyle Shannahan assistants
  4. BJ Daniel need to trade that jersey number
  5. Definitely regressed from frshamn sophomore years
  6. Definitely regressed from frshamn sophomore years
  7. Regardless talent been there...**** the blocking bs ...top wr in his recruiting class
  8. Trying to figure out how DRob had 767yds and 7tds as true freshman but we don't know how to use him .. bet he transfers
  9. How's he on the Heisman list for next year
  10. Need QB coach... hopefully Coley is gone after the game....sad but missing Chaney this season
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