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  1. I feel like the players are really showing their desire to keep Quinn. They feel like there's something to play for. The talent is there. Why it took them 8 games to find their heart I don't know. But the team plays for DQ. He's a good coach taking everything into account. He's struggled with game management and play calling. The players coming in the last few years though have been 180 to the talent we were pulling before and that's a lot to do with Quinn. It's always easy to say scrap it and start over and I'm as tired as anyone waiting for him to figure out how to be a coach but switching it up doesn't seem conducive to the players and their development. If this team decides to ~really~ play, they can beat anyone. Skill is there and if play calling stays this consistent through next year, then I'm game. A bigger concern is DK honestly. Offense should be way more creative with the players we have
  2. Just for the record, I'd rather have fun football to watch than a high draft pick. And rn, it's enjoyable again. At least, for now
  3. Lol did not know that. Makes me feel special though so I'm gonna keep coding it. Can we say ****? Edit: Guess not
  4. My s t r e a m is a little behind you guys so I gotta be careful. Still though. Pick incoming. Lol
  5. Tried to crop Dirks face in there but it's too much work on my phone. Lol
  6. Why so many empty sets? We have the receivers, leave the back to block
  7. Allen didn't even have time to survey. That's the opposite of a coverage sack
  8. Yea I'm just happy with a win v the saints but I'm not holding my breathe that this team somehow found the special sauce
  9. I think it's good for the team to see that they can win even when they're missing their stars
  10. Make Paul Worrilow head coach. We'll have a team full of power lifting try hards
  11. I doubt either of them want to "stick it" to the Falcons. It's their team too. This will reflect on them in the future as well. I'm sure they're nothing but professional
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