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  1. Can I go all Matt Bryants please?
  2. Looks like we stole the saints pick too
  3. Don't know a lot about this guy. What did his combine look like? Anyone got his 40 time?
  4. Maybe. Lol. I saw them on their first show of their last tour. It was epic
  5. That would be cool but they don't perform anymore
  6. For starters, what a time to be a Falcon fan. We are so close to the ultimate goal. It feels as though our relentless dedication will finally pay off. While our falcons are experiencing the year of a lifetime, my family is going through the ultimate hardship. My father, a lifelong falcon fan, has recently been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. He used to roam these boards quite often and actually helped organize and attended the first four board meet ups. I've shared this story with few, a couple being on these very boards. Now I don't post a lot, but it's hard to find a time where I'm not on these boards. My father, the best man I know, has raised four dedicated falcon fans. I'm just looking to give back to him what he's given me all these years. His sister has set up a go fund me page in hopes of being able to get a ticket to the game. It's a long shot, but he's never been one to go down without a fight. I'm calling on any of you to help. I understand if you can't but know I am very appreciative of anything you have to give. Thank you all for your time in reading this. The link below should take you to the go fund me page. You will see my father on the left, accompanied by my mother beside him, myself on the far right and the rest of my awesome family in between. Again, I do not take any donation lightly and fully appreciate your generosity. From my family to yours, GO FALCONS AND RISE UP. https://www.gofundme.com/georgia-dome-or-bust
  7. I really don't care who we play now
  8. I saw that. Thought it was super cool
  9. If only we had Dak Prescott /p
  10. Minus Tamme, Trufant, Shelby, Spoon and Ish, we're completely healthy. That's pretty huge. I think the most important health concerns for any team is the lines, especially the o-line for us. Knock on wood but amazed we've stayed this healthy
  11. Very happy to have Freeney, an older vet whose been there before to help lead a group of first and second year players
  12. May I recommend "Spit out the Bones?" That one will get them fired up for sure
  13. Lol. I only ask cause I played football until college so I know simple assignments, coverages, plays etc. But knowing what you know, I feel like it would be easy to just destroy in madden. Lol. I don't really play a lot but I'm usually better than the average person because of my knowledge but nowhere near you're level