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  1. Forgot about Harvey. Talk about blue collar guy
  2. Looking at our social media makes me really miss Jay Adams
  3. "You ready to come to Atlanta?" "**** yea"
  4. Yea tried to embed and failed. Lol
  5. Wow I can't believe how boring this game is
  6. Look. Part of having a team is the depth. Your depth is supposed to be good enough to step in at a moments notice. That's the point. You're not assigned the other 31 players behind the starters. It's the teams job to find the best players to back up the starters. Treat it like you expect them to play. It's no one's fault but the packers that they were starting two rookie tackles. And there's no excuses either. It's why we signed Ty. They could've done the same but they chose to stay with the rooks. Also, they knew throughout the week their tackles probably weren't going to play so they at least had the opportunity to prepare under said conditions. No more excuses. 3 times isn't a fluke
  7. So they're using faster guys to cover more ground quicker... hmm. Where did that idea come from
  8. Sounds like something a narc would say...
  9. The only pick they really criticized was Neal by saying players with his skillset are "littered throughout the draft." Which I call bull on. They also mentioned Dion Jones gets blocked out sometimes. Every other pick they actually had good remarks about so the grade is confusing
  10. Thank you Atlanta. I'm so ecstatic
  11. I can't handle these refs anymore