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  1. Nah. They had multiple chances even with the missed call. Not to mention the missed calls on the rams side too. And they deserved the payback for bounty gate, vicodin boy and their whole classless franchise
  2. Alright boys. Rest easy tonight. They can talk about the penalty all they want. They're not playing. Also spent a whole year paying people to injure players so I have no sympathy
  3. Oh boy. Knew they couldn't resist talking about it. They got their make up call and blew it
  4. I just hate that it could've been a nice clean pick 6
  5. Why didn't he just look at the ball you idiot
  6. How is that not a penalty? Wow
  7. Lolol. Had to make up for that 5 yards somehow
  8. Rams v Chiefs sounds incredibly watchable