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  1. 77 yard run included please
  2. This looks like the Georgia game yesterday. Hope it turns into that..
  3. When does Free get back?
  4. The lineman spike lives on
  5. Got my tickets! Thanks for the help everyone
  6. Hey get your own thread pal! Jk
  7. I'm just excited to go and take him! I know the season isn't going great. Haven't seen the new stadium myself yet
  8. Looking for some tickets for the cowboys or the cardinals to take my little brother to his first game for his birthday! If anyone is trying to sell any please let me know
  9. Tickets still for sale?
  10. I don't mind if it's a legit call on us but this is out of hand with the bias
  11. "Who's ready to hear me complain?" I'm not
  12. Crazy to think how amazing and terrifying he could have been
  13. Imagine getting a million plus dollars a year for 10 years to hike a ball really far 10-15 times once a week
  14. The best player we've had since James Stone sounds off