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  1. Well, this is kind of a personal response, but here goes.. SB1: We appear to be banging on all cylinders heading into Miami. We have a balanced offense and a defense that is stout. Our special teams are indeed "special." The man of the year gets busted and then we **** the bed for the whole world to see. *SB2: We build a big lead and slip into a coma in our own house not being able to cover a tight end in the second half. The Ravens, whom we would've soundly beat in the Big Dance, go on to beat a team that held Roddy in the end zone. SB3: We build an insurmountable lead only to
  2. I Googled it at work as long as I could without anyone watching. Where exactly will these games be played?
  3. Maybe Twitter is what was making him get off the field on every crucial third down last year.
  4. I'm so damm tired of pulling for teams that never win anything.
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