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  1. I did and I think he was like 26th pick
  2. Me too now only if it could become reality lol
  3. Just did another mock draft and I couldn't believe I was able to pull this off. I know this would never happen this way but one can dream lol. I traded out of the 4th spot to the 7th in hopes that I could still land Pitts because in a few other mocks he was falling as far as the 10th spot. In doing so I gained an extra second. Unfortunately he was picked before 7 so I had another trade offer which I took and again I gained another second. Yet again once it's my pick I get another trade offer and again accept and gain another second. Here's who I ended up drafting 1. Gregory Rousseau 2. Zaven Collins 3. Eric Stokes 4. Hamsah Nasirildeen 5. Jamar Johnson 6. Asante Samuel Jr. 7. Elerson Smith 8. Marvin Wilson 9. Javian Hawkins 10. Frank Darby 11. Feleipe Franks 12. Malcolm Koonce
  4. They offered me that trade
  5. In that mock draft they drafted Sewell
  6. I like him as well but there's another guy I like a little more than him but he wasn't of the draft board so I don't know if he's coming out this year or what
  7. So I did a mock draft and this is how it turned out. I'm sure there will be some backlash but aye it is what it is. Pick #5 - Kyle Pitts - TE (I traded back with the Bengals and acquired their second as well) Pick #35 - Gregory Rousseau - DE Pick #38 - Eric Stokes - CB Pick #68 - Jamar Johnson - Safety Pick #108 - Marvin Wilson - DT Pick #148 - Chuba Hubbard - RB Pick #182 - Frank Darby - WR Pick #183 - Feleipe Franks - QB Pick #187 - Richards Locounte - Safety Pick #219 - Malcolm Koonce - DE
  8. There have been some valid points made but my only concern is this. If TF is drafting by BPA and it's our pick and there's a RG that's BPA but the second BPA is a CB who is he going to draft? We a CB more than a RG in my opinion. Also is he drafting BPA based on the NFL board on his on board?
  9. So if we draft Pitts at four, what positions do we draft in the next four rounds? I understand TF wants go best player available but we have needs. We need a DE, FS, RB, CB, DT, OL, etc. Yeah, we maybe able to hit on some late round picks that won't get much playing time this season but the first four to five picks need to be able to contribute this season. In my opinion after Pitts (assuming we draft him) we need to go DE, CB, FS, RB. I'm sure some disagree which is the reason for this post. So again what positions would you draft in second through fifth rounds?
  10. Who are you top 5 DTs and top 5 DEs. Since we seem to be switching to a 3-4 you can include 3-4 OLBs in the DE category.
  11. I would love to draft this dude for Neal's replacement.
  12. I like Elerson Smith and Marvin Wilson, I need to look into the others. I like Malcolm Koonce as well.
  13. Great point never looked at that way.
  14. I need to look into him. I'm guessing he's a FS.
  15. Agreed, so what positions do we draft after four in your opinion?
  16. Who would you draft in the second?
  17. How do you feel about Malcolm Koonce as a late round pick?
  18. There are a few players I like that in the late rounds when I do mock drafts I don't even see their names. Now I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing or if they're just that far under radar.
  19. Do you think the defensive side of the ball is strong in this draft?
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