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  1. I don't think we'll come out the gate firing but I really hope I'm wrong about that. I say that because even though Kotter has been here before and is very good OC he still has to learn a lot of the players. Matt, Julio, and Devonta maybe the only offensive players that were on the team the his first time around. Plus he's going to add in his own wrinkles to the offense so we have to take that in account as well. There will be certain plays that might be drawn up for a certain player but when it's called in the game we may find out it's better suited for another player. Pretty much Kotter has to get familiar we the players and vice versa in live game action. You can't really count practice and preseason, well, maybe around week 4 you can start counting practice. By then Kotter should have a handle on how to utilize each player. There's no doubt in my mind our offense will be better than it has been the past two season but I think around week 4 or 5 is when you'll see it really starting to churn. But hey if we come out the gate firing on all cylinders and never let off the gas I'm all for it.
  2. I get yall's point about not starting two rookies and slowly bring McGary along but here's my thoughts. I understand Ty is more familiar with system and did a fairly decent job when his number was called last season. Ty also has NFL more experience. I don't THINK DT and DQ would trade back up for guy just to have him sit for a year or two. Don't get me wrong I understand there were other teams wanting McGary so that's why ultimately we did trade back up but that tells me DT and DQ really sees something in McGary that he can bring to our team. Lindstrom and McGary obviously have a good chemistry but of course we have yet to see if that chemistry will carry over to the field. Yeah we can start Ty this season and then perhaps let McGary start next season but regardless when they let him start he's got to take his lumps. Truly when it comes to O-Linemen and D-Linemen you can't bring them along slowly (just my opinion). McGary can sit, learn, and practice all he wants but until he gets on the field and experiences it at the NFL level he'll never truly be ready. Is it a gamble starting two rookies? Absolutely, but the upside to that would be them building their chemistry, taking their lumps together and learning together. The downside is we could get Matt killed. I'm sure DQ will have the best starting five on the field come week one.
  3. They aren't terrifying, **** I welcome them. Let's be honest there are some, not all, fans that are whining. They aren't debating anything. They just so upset because we didn't draft the player that they wanted. I won't lie I was shocked that we went offense in the first round but I trust DQ and TD. Example, you and I are having a debate about whether fans are whining or not. Some fans are so upset they calling for TD and DQ's jobs and saying that our picks are going to be bust. Those are ones that in my opinion seem to be the ones whining. Some don't agree with the draft but they're at least will the see what happens before than pass judgment.
  4. All I can do is laugh at the way that some of this fan base whining about the draft. Get over it!!! The picks are in now we just have to wait and see if they pan out. How can people say our two first round picks are going to be bust? They haven't even played one snap yet so how can you come to that conclusion? No team knows how any of these rookies are going work out including the ones that fans are upset we didn't draft. Before y'all start passing judgment on them at least lets see how this season goes. I trust DQ and TD way more than I ever trusted Mike Smith when it comes to drafting. I guarantee the same fans that all up in arms about our draft picks will have a completely different attitude if we win 13 games and be the number one seed in the NFC. They'll be praising DQ and TD then.
  5. Here's the thing, no matter who we drafted there were going to be some negative responses. Some fans want a DL, others OL, and some even wanted CB or LB. The fact is we TD and DQ decide the OL needed to be addressed first. I'm guessing they feel there are some mid to late round DL that they feel can help us. Did I think we were going DL in the first round, I sure did but we didn't. Honestly I don't agree or disagree with the two guys we draft because I trust in GM and HC. All we can do is wait and see if this draft class pans out for us.
  6. I like Sutton Smith, he just seems a little small for DE at the NFL level but I would still like to have him on our team. With his instincts and speed he would make a great SLB and add depth to our LBs.
  7. They both would be solid players but I like Adderley slightly more than Thompson. Sure Thompson has the advantage with the level of competition he played against but Adderley has better ball hawking skills, tackles better, and has that dog in him. And lets not forget Adderley can return kicks as well. Not saying that's why would draft him but the more you can do the better. As for our current two safeties, I love Neal but I've never been a huge Rico fan. I mean sure he's the QB of the defense but just because you know where everyone should be before the snap doesn't mean you should be on the field. Rico may be smart but he just doesn't have what I THINK it takes to play FS (especially in DQ's system). Neal, sure his cover skills isn't his best attribute but that's not why drafted him. His job is to roam and be our 3rd LB and blow up RBs TEs and short routes. So for what DQ is asking of him his cover skills don't have to be at the same level as our CBs of FS. If Neal and Adderley were our starting two safeties that would be a **** of a duo. I agree with G-Dawg thinking ahead never hurts. We have nine picks why not use on a safety?