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  1. can we start tomorrow like the texans and no we dont want o’brian front office
  2. we have to get rid of jmac now because he is giving us the the lift and thrust treatment
  3. come on yall this team shouldn’t surprise you pathetic but their my pathetic birds
  4. its seems we’re like the browns against the aints we’re their browns
  5. this teams bad habit is over payin and submising to players who want more and dont do what they sign the contract for this team likes being hustled
  6. for the draft for the draft! for what for tommy to keep concentrating on the offense and not give a s... about the defense or at least thinkin of the offensive line but he keeps gettin those receivers
  7. rams hav no idea the score bcoz my birds juss started gettin hot now and it takes awhile to take off we’re no harrior jump jet juss sayin
  8. our players goin there their gonna start that bounty stuff bcoz what we did to kremy
  9. ok ok ghost is new?....how is it that iv been here for months and i cant post a topic
  10. it looks like he was just messing around doesnt look mean to me
  11. have a white authentic but a rat chewed on one of da shoulders not dat messed up juss needs to be sewed
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