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  1. can we start tomorrow like the texans and no we dont want o’brian front office
  2. we have to get rid of jmac now because he is giving us the the lift and thrust treatment
  3. season out season in da aints own us same ole same ole poop artie isnt serious of putting a real solid team....like my birds but iv seen dis rerun b4 show is like an old play....and bored....im outta here watchin da debates at least thats kinda unpredictable....love peace
  4. well theres always that giant chrome bird to go to the stadium to see
  5. im watchin this team and wondering can they change anything here
  6. you do know the aints are a sinking ship season per season look at the stats they may start strong but end up messin up down the season there qb is gettin older and there roster is not like it was back then so for da s... talkin aints fans....we have a coach that is barely gettin the hang of the nfc south....so befor yall start wackin yalls disappointed egos food for thot dis game yall dint really hav....oh and as for dat turn over yalls qb is as much prone to that as ryan is....so to really think aboot it we're all at home watching the playoffs
  7. Oh one more thing i have a few jerseys that i want to clean....would it be wise to throw them in the washer?.... I was told once that i should take them to the dry cleaners instead
  8. Actually i bought a Sanders and its a pretty good one the only thing was the falcons eye but other than that the falcon logo looks pretty real it even has the spandex on the side and the poofy short sleeves
  9. for reals an elite and it has a screen print....boy i sure miss reebok!
  10. oh come on....not cool there were a lot of f... ups on our side cant say there weren't opportunities to score it was just one of those game....plus there the saints they own us dont matter how bad they are now....we can go undefeated and two games on our schedule will be saint owned
  11. Its cool the play callin is so different now
  12. Thats cool i dont use siri much either....like siri now!
  13. does this guy do this on purpose?....he seams arrogant is he that way?
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