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  1. You could save yourself some time here and just bang your head against the wall a few times
  2. It's precious that you keep posting videos you think anyone will actually watch. @Vicious
  3. I haven't been able to read the whole bit. Can anyone summarize?
  4. Is a bird in the hand REALLY worth two in the bush?
  5. Do you think it would be a good idea if I challenged Randy Johnson to a snowball fight?
  6. Totally real person: Hey, fellow military intelligence friends...we need to get the corruption out of Washington! Any ideas how to get this done? Other not made up intelligence officer: What if we recruit Donald Trump to run for office, win the presidency, and then he can take care of it? Totally for reals boss of theirs: Dear god! That's perfect! Someone send him a DM on twitter stat! Just make sure he does a lot of questionable **** in his first year so nobody gets suspicious of this totally believable and not at all tremendously stupid idea.
  7. Military intelligence recruited DONALD TRUMP to root out corruption in Washington. Yep, that for sure makes a ton of sense and isn't the most hilarious thing I've ever heard ever.
  8. Not a great success rate with the coffee related lib owns. Remember when Starbucks didn't have enough Jesus on their holiday themed cups so conservatives were owning libs by purchasing a coffee and telling the barista their name was "merry christmas"?
  9. This is definitely the important thing here.
  10. I've heard that it wasn't necessarily just being cuckholded by cucker that broke Rev. It was mostly how cucker forced him to read passages from Atlas Shrugged during the aforementioned cucking that sent poor Rev over the edge.
  11. Lame reports from some conservative snowflakes here used to cause certain posters to be banned on sight. I'd say what we have today is an improvement.
  12. @Vicious Did I see last week that it came out the guccifer stuff was edited? I'm curious about your thoughts. I'll hang up and listen.
  13. If everyone had guns we'd stop eleventy bajillion shootings per month.
  14. Prayer in school is fine. Organized prayer in school should absolutely be banned.
  15. Oh, so now it's not that you didn't take the time to look, it's that you saw "tons" and they all changed them after only you saw it. Cool.
  16. Maybe you didn't see him say A CEO ALSO, SERGE! CEO!
  17. If only vicious was as critical of conspiracy sites as he is with the MSM....
  18. Do you honestly not see how this is a pattern for you though? You keep saying how great you are at "looking at all the facts from both sides" in your amazing internet research. Yet, you refuse to put in even the bare minimum to look into the sources you easily slide into the "other side" category. I've seen you brush off criticism when citing sources that promote all kinds of crazy **** as "I didn't research every thing they've ever posted but this one thing I agree with must be true". You constantly make ridiculous claims based on reading a headline or random tweet in passing, then say you weren't "spending all night looking into it" as if that's an excuse for spreading nonsense disguised as fact. I'm not making a mountain out of a mole hill, I'm pointing out yet an other example of a hilarious pattern of behavior that you are apparently oblivious to in the hope that one day, you'll actually take a look in the mirror. Let me try giving you a few tips to help. 1. If during your research, you find a link that you think might be "evidence", take a quick look around the site. Do you see any flat earth posts? Birther? 9/11 was an inside job? If so, best not to use this as a source. 2. If you see a headline or tweet making a claim, maybe take a second to look into the claim before repeating it multiple times as fact. 3. Until you get some practice in 1&2, maybe hold off criticizing other posters for "blindly believing the news" since your track record right now isn't great. I'm just trying to help you, bro.
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