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  1. Pretty sure GRRM wants to **** one of his family members and he wrote this whole series and optioned it for tv in an attempt to make it socially acceptable.
  2. Pretty sure they said the gold was already in kings landing before the battle started. Or am I crazy?
  3. Let me guess, you think Darwinism is scientific fact and actually believe the earth is millions of years old? lol
  4. Seems like the athiests are worried alot about something they supposedly don't believe in. I wonder why.
  5. How can someone believe in morality but not believe in God? It doesn't make any sense, one can't exist without the other.
  6. The church isn't forcing anyone to have premarital sex. Nice try.
  7. Quoting a man that was saved on his deathbed. There are no athiests in fox holes.
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