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  1. Does he love the nickel 245 or what i
  2. New Atlanta....Return of the Dirty Birdz
  3. I'm sorry I gotta disagree, DLaw gets paid to go after the QB not cover tight ends. If that is your claim then Quinn should have schemed Parsons for that assignment. Name one time DLaw shut down any receiver running back or tight end in coverage.
  4. As long as Mayfield and Hennessey do their job we have nothing to worry about. I'm not worrying about Jalen taking lumps his 1st couple series...I definitely see him and henny clamping down
  5. No...no one in the dB room is worth it at this moment...AJ is in his 2nd yr
  6. Titans want to know if Smith is running the same type of offense
  7. What's good fellow brethren if any of yall play madden 22 on ps4 or any game add me my psn GATXBOI
  8. I totally agree I don't think we field a lackluster team week one... to be honest I think we coming out guns blasting
  9. Man the starters bout to come out engaged and ready to ball. Do yall really think coach Arthur bout to let his starters not be prepared. He has shown us he about that action.
  10. To be honest all rbs not name Davis or Patterson are subject to being cut including Ollison. Rb #3 is a four man race right now. Ollison Hawkins Huntley and Foreman. Two out of the four has NFL experience.
  11. We learned that our coach wants every one on the team to have some experience going against top NFL talent or those who play on Sundays to get a true evaluation. I love the process you may be good against the 2s or 3s but how are you against actual starters.
  12. Coach Arthur is the truth... he said it right there...How can you evaluate a player if they dont go against those who play on Sunday... he is actually given players a shot to prove they could even play on Sunday
  13. Lol good one I love dem birds win lose or draw
  14. Born in 88 football season always starts around my birthday. My dad used to tell me stories about as a baby he would put the falcons on I wouldn't make any noise
  15. Did anyone notice him at LG though? Yeah you see it let's go we got some Dawgs in this draft square bidnezz
  16. Man this is my guy right here. He needs to start over Harris at FS with Harmon at SS watch out
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