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  1. I feel like this draft is deep possibly 11 QBs that could sit behind Matt Ryan and become potential tenured QBs and 2 FA Lawrence Fields Wilson Lance Jones Trask Mond Buechele Ehlinger Book Mills Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen
  2. I'm glad that Pees came out and said he is not looking for another job and wants to work with Arthur Smith.. So I think we have our HC/DC combo for at least 3 yrs til it's time to extend contracts
  3. Mark Ingram, Rhamondre Stevenson & Ito Smith
  4. Oh yes making moves..this made my day...I apologize to everybody I came at out if order this morning
  5. So why the **** did you response..I didn't ask how you felt about nothing I was stating my opinion...
  6. I'm not cutting him any slack Ryan been going thru this for years no OLine no running game...screw day Wentz sucked big time last year... Stop making excuses for these young QBs...folks had Ryan head on a stake and still do but this man has drop 4000 yds for 10 yrs straight... No other QB will ever get slack..until Ryan gets the **** respect he deserves.
  7. They also said we couldn't afford Gurley last yr and we did..I have faith in Fontenot and his staff
  8. **** yeah I take that chance need a few thugs on the team
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