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  1. Exactly that will be his bread and better playing in a 4-3. Maybe. Take Simmons with our 1st 4th round pick. Have him ready for 2020.
  2. Like the draft...that 4th round comp should have been J. Ledbetter from Georgia. I would like to see him opposite Takk. Two big behemoth attacking the quarterback from opposite sides.
  3. Being realistic I think we can get Clark if we release Beasley. Give him that 12 million.
  4. Sanu is one of the best FA to ever rolled thru flowery branch. Surely is a fan favorite.
  5. I like Poole, with saying that his play has dipped a little since the Super Bowl so I see the why they did the move. He might come back on a1yr -2yr deal(2-3m). Last season he was picked on a lot. If he is gone I wish him well.
  6. I wouldnt make This trade just go get Bailey instead
  7. Kazee that's my dawg I hope he start sooner rather than later **** Allen Bridge never had 7 ints
  8. So much hate on Freeman... I cant wait for my dawg to comeback. You know he gonna be ready with a new running back to compliment him and Ito watch out. With a true running coach like we had in Bobby Turner who left with Shanny rhe running game hasn't been the we have a true running Game coach in Murlarky, with Koetter feisty passing attack. LOOK THE **** OUT. I believe the team is about to be poetry in motion, because technically what is their new to learn scheme wise.
  9. If we can't get Irving.. I would like Urban.. Also with Bailey to play opposite Takk
  10. You **** right. Super Bowl
  11. How bout Mark Ingram
  12. He will be here long enough to hoist a Lombardi
  13. Ito Smith wikl be our Darren Sproles 3rd down back and we will draft a running back to compliment Freeman a bruiser like maybe Benny Snell.
  14. I live in Texas so I'm getting the San Diego fleet vs Sam Antonio Commanders