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  1. Let's get it Falcons. Let's start and finish strong.
  3. **** naw!!!!! GO GET KUBIAK!!!!!
  4. Go get him he is a proven vet in this system. And then if Alford is hurt we habe someone proven and when he comes back we will have a better 3cb combo with Tru/Alford/Maxwell then Tru/Poole/Alford
  5. Right let's focus on Carolina. Take it one game at a time we have ten games then playoffs start. We are 1-0. Next step defeat Carolina.
  6. That's right got a real hard earned win today 9 more to go til playoffs. Strive for greatness.
  7. Maybe shannahan will come back how McDaniels did for the patriots
  8. I totally agree been a fan since the 90's and I feel the same way. This team is definitely a championship team. Everything just needs to gel.
  9. That was an awesome video.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing the Falcons suffocate Buffalo run game and shutdown their passing game. We have to harass Tyrod Taylor all game make him uncomfortable.
  11. This Is the type of game I kinda expected against the lions because they are a comeback team. We made alotnof mistakes it will get tweaked. As for SARK another good called game. It's opening up more and more.
  12. You gotta get the Takk hit
  13. I love it it's embracing the TMQ EFFECT so out with the old and in with the new. And this is with no disrespect intended. But to me every thing TMQ is bringing to the franchise I'm running with it. In Quinn I Trust IN BROTHERHOOD WE TRUST IN BROTHERHOOD WE RISE LET'S GO FALCONS ALL GAS NO BRAKES
  14. I think it is a statement game. To show if we are truly a contender for a.championship. so I definitely would love To see the team as a whole go off and continue that *** whooping from the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP.