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  1. @MD-FalconFan13 I just watched film on Murray. Now these are my opinions. 1. If anything inside linebacker on this defense. Would you replace debo with Murray? 2.He is a more athletic Campbell. 3.But his fit is a 3-4 Baltimore ravens Pittsburgh Steelers. 4. Everytime he went up against olinemen he got washed even mauled at times against LSU. Now this is my arguement for Chaisson and I will no longer compare the two. 1. He is built for the outside. When he lines up its outside. 2. Since its LSU pick one to recognize him as lb or de. True but in this league today he is a hybrid edge. 3. The man sets the edge tremendously and is on sound in coverage. 4. This dude can be a Jason Taylor type or an Bruce Irvin type... that's how deep his potential run. Since everyone wants us to resign Irvin. 5. Even if secluded to just full time de we have Grady and Fowler brah is gonna eat. Bring talk in on nascar.
  2. People down kd for the warriors because you were up 3-1 lost and then signed with the team that beat him. That's what made it surreal plus they won without him. As for Chaisson and Murray they both are great playmakers. I wouldn't be mad at taking either one as long as that inside is secured. Also If LSU ran a 4-3 he could still be de or lb that's what makes him unique. He can play both and be productive as well as effective. Both are what we need fast and physical
  3. Safety class is deep take two back to back 4b and 7th
  4. How would anyone feel if we took a cb and safety from the same school. Would that make the transition easier?
  5. Colorado my bad they moved to pac 12
  6. Right then Baun or YGM will be a falcon
  7. As for talent everyone surrounding murray who is going to the draft is going 1st or 2nd round. That's it with murray he is only label as a lb. Chiasson was definitely a leader on that defense that's one of the reasons he wore the number 18 You are right murray does have more tackles. Chaisson did get hurt but he came back so hard and still might go top 10 period....can you seriously say that about murray NO he may go top 20-40
  8. I think the draft will fall to us and we are going to have to choose between Chaisson and a team wanting a QB wr or ot someone will want that 16 spot if we don't use it. Go to look at alot of the top teams they are rebuilding. I'm only worry about the jets and raiders when it comes to Chaisson
  9. Did you watch Oklahoma vs LSU Texas Baylor 2x when the moment was big he didn't capitalize.. can you say that about Chaisson that is my arguement
  10. Give me Chiasson at 16 Arnette at 47 and Elliot at 78
  11. Pair Sheffield and Oliver with Arnette or Reggie Robinson
  12. Dt true edge or safety
  13. Veteran corner and maybe LB I'll take a chance in a dog like Burfict Depends on how this brockers floyd deal end in LA.. I'll take a chance on Lloyd to play edge
  14. Yeah I like Uche i think being 6'1 is going to be a problem
  15. He was a leader on the team not just stats. You said it best a Jack of all trades that what we need someone to cover the run, cover te ,rb, and wr plus rush the passer. Alas Isaiah Simmons. Top three candidates to replace Campbell Simmons Chaisson Baun..period anybody else has to be coached in one or more areas rather its coverage,runplay or passrush Bringing in Murray is just a better blitzing run defense no covering te and rb Just to set this debate in stone. Chaisson is so diverse we can make him a starting LB or DE...if starting DE we got Neal for the "Murray" role...If starting LB still got Neal and pick up someone like Anae Grennard taylor Kareem- True Edge in the 3rd. Now Chaisson is a swiss knife. Put him anywhere just like Simmons. You can't do this with Murray. Right now in this league Murray is a run stopper till proven otherwise