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  1. O my bad it just felt like it
  2. No not against Pittsburgh
  3. In some cases yes and some no... Atlanta United has been thru alot since winning the MLS cup last season . We lost some amazing players. We lost our head coach. Started the season off very freaking horribly. Then to add on injuries....I say within these last 50 days them boys have really turned it around and are putting on a show for the world to see. And now they are back in 1st place. So congrats to the MLS Champ, Campeones Champ and the U.S. Open Champ.
  4. Reddit
  5. This us why Navarro Bowman retired.
  6. I have no faith this ain't your everyday Panthers...for one Cam is not Cam of norm. Point #2 they are switching to a 3-4. Point#3 unless your name is Tom Brady I think the team as a whole is not worried about our division.
  7. Mines is#30 Ricky Ortiz... There isn't a all time great who wore this number yet...
  8. That's a promising starting three Foye Debo DCamp
  9. I think Gabriel said that because he wants to come back lol