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  1. HBD Church Smith... Thanks for bringing accountability
  2. 13-4 record with a winning culture and identity
  3. Yessir I can't wait..hopefully get to see it in per.son this year since they are playing at Dallas this year.
  4. Let's go... I knew there was vibe and energy about TF and AS. That's why I had to buy that new black Ridley Jersey. Rise up who going to the Dallas Game.
  5. That's because we get no serious media content on ESPN or NFL network. ESPN brought wyche back to Atlanta I believe mainly for the draft. But we do have some great content on YouTube Atlanta Falcons Nation, P4PATL, Riseup Rundown and Smitty sports machine to name a few
  6. With Julio cap hit being 19 million for 22 and 23 possibly 3 yrs him and ryan retire together..so let's get this ****** ring
  7. Naw Darby is better than Zaccheaus.. Check out Darby 1on1 senior bowl tape
  8. No because he has the ability and skills to replace Gage. So when it comes to pay him Darby replaces his production and we could possibly pick up a comp because somebody will pick Gage up.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised we bring in a couple more free agent vets or give the rookies a chance to be strictly taught by Pees and co. With vets you just get nfl speed. I would roll with what we have and take the league by storm.
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