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  1. Good.. I'm sick of a three running back backfield.. We need a one two punch.. Period we have a plethora of weapons for any qb or offense period. Let's give Mr Blank makes the right move
  2. Exactly add like a Harris or Etienne with Gurley
  3. Now the passing game is on the OC. I understand the burst is gone but he still will garner more respect from defenses whether he catches a pass or not... Nobody is scared of Hill period. As for Gurley he has 9tds at the bye..not bad at all. It's definitely time for a change period overall. I like Matt but I'm split I feel like we can go another 2-3 years then I'll see some things that maybe we can trade him to a QB needy team who is tired of taking young QBs alas Washington,NewYork,49ers, Bears if there is a possibility to keep our core and part from Matt with a picks. I feel th
  4. I look at it like this I understand the knee issues but with this offense there is no continuity.. example Panthers game Gurley was working and running good in the 4th and the next series they put in Hill. No one is scared of Hill. Bad knees or. Not Gurley will get the respect of other defenses. With him Julio and Ridley on the field at once. There is always an element of surprise. You don't get that with Brian Hill or Smith all I'm saying. When leading in the fourth it should be Gurley Time...not Hill time. Hill should get bout 5 plays in the 4th when up just to give gurley a breather an
  5. I want a Josh Allen type qb keep our weapons compliment Gurley if we bring him back with a true running mate get off the hill Smith train fast. I like Zach Wilson
  6. He is a true mobile qb alas Cam..buy he can ball no doubt...
  7. Me personally I'm with bringing in all new guys who know the game but never held their actual job title before. GM Reddick.. For me this is ATL why not give a Brother a chance. HC who has had consistent success no matter where they went as an OC. I want a true running game with major play action. I feel the oc must come with the HC from wherever he comes from. DC.. I want some one with consistent success as a DC..not his assistant.but actual DC. I would only keep UlBrich Whitt Tupoi. Fire everyone else even the equipment dude. Bring in Fresh Blood all around and do this ri
  8. Outside of my Falcons. I always been a fan of Pittsburgh as an organization. They are very well constructed and ran daily. Yes they have their bad years but overall very consistent. Definitely would love that to mold the entire organization off of the Steelers.
  9. Now no but **** no I don't want any homeboys from anybody in this staff. Bring in fresh football blood
  10. I'm mainly talking bout last night game. I felt in the 4th quarter it should have been Gurley and Ollison and did you notice how when Todd Gurley was in all the starters stayed in except ridley obviously and it was effective as soon as hill came in the run and sense of suspension was out the door.. Gurley was finally getting hot in the 4th and they benched him when it matter.
  11. Yes that blows me to have a ******** runs when it should clearly be a play action
  12. The only thing I truly hate about this team is the way they don't care about momentum...Gurley was running good...was next series go with Hill and it was horrible
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