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  1. Keep talking in the past. Keep talking about 2010 ... you know ... 7 FREAKING years ago. Keep talking about how you have a Lombardi and we don't. Oh wait ..... And Brees is getting really, really old!!
  2. Ok boys, in real life I am a judge. You know, an "all rise" black robe wearing judge. My court will be in session all day Friday. Court staff leader called me earlier this week and wanted to know if there is any way that court staff could depart from the norm and instead wear Falcons attire in court on Friday. "Heck yeah" was my response. So I am taking the bench tomorrow in my Matt Ryan jersey. No robe. Just my Falcons jersey. (and pants of course) Hey, I love my team!! It's not "all rise" but instead is "RISE UP!!!"
  3. Boys, it doesn't matter who picks who. What matter is turnovers. If we don't turn the ball over Sunday, we win. If we do turn the ball over Sunday, we cry. It's that simple. It doesn't matter who picks who.
  4. Don't you understand?!?! It is NOT about us facing Aaron Rodgers. It is about them facing Matt Ryan. Get the ++++ off of our field!!!!
  5. Cowboys, Pack, Patriots, etc .... I don't give a flying frig at this point. Brang it!!!!
  6. Do you not remember the Katrina refs? I agree it's not WWE, but to think that refs are always neutral ... history shows otherwise.
  7. Indeed it was a whooping. Went to the Saints' message board ... so funny to read how many of them claim the game was close!
  8. You never know in the NFL, but honestly, this one looks as predictable as any. Giants (5) visit Packers (4) while Lions (6) visit Seahawks (3). Packers beat the Giants and Seahawks beat the Lions. Therefore, Packers (4) visit the Cowboys (1) while Seahawks (3) visit the Falcons (2). Packers beat the Cowboys and Falcons beat the Seahawks. Packers (4) then visit the Falcons (2). Falcons win and proceed to play either the Steelers or the Patriots, most likely the Patriots. Falcons beat either.
  9. But hey, he is the worst QB in the division. Oh wait .............
  10. Nope, not a trap game. We are a gazillion times better than them. We will beat them like a drum.
  11. Not me. I never, ever, ever, EVER root for the saints to win .... not EVER!!
  12. What good does it do to limp into the playoffs with tired and injured key players? Playing injured star players against the Rams and the Niners is insane. We can and will beat them without our stars, and if we can't we don't deserve the post season. It makes much more sense to let our star guys rest against inferior opponents and be ready against strong opponents instead of the other way around. You can't have it both ways.
  13. We just scored 38 points on the top ranked defense in the league. Yes, we still need to improve our defense, but trust me, defensive coordinators are dreading playing us. In all honesty boys, the 38 didn't even seem difficult. I'm just saying ...