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  1. It was on the end of season presser they held the day after the season ended.
  2. AB and McKay said one losing season would be tolerated for the new regime and trading JJ and Ryan would be ok if there were a plan or vision in place for a quick turnaround. We know nothing what Fontenot or Smith has in store for this team since neither one has a track record of making picks in the draft anywhere, we are literally in the dark with this one as a fanbase. The plan could very well be take a signal caller at 4 and then trade Ryan if they feel that who ever is there at pick 4 will be the face of the franchise, a guy who would be able to start from day 1. Winning the first year with a rookie QB is not unheard of because we went to a wildcard game in Matt's first year.
  3. This should only become relevant up to the forth pick of the first round. If the Falcons take a signal caller at that pick then yeah they should put a for sale sign up on Ryan
  4. Oh my. I guess this means the Rams went all in with this move. I hope Snead and McVay have a good relationship with ownership because if this backfires neither of them will be around for a long time. Like next year😀
  5. Yeah he had some type of knee injury to this day I still don’t know what it was. There was so much secrecy surrounding it. Other players had their injuries disclosed but not him for some reason.
  6. If we do take Sewell at 4 then it shouldn’t be too hard to move Matthews over to LG. His father Bruce is a Hall of Fame offensive line man that played every single spot on the line except center I think. Be willing to bet Jake has got the versatility gene to make it work.
  7. Bengals would absolutely love this scenario with Sewell still on the board with their pick. I don’t think he falls that far down but who knows. Honestly it would make more sense if we took him at 4 than to let him drop.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree. If Jones has another year next year like he had this past season his trade value will go straight to the john. We would be stuck with a aging declining player and can’t trade him because of that contract. We need to move him this off-season before someone figures out he is in decline. As far as Ryan goes I’m ok with keeping him as long as that #4 pick isn’t a QB. I can’t see the logic of keeping him if you take a quarter back that high. Trade him and use those picks to retool the defense. If the 4 pick isn’t a QB then take one in the second (Matt Jones) or third (Kyle Trask) and have Ryan tudor them for a year or two.
  9. You can throw in Julio as well. Some folks don’t want to move on from either him or Ryan. Problem is age may force us to do so. If the new GM has a QB as his bpa and goes ahead and takes him at #4, I doubt he would sit behind Ryan a number of years anyways . I mean if you take a QB that high you see him as the face of the franchise. Makes no sense to sit him behind anybody. Top 5 draft picks are day one starters
  10. He turns 32 in a couple weeks. Will be 32 and a half when the season starts. As far as NFL receivers go he is a old man. What if what we saw this year is a precursor of things to come. That he spends a good deal of time on the sideline or on IR. Not worth 23 million in my book. Would rather see him get traded and at least get one possibly two young guys on the roster
  11. Colts are probably drooling over this. Not sure if he fits in SF
  12. We certainly hope so. He can regress due to age and injury as well.
  13. I see old friend Justin Peele is back as TE coach and Dean Pees brought his boy with him.
  14. He missed what 5 games this year? I think whole point of trading him now is to take advantage of his value now. If he misses half of a year next year his value would be nothing
  15. Another sign Shanahan will be our OC. Tice is not a ZBS kind of coach. May not have kept him anyways. Best of luck Mike
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