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  1. I do not think Falcons would risk taking Gregory. Now that he failed the 1st test. The next failed test is automatic suspension. So I don't see Falcons risking this. Gregory is top 4 pick and a beast but too much of a risk at this point. I would rather see them get OL out of Iowa. Safe pick. Solid pick at #8.
  2. I still think Gregory is an immense talent and he goes top 4. I don't see Falcons picking him. Blank is adamant about "Sticking to values" when bringing in players. I agree with Blank on this. I think you can win in NFL without thugs.
  3. I hear a lot of people talking about our former coach and how he did not coach up his players or put them in the wrong positions and this makes me want to scream. Obviously these people have never played professional football. A head coach does NOT coach up in the NFL. As a matter of fact MOST NCAA coaches do NOT coach up. Ex. Urban Meyer makes each of his position coaches responsible for their players. Where they are. Their grades. Keeping them out of trouble. Etc. Urban has meetings with coaches and they report to him what is going on. Urban is not out there teaching tackling technique. Saba
  4. If I draft a three star undersized defensive lineman from Missouri who is a ok athlete. And you draft a top tier offensive lineman who was a five star recruit from Alabama. I can coach my guy til the cows come home but you are going to whip my butt 9 times out of ten. For the last time. YOU DONT COACH UP IN THE NFL! This is failed GM talk. It is what GMs say when the people they have brought in are failing. NFL is like NBA you win with talent not coaches.
  5. Dimitroff long term strategy- 1. Drop names in hat 2. Draw Got it?
  6. I like Freeman too however he is a third down back and not a carry the rock 20 times a game dude.
  7. We don't need Ray, we just signed his clone last week in Kroy Biermann. We don't need anymore undersized d-lineman.
  8. Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, and many other Hall of Famers had Weed issues coming into draft. Gregory goes top 4 bank on it. The only way the Falcons get a top tier D-lineman in this years draft is if they move up. Ray, Fowler, and Bealey all tweeners.
  9. Duke is a good runner. Very similar to McGahee. Everything will depend on who is on the board come late 2nd round early third on whether he ends up a Falcon or not. I was hoping Falcons would take Jesse James out of Penn State late 2nd, but now that they have signed Tamme I am down for them taking this dude or RB out of Michigan State. Falcons need a power back no doubt. Freeman is too small and not strong enough.
  10. There is no way Gregory or Williams fall to Falcons at 8. These two are the top 2 defensive linemen in the draft. And Tampa Bay will go Williams at 1. They are just BSing about taking Winston #1. Top tier linemen on offensive or defensive side of the ball are like GOLD in the NFL. Williams and Gregory are in a total different level than average players like Beasley, Ray, and Fowler. Scherff from Iowa will be there at #8 and is a top tier offensive lineman. While not the glamorous pick. It is the right pick for the Falcons based upon where they are picking.
  11. This guy is a gamer. Big receiver. Had issues with taking plays off and drops. But like poster said earlier he WAS Central Florida's offense so with that many target the drops are going to happen. I think he goes late 2nd early third. I like this dude and Crowder from Duke. Crowder is small but is a Darren Sproles type playmaker. Would not be upset at all to see this dude in a Falcon uniform. Crowder will be there 5th round and will be a steal for somebody.
  12. Quinn isn't going to do anything crazy. He is controlled by Falcons front office. That is why he got the job. They hired a coach that would protect them. Front office still has Blank believing it was coaches fault that the last two years have been a nightmare. They blame a coach for not putting players in the right position or coaching other players up. REALLY? Coaching up in the NFL? Sorry you coach up in college not the NFL. In the NFL you get your players used to the scheme you are running and teach them simple things that help them adjust to game speed of NFL. You don't teach them TACKLING
  13. How about we quit wanting Falcons to trade away their best players when other people quit posting sugar coated pie in the sky dreamland post about how everything is hunky dory in Falcon land. Deal in facts and not emotion. Falcons roster is junk and needs a complete makeover. We need the money to buy a defense and a o-line. Because without a o-line having Julio is WORTHLESS. Without a o-line we mind as well call ourselves the Detroit Falcons. Nowhere near a Lombardi trophy. But hey we got a great receiver. See what I am saying? I want Falcons to win just as bad as anyone on the board if not mo
  14. First off my post here is referencing that none of the above franchises (who have a more successful Lombardi trophy history than us BTW) put that much money into their WR position. My post last week was in reference to not re-signing Julio so again this is not against the rules of the web site. Secondly, for those people that are saying we have the money to invest to keep one of our best players. I would like to say, I see this two ways, yes Julio is one of your better players. But is that much money in a WR position money well spent? NO. This money needs to be invested in balancing out a rost
  15. Iceman Ryan, I would trade Julio, get Williams out of USC, OL out of Iowa at #8 and if he is not there then I would get Perryman out of Miami. Williams is THE top D-lineman in this years draft, Scherff from Iowa is THE top O-lineman in this years draft and Perryman is THE top LB in this year's draft. Tennesse will trade the 2nd pick because they want Mariotta who will be available late first round early 2nd. Which is stupid in my opinion because Mettenberger is a fine QB but hey this is Tennessee problem not mine. Trade Julio get the man.
  16. It is because these franchises don't over spend at the WR and invest their money in their Lines, LBs, and TEs. That they are successful. If you do what you always do you get what you always get. I know it is cliché but success in football is built from inside out. O-line, D-line, TE's, LBs. This is where you spend your money. There are 1000s of serviceable receivers and RBs available. WR and RB is where you should spend least amount of money. Who is Green Bays RB? , New Englands? Denver? See a pattern? Money should be in o and d lines. First and foremost.
  17. Who cares? Beasley is overrated. After Williams and Gregory from Nebraska the talent level drops big time. Falcons would be better off getting OL out of Iowa at 8 if Williams and Gregory are gone. Beasley/Fowler/Ray all either too big or too small to play position.
  18. No, these teams consistently go to SuperBowls and make play-offs without overpaying WRs. So why would we? Trade Julio to Tennesse and get Leonard Williams out of USC. We need an identity of toughness as a franchise and this guy brings it. Then use #8 pick to get OL out of Iowa or Perryman LB out Miami. We still have Hester, Roddy, and now Hankerson. All serviceable receivers. We don't need Julio. Julio will be constantly hurt throughout his career. Bank on it. And for all you people saying that we need Julio to sell tickets that is incorrect. Winning sells tickets. If Julio caught 14 TDs a ye
  19. Plus knowing that I could trade Julio to Tennessee and get the biggest impact player in the draft with Leonard Williams and solidify my defensive line. DEFINATELY makes Julio expendable. Williams is nasty. Suh type nasty.
  20. Love Julio and think he is exciting player. But if you look at all the teams that made their Championship games and all the SuperBowl teams from the last 15 years. Almost 80% of them had balance. And did not have a big money receiver. Yea the Patriots had Randy Moss on the down side of his career. But even back when Moss was in his prime at Minnesota he never made it to a SuperBowl. I think to get to a SuperBowl you have to have balance. Good players on both sides of the ball. So to pay that much for a WR is just plain stupid and history shows it prevents a franchise from making it to a SuperB
  21. It is known in NFL circles that Shane Ray is too small to play D-line in NFL and too big for LB. He is a tweener type player. So is Fowler out of Florida. So with him being a project type player I would say this is the type of player we usually draft. Just like Hagemann another tweener. If Falcons draft Shane Ray then draft mentality at The Branch has not changed.
  22. So how exactly does one become a front office consultant? Any one got the job specs on that role?
  23. Gregory will go third. No way we get this dude unless we move up. Williams is a stud. Gregory is a stud. Beasley, Ray, and Fowler average. OL for Iowa stud. OL from Iowa should be there when we pick.
  24. Falcons better get it together quick or they will be one of the two teams!
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