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  1. Anyone got footage of Beasley that is not on You Tube. Everything I see on You Tube shows me a DE that IS fast but has one move. Outside. He almost never goes inside and hardly ever works any type of swim technique or leverage technique. All I see is a DE that was quicker than inferior offensive linemen from such powerhouse schools as Wake Forest, Maryland, and North Carolina. I saw one bull rush against UGA o-lineman that was impressive. But 99% of his stuff was one move. Saw maybe 1 highlight in 100 where QB wasn't in shotgun. Anyone who has additional tape please post. Thank you.
  2. The only thing that would help sell PSLs is winning. Period. If Falcons drafted Gurley and only win 6 games next year PSLs are going no where. Falcons need to be winning 10+ games a year on a consistant basis quickly or this whole stadium deal is going to back fire. I know everyone on this board is a fan but we all know the truth. Atlanta is a city of transplants and they only come to the games if you are winning. I have been a season ticket holder since the Fulton County Stadium days and have seen it both ways. Gurley wont make a difference either way PSL wise. Wins and Losses will.
  3. I would say Worrilow, Hagemann, and Biermann improve with Quinn. Quinn obviously see something in Biermann.
  4. Yep. Lattimore injury was nasty. Once you bust a ACL you are thru. You want proof. Instead of running Gurley thru a stupid combine drill. Ask him to ride a bike up hill and watch his face. Telling you once the knee goes, you can scope it, drain it, have surgery on it. But it will be an on going issue. Not worth the risk at 8. And you watch, Gurley will be there 2nd round because most NFL scouts know this.
  5. Damaged goods. Wasted pick.
  6. Cut every player on defense except Worrilow, Moore, Hagemann, and the CBs. Get at least 1 GM who can draft and evaluate talent. Rebuild defense.
  7. I saw on NFL network that one analyst had the Falcons taking Gurley at 8. This would be a bonehead move. Anyone who has ever player football and messed their knee up will attest that you NEVER EVER move the same again. This would be a wasted pick. If the Falcons did this then it would be strictly a PR move and prove the Falcons just want to sell tickets and not win football games. Let someone else gamble on this dude. Damaged goods.
  8. Watch his footwork. Then pull up video of Sam Baker. Scherff is light years better. Scherff along with Matthews and now Falcons o-line is starting to get some manhood back.
  9. I have been saying for week now that if Gregory or Williams are gone and Scherff is there he should be the pick. But I don't see him getting by Jacksonville at 3. But if we get him at 8 that would be awesome. Round 1- Brandon Scherff OL Iowa Round 2- Jesse James TE Penn State Round 3- Dawson- LB TCU Then pick up Crowder WR from Duke or Smelter WR from GT is late rounds. That would be a stout draft.
  10. Now that my friends is a NFL IMPACT playing TE. Not garbage like Tolio.
  11. Think I'm ready to buy my number 18 Falcons jersey now. This dude is a beast.
  12. Ran 4.86 at combine is 6-7 and 261. Better numbers than Graham or Gronkowski at combine. Would love to see this dude wearing Falcons uniform for years to come.
  13. Same teams every year in play-offs. GB, Philly, Seattle, SD, Colts, Ravens, New England. Why do these franchises always succeed while others always fail? Their ability to hit in the draft and build a roster of NFL caliber players. Ever notice how Jacksonville, Detroit, Cleveland,etc.. always drafting in top ten? You would think franchises would see this and quit letting the same losers make the picks. If you do what you always do you get what you always get right?
  14. Chicago Pittsburg Only two teams that didn't make it last year that will this year. The difference between the haves and the have nots in the NFL is great. Same franchises winning year in and year out. Expect GB, Philly, Carolina, Seattle, SD, Colts, Ravens, New England, KC. All the usuals back in play-offs. Denver out due to Peyton not coming back. Same franchises win and same franchises lose. AGAIN. Why? Their ability to draft and build rosters.
  15. First off, I think Winston is the most NFL ready QB in this year's draft. BUT I think Tampa Bay will NOT take him with the fist pick. I think they are going to take Williams and make all these so called draft experts look like fools. Clayborn is a good d-lineman who is coming back from an injury. He is a B players. They would not have let Clayborn go without already knowing they are going to get Williams. Also I think Tennessee is putting out there that they like Mariotta so that Philly will trade up for their pick. Kelly wants Mariotta in Philly. So don't be surprised to see that happen. Once
  16. O-lineman from Iowa. Period no question about it. Best O-lineman in the draft. Which is a position we need.
  17. The fact that they are dropping the hammer on the Falcons for such a stupid azz thing leads me to believe the NFL does not like someone in Falcons front office.
  18. Tampa Bay let Clayborn walk because they knew they were going Williams. I can see this a mile away.
  19. If we don't get Sherff OL out of Iowa at 8 I would rather trade the pick, drop back and get Perryman out of Miami in the mid to late teens. Again once Gregory and Williams fall off the board, Scherff from Iowa becomes the best pick, if someone takes him trade the pick and go after Perryman. Would be smart move. And no way Tampa Bay takes Winston #1 they are smoke screening. They are going Williams. Williams is best player in the draft, followed by Gregory, the Scherff. Don't believe all this hype about Gregory falling to us at 8, not going to happen.
  20. No more WR or RB with top picks. Falcons need to spend top picks on LINEMEN. LINEMEN are the engine that make the car run in the NFL. Without them WRs, QBs and RBs are WORTHLESS.
  21. This is stupid to penalize Falcons for piping in crowd noise. What's the difference in this and playing music over the Jumbo tron? Falcons should make NFL prove that noise they were piping in was louder than Jumbo tron decibel levels. If NFL cannot prove this then Falcons should appeal. Patriots are notorious cheaters and they get away Scott free.
  22. My football knowledge tells me if you have a team that has this many holes on a roster you don't have the same people responsible for drafting or free agency. Doesn't take Bear Bryant to see that. Sports Illustrated ranked Falcons roster 31 out of 32 teams in regards to worst talented rosters in NFL so I support my claims with fact not emotion.
  23. So a coach that goes 13-3 and then 7-9 just woke up one morning and forgot how to coach? Or did a front office make a irrational move and sign a QB to too much money and had to make up for it by letting go of all of our good talent. Then coaching staff had to scramble to make ends meet with sub standard talent? Clabo, Abraham, several key pieces all let go. And Smitty was left with absolute garbage. And now a fan base is supposed to have confidence in the same front office personel? Seriously? And it is not just me. Sports Illustrated ranked the Falcons 31 out of 32 teams in terms of talent on
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