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  1. Bucs are playing everyone, they could get Winston in 2nd round and get Williams with number 1 pick, which is what they are going to do. They are trying to bait Philly into taking number 1 pick.
  2. Don't believe the media hype. Fowler is a future Redskin. Scherff is a future Jaguar. And Dupree is a future Falcon.
  3. Shelton is a solid pick. No doubt. But I think we have already determined Dupree is our guy due to his upside potential.
  4. Hageman needs to get nasty. He's like Leonard from Full Metal Jacket. A big goofball who needs to become a killer. He came into camp last year like a deer in the headlights. He had one great game at the end of the year, I forget which one, it was one right before Carolina game. But besides that one game he was a non factor. I think the talent is there but this kid needs to be broken down and built back up. Bryan Cox needs to quit walking around Flowery Branch like a pimp with his cigar and knock the taste out of Hageman's mouth and wake him up and break down the rules of life to him before he
  5. I know we would get additional and future draft picks from Miami but did not factor this in. Just gave what I know we had now. This does not account for what we gain from Miami. I would still take these peeps regardless. They will ALL be IMPACT NFL players.
  6. Here you go Falcons Front Office- Merry Christmas. Get this peeps and win us a SuperBowl. You can do it. Round 1- Pick 14 from Miami- Bud Dupree UK Round 2- Pick 42- Dawson LB TCU Round 3- Pick 73- Jesse James TE Penn State Round 4- Pick 107- Jeremy Langford- RB Michigan State Round 5- Pick 146- Jamison Crowder- WR Duke (Replaces Harry Douglas) Round 6- Pick 185- Alani Fua- OLB BYU 6-6 245 LEO Round 7- Pick 225 Corey Robinson- South Carolina- Manhandled Fowler in USC/UF game. I gave you the picks now go win the Lombardi!
  7. I know 80% of the board is Gurley. I understand this but Jeremy Langford will be available late. Watch the tape. This dude looks just like Roger Craig and will be available 4th/5th round. Had some dumb *** scout at combine say he is a bouncer. Which caused his stock to drop, which is great for us. All I see in the game tape is a disciplined running back that does a good job following his blockers. Who has a great burst, quick feet, and lowers the shoulder when he needs to. Watch the tape. This is our dude.
  8. Quizz is a third down back. He was a poor draft pick anyway. We got the same back in Freeman. Not understanding our draft logic on either of these guys. Falcons need a hard nosed running back. A banger. Not a scat/change of pace back.
  9. Falcons could trade back and still get Dupree at 14. This is who they want anyway. Miami wants a WR. They are trading up for Cooper or White whoever Oakland does not take. They want our spot to get a WR before St. Louis.
  10. Go to You Tube and type in Bud Dupree Highlights. You will see some cases where when he is going up againsts opponents and instead of using leverage with inside arm and dipping inner shoulder to break away he simply plows into the guy and tries to overcome him with strength. Also when you see edge rushers get hung trying to go inside instead of spinning outside they try and swim thru. This is another characteristic of being R-A-W. Basic techniques that a line coach can teach the dude. He has explosion off the ball but also he moves the other player. Beasley gets to the QB with explsion as wel
  11. Darrell you are thinking the same way I WAS thinking. I was originally thinking Dupree was late first round early 2nd round pick. But watch the tapes again. Then watch Beasley, then watch Gregory. This dude is more fluid. Watch and compare.
  12. I have watched tape on this guy all day and he is R-A-W. BUT he is a freak. He also goes inside and mixes it up more than Beasley. Knowing the way we like to draft PROJECTS here in Atlanta. I am going to say three things. 1. Dupree is better than Ray, Beasley, and Fowler. 2. He has better character than Gregory. 3. THIS is who the Falcons will take with the 8th pick. I have him ranked in my mock drafts as 5/6 best pass rusher due to him being R-A-W. But based on his UPSIDE. He is 3rd best pass rusher in the draft behind Williams and Gregory and Falcons wont touch Gregory. So while the SAFE pic
  13. NO, too many jobs on the line in Falcons front office to gamble on a raw talent like Dupree. They need a hit at 8. Dupree/Ray 2nd tier pass rushers. They will get first tier CB, SS, or OL before they reach and take 2nd tier pass rusher here.
  14. Top 5 Pass Rushers 1. Williams 2. Gregory 3. Fowler 4. Beasley 5. Ray All but Ray will be gone by the time we get to pick at 8. Which is why we go go OL La'el Collins out of LSU who is the 2nd best OL in the draft behind Scherff who goes to J'ville at 3. Gregory does not drop. He is a freak and goes top 5 even with the pot issues. Draft order 1. Williams 2. Gregory 3. Scherff 4. Cooper 5. Fowler 6. Beasley 7. Mariotta 8. Collins. Mark it down. I taught Mayock everything he knows benches.
  15. Scherff is top rated OL in the draft and will go to Jacksonville at 3.
  16. If the Falcons pick Shane Ray then Falcon fans need to just quit. Shane Ray is a lightweight Biermann clone. Ray is a future NFL back-up, 3rd down type player. If we pick Ray or Dupree I will be truly convinced the Falcons front office are drawing names out of a hat.
  17. This is a waste of time. This kid is going to Washington.
  18. I guess Gurley would have been better if Richt had "coached him up". Gurley wasn't even the best RB on UGA roster Chubb was. Gurley is there Round 2 or later. Trust me no one will waste a 1st round pick on a player that high risk. NOONE. Gordon, Ajay, and Coleman all go before Gurley.
  19. I just keep thinking with the top 3 to 4 pass rushers gone, which they will be. And Scherff gone, which everyone knows Jville is taking that dude to protect Bortles. I would rather have the 2nd best O-lineman in the draft than the 6th best pass rusher in Ray or Dupree. We would be settling for 2nd tier if we did this. Another big body to protect Matt Ryan and excels in run blocking which Quinn clearly said he plans on running the ball more. Hopefully Falcons front office will make the right pick even if it is not the glamorous PR pick. I know the angry mob on the AFMB is crying pass rush. But
  20. We may be able to get Gurley 2nd round. His injury will scare a lot of teams. I expect Gordon will go before Gurley. He may fall in our lap round 2.
  21. Think we need to be realistic, if Williams, Gregory, Fowler, Beasley, and Scherff are all off the board then what? Mock drafts have La'el Collins as 2nd best O-lineman. Maybe this is the route. Not glamorous but fills a need.
  22. Wait a minute I thought OUTSIDE was not a category. What is this College Football Focus chart showing OUTSIDE 67%?
  23. I do not like Shane Ray. I like Williams and I like Gregory and I like Scherff. I am still on the fence on Beasley. Hence why I asked for additional footage. I like his quickness but again I am concerned he is a one trick pony. So I will watch game against FSU as poster above suggested.
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