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  1. Trufant is elite. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. He is one of maybe two or three bright spots on our entire defense and played his butt off last year.
  2. What's the word on our LB situation? Any news on this front on how we are bringing in, looking at? Rumors. Falcon fans want to know.
  3. I meant Dan Henning after Leeman Bennett not Dan Reeves. Thanks for catching my typo.
  4. Typical response, this board has a click of like 15 people that have no life that sit here and try and paint everything with rose colored glasses. Knowing that these are same people that watch the games on TV and never spend their hard earned money on tickets or parking or concessions. A click of people who pick on new posters and anyone who post anything that is remotely close to the TRUTH about the Falcons. It is one thing to be a board monitor and monitor people making harassing statements it is another thing to nail posters just because they have a different opinion than your. Just because
  5. Guys I have to come out and say, I love the Atlanta Falcons. I remember being 8 years old in 1978 watching them lose to Dallas in the playoffs, then again 1980 when I was 10 years old I cried when the Falcons lost again to the Cowboys in the playoffs. I thought that was our year. I had my Falcons jacket with the white leather sleeves and the snap on buttons. Then I went thru the Leeman Bennett firing, the Dan Reeves dark days, got excited again with Glanville and 2 Legit to Quit until we got stomped by the Redskins. I have been supporting this team a long long long time. I have one thing I wan
  6. 2 things I take away from this. #1 Have you ever seen John Clayton. Does he look like he ever played of down of football in his life? #2 If we clearly had poor drafts from 2010 to 2012 and we did have three years of winning seasons from 2007 to 2010. Why did we fire the coach and not the people doing the drafting? And now ESPN has us as the 31st worst roster in the league with only Jacksonville being worse? Yet no one in Falcons front office has been fired? How as a Falcon fan am I expected to believe anything is going to change with just a new head coach?
  7. The best way to save money on PSLs are wait three years and let "Newness" of stadium wear off. No way Falcons sell out consistently in this town unless they become a consistant winner. Fans in Atlanta are too transient and will only come if team wins. We have done nothing with our front office and outside of changing coaching staffs AGAIN, Forth time since Blank has owned team in 15 years, nothing has been done to get us any closer to a Lombardi. PSLs are for franchises that have a winning history and a loyal fan base. Dallas- Won Superbowls, Washington- Won Superbowls, etc... Tennessee Titan
  8. Looks to me like the draft in reverse order. I think it is funny how ESPN gives us high draft grades but then ranks us next to last in ROSTER. I think the reality is somewhere in between on both. We had a C draft and are a C team. And nothing changes until Blank gets a GM in here who can draft. A new coach changes nothing if you don't have the talent.
  9. I dont care what you guys say. I, in my personal opinion, think this draft is horrible. Beasley cannot stop the run he is too small and will get eaten up in the NFL. LSU CB is too big. RB from Indiana (yes Indiana does have a football team) is ok but has a pulmonary disorder. The WR from ECU is no differnet than about 20 other WRs that would have been available later rounds. We are not drafting well again! Look at picture of Beasley on web site with Blank. Blank is almost as tall as him. Horrible pick. I know you guys drink the Kool Aid and are brainwashed. But I see it for what it is and THIS
  10. No. Too big and too stupid. You actually have to think in the NFL to succeed. (See Michael Vick).
  11. Let him be. I consider any athlete that holds out a self centered pompous azz. We dont need that type of unprofessionalism here. We have enough on the boards.
  12. Dupree is the one that is athletic and professional. Gregory is the one with the red eyes who keeps eating all the Doritos and laughing.
  13. Crowder would be a great late round pick .
  14. Only way Falcons get Leonard Williams is to trade up and that would require trading Julio. Which I am all for since he is a big time injury risk wanting a big contract. I say trade Julio and let someone else pay high dollar for damaged goods.
  15. I think Dan Quinn says what the Falcons front office tells him to say. This was a part of his coaching contract. In order to get Falcons job he had to promise not to fire any of Falcons front office and say they were great.
  16. Like him 5th round or later. Will fall because a lot of inexperienced GMs and scouts get enamoured and hung up on combine work outs. This dude is another Stephen Hill type WR and will be available LATE.
  17. I think I could show up to Flowery Branch tomorrow and push these dudes around. There hasn't been a man on the Falcons o-line since Clabo left. I do like Matthews potential. Hawley and Schreder are NFL back-ups. Baker has a mangina and Lamar Holmes is worthless as boobs on a bull. Serious. I could walk into the Branch tomorrow and take these dudes manhood away.
  18. There is no warming up, Dupree is the pick, you can take that shiot to the BANK.
  19. I'd pick ET before Gurley at least ET's knee isn't trash. And he will haul azz for some Reeces Pieces benches.
  20. I already got his nickname. The OUTLAW baby! Gonna be a Falcons PR fire storm.
  21. Who else gambles on Winston if Bucs pass on him? I'll tell you who... NO ONE. No one wants Vince Young the 2nd.
  22. Best TE in the draft. Can't wait to drink my Vodka Tonic and eat my rosted almonds in the GA Dome watching this dude score over and over and over and over.............................
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