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  1. I may have the IQ of a peanut but at least I did'nt go to a pansie school like UCSB.
  2. The Falcons division just plain sucks right now. If we cant make the play-offs in a division with a New Orleans team that is in salary cap ****, a Tampa team that is still rebuilding, and a Carolina team that has a great defense but no offense. Then we need to hang it up. There are no excuses as to why we cant get this done. Just like the Patriots for the last 10 years have had it easy in a watered down division with loser teams like Buffalo, New York, and Miami. Falcons have about a three to five year window before New Orleans rebuilds. And outside of Seattle, Philly, and Green Bay the rest
  3. No, you have to have a offensive line that is at least decent for a RB to do this. We dont have this right now.
  4. We couldnt maintain a lead or put people away becasue we couldnt run the football. If we keep passing like an Arena League team then we will play defense like an Arena League Team. Green Bay, Baltimore, New England, San Fran, Pittsburg ALL can run the football. Contrary to what goof ball nerds like John Clayton say, the successful NFL teams still play smash mouth run right at you football. Brady may throw the ball alot but look at their play calling it is still a good balance between run and pass. We had absolutely no balance last year. When we tried to run we had nothing so our o-coordinator
  5. I think if you really break it down. Championship teams like Baltimore, New England, Green Bay, Pittsburg, etc... probably have longevity with their coaching staffs and run the same system year in and year out. Which makes it easier for coaches and GMs to be on same page. Whereas other teams are constantly flipping coaching staff and going in circles. Someone once made a very good point that it is really funny how the same teams every year always draft in the top spots and the same teams like Green Bay, Denver, Baltimore always draft in the back spots. Yet they still win.
  6. Yep, Rise Up has ran its course. Time for something new.
  7. Considering Moore along with Trufant and Hagemann ans Worrilow are the only impact layers we got on the defensive side of the ball. I would say William Moore getting healthy is very important.
  8. Neither, they are both average at best coordinators with no history of winning championships.
  9. Also curious PeoriaBird how exactly does a coach stay with a franchise 6 years, start off stating he wants to run the football, play good defense and control the clock and win his first 4 years having better season than ANY other coach in Falcon history yet the last two seasons he has no offensive line and suddenly he starts throwing the ball 40 times a game. Did Smith just wake up in 2012 and forget how to coach did he just wake up in 2012 after a 13-3 season and decide to change his whole identity and go completely opposite of what he had done the first 4 years? Funny. Think there is more to
  10. Quinn is just a front office puppet, hired because he would'nt rock the boat.
  11. I think the million dollar question should be why did a coach like Smitty, who when he first got here was a run first coach, suddenly become a throw it 40 to 50 times a game coach? Did he just wake up in 2012 aftr a great four year run and forget how to coach or was he being told by someone else how to coach? Sounds to me like falcon fans aren't being told the truth.
  12. 100% agree. Jake Matthews was the right pick and anyone that questions his ability is a clown.
  13. Dude that picture of the kid at the bottom of your thread has me rolling PokerSteve.
  14. Then as a Bama fan you should definately understand. No way on gods green earth would Alabama fans put up with the same 50 year of bull Falcon fans have. Alabama fans would have had Rich McKay, Thomas Dimitroff, and Pioli rounded up and sent packing. Curry wins 10 games for Bama and gets a brick thrown thru his window at his house telling him to leave. Nothing changes until fans demand it.
  15. As a fan you should demand your team win a champinship. That is what they play for. And to be a franchise 50 years in existence and not have one is a joke and an embarrassment to the city of Atlanta. To sit around and accept mediocracy over and over and over is not being a fan it is letting a cheap owner take advantage of you. A fan goes to the games, buys the tickets, wears the jerseys, has the tail gates, goes to Flowery Branch in the summertime and sits his azz in 90+ degree hit becasue he like you likes the team but to sit there and say that that same fan cannot call a owner and a front of
  16. Still pissed that New Orleans got a Lombardi before us. Makes me GD sick. Want to beat these dudes by 60 and win 3 or 4 Lombardis in a row to shut them the **** up.
  17. **** to the NO. Our o-line is pathetic and nothing has been done to change this. If anything it is worse.
  18. Birdbrain my main concern is we have not improved out o-line one bit since last season and we got Shannahan in here changing blocking schemes and telling Matt Ryan his is going to be more mobile, sounds to me like Shannahan knows our o-line is garbage and if that is the case we may be looking at a three to four year turn around and if that holds true then the guys holding off on the PSL's are going to be in a better situation than me, that;s for sure. But F it, it is what it is.
  19. Birdbrain, I have committed to PSLs. But a lot of people sitting around me have not. They have told me they are going to gamble that Falcons do not succeed and Quinn falls on his face and then Falcons will have no choice but to revisit this PSL bull. I did not want to chance this. However I am not happy in the least with the fact that Blank still has the same front office people. I don't see this as a recipe for success. I like Quinn but honestly I liked Smitty I thought our problems were more personel based than coaching. I think Smitty was put under a lot of heat last year. If I remember cor
  20. Good bye. 31 years old means you had a good run.
  21. I say get him. Well like dude in Philly. Would be good signing.
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