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  1. Dan Quinn is a Mora discliple. Look at 49ers defense 2001-2004 they progressively got worse. Falcons are getting caught up with name. Just because dude is with Seattle doesn't mean he's the answer. He was with Florida last year and wasn't member of SB Seahawks team. Look how Seattle struggled beginning of season on defense. Dantonio not Quinn. Dantonio is older but he will build you a platform and give Falcons identity. We need someone with HEAD coaching experience. Not an assistant.
  2. Cap, I know Dantonio is older but he runs same style Harbaugh ran at Stanford. Plus his defenses rock it. Think Falcons ought to at least interview him and not be so hung up on NFL experience. Dantonio has won everywhere he has gone. Don't know much about Quinn but know Falcons are searching for identity as a franchise and teams like Ravens, Steelers, 49ers, and Seattle that play stout defense and play smash mouth football are more successful come championship time than teams like Saints, Packers, and Broncos that throw the ball 50 times a game. Smash mouth football beats chuck and duck come p
  3. Falcons, please think before you act. As a Falcon fan I beg of you please do not get caught up in media hype. Rex is a ok coach but he is not a Super Bowl Caliber coach. He is a rah-rah type coach who after 2 or 3 years wears thin on players. A Super Bowl caliber coach is one who is consistant. A coach who runs a good system and players recognize it and adhere to it, year in and year out. PLEASE FALCONS PLEASE look at Mark Dantonio of Michigan State. He is the coach this franchise needs. I promise you he is. And NO ONE is talking about him. He is a PERFECT fit for a NFL franchise like us. A fr
  4. I think with Rex you will get drama and his hat will wear old quickly. I think with McDaniel you get a guy who is very smart but not a leader. Bowles you will get a rah-rah guy that will wear thin quickly. Falcons need a leader who players respect. Who stay consistant and even kelled but whose teams play with intensity. Look at any Michigan State team over the last 7 years. They will hit you hard and they play smash mouth football. Look at Dantonio. Just like Belichic, even keeled. Cool calm. Collective. He plays power football. And would be ideal for Falcons. He is a diamond in the roug
  5. Capologist- Falcons need to quit listening to media on who good coaching choices are and think on their own. Mark Dantonio is a SuperBowl Caliber coach. Look at his record. He has won everyone he has ever been. And built programs. Cinn. was garbage when he took over and built them. I know he is a college coach and Blank is looking for a big name. But Dantonio's style is just like that of the power NFL teams, Ravens, Steelers, 49ers, Seattle. For a franchise looking for an identity Dantonio is the answer. Josh McDaniel has failed several times and he is a Lane Kiffin type coach. A coach who has
  6. Falcons need to hire Mark Dantonio from Michigan State. Baby Belichic (Spelling?). Dude would be a top 5 NFL coach.
  7. I am new poster. I joined so I could tell everyone I think the Falcons should at least INTERVIEW Mark Dantonio from Michigan State. I say someone post on another web-site about him and the more I thought about it I think he would be a great coach for the Falcons. I just wanted to see what everybody thought about Dantonio. Dude is a winner and I want a Falcons to get a Lombardi.
  8. With Rex comes the drama. See any press conference following a Jets/Patriots game. Mark Dantonio is a no nonsense football coach. A poor man's Belichic (spelling?). I think the Falcons would be doing themselves a huge favor looking at Dantonio. He coaches a pro style smash mouth football style similar to what Steelers and Ravens run. And his defenses are always stout. Dantonio is the man for Atlanta. Dude is a winner.
  9. I like Rex as a person but I think his antics would get old quick. I think he is better suited for the broadcast booth. I still like Mark Dantonio from Michigan State. His teams always play with intensity. And he would make a very successful NFL coach. He represents the brand of football Blank is looking for.
  10. Hey guys saw a post on line earlier today. What about Mark Dantonio from Michigan State. I agree with poster on other site. I think he would make a great NFL coach.
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