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  1. Who was New England's $10-$12 million dollar receiver last year? Seattle's $10-$12 million dollar receiver the year before that when they won the SuperBowl? How about Baltimore the year before that? None of these teams spend that kind of dough on receivers? And guess what? They win Lomabardi's. When was last time Minnesota won one? Dallas? Denver? Detroit? name me any NFL team in last 20 years that won a SuperBowl with a high $$$ receiver? Guess what you can't. Because to win a SuperBowl you have to be COMPLETE team not one sided. You don't put that much money into 2 players and expect t
  2. I love Julio but look at the other teams that have signed these receivers to these big contracts Minnesota, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, none of these teams are going anywhere. And when you have that much money committed to your QB and your WR it means you have to cut in other areas. And we already have a patchwork offensive line and defensive line and linebacking corp. We need the cash. The goal is to win the SuperBowl not have two stars and a bunch of scrubs. It is to build a BALANCED team.
  3. Falcons are making big mistake if they sign Julio to that kind of dough. They have too many holes and WRs are expendable. Plus Julios foot is still a lingering question mark. Falcons need to save that cash and shore up their lines and get them a top notch LB that is a playmaker and not a NFL 2nd stringer.
  4. All those receivers nowhere near what Bey Bey, Dez, and Julio are making or looking to make. And again to pay that much money to a wide receiver is stupid. WR is the easiest position in the NFL to fill and the most expendable. If we pay Julio all that money we are going to have to make it up somewhere else. I say let Julio go and spend the money on the o-line where it would be money well spent. Julio is a injury risk and Detroit/Chicago/Dallas etc.. have all shown just having a big receiver aint going to get you where you need to go. You have to have balance. Defense and running the football
  5. Stupid. Wide Receivers are abundant in the NFL and teams like Green Bay, New England, and Baltimore have won multiple Championships with average wide receivers. Stupid to pay that kind of money when you can put that money towards getting a o-line.
  6. I believe Nolan and Smitty had people in what a lot of people perceive as mismatches to disquise their coverages and stunts to make up for the lack of talent on the field. However after 6 or 7 years Smitty should have had better talent on the field. Now whether this was front offices fault or Smitty's we will find out at the end of this season. Because I have to believe if the Falcons don't win at least 9 games this year those PSLs are going be a hard sell in this town.
  7. Tamme is the best of the worst. Cant see how Tolilo is even on our roster when the season starts he is just turrible.
  8. 1. William Andrews 2. Lynn Cain 3. Jamal Anderson 4. Gerald Riggs 5. Ironhead Heyward
  9. I think the mods have done a good job of letting everyone express their opinions.
  10. If Matt Ryan had anything resembling a defense he would have won at least 2 SuperBowls by now.
  11. To further elabote. The following are Shannahans offenses. In rank based on total yards/touchdowns. 2008- 3rd in total yard/18th in touchdowns 2009- 4th in total yards/9th in touchdowns 2010- 18th in total yards/25th in touchdowns 2011- 16th in total yards/27th in touchdowns 2012- 5th in total yards/5th in touchdowns 2013- 9th in total yards/21st in touchdowns 2014- 23rd in total yards/26th in touchdowns What does this tell you? This dude can not get it done in schemeing in the red zone. The numbers dont lie. Touchdowns win football games not yards. He is in the bottom half of the NFL in 5 of
  12. If he has records like this at other NFL teams what makes any NFL front office think he will do better here? It is the Wade Philips syndrome. Driftwood coaches that continue to find jobs and have the same results. Just my opinion but looking at his past record I dont see a CHAMPIONSHIP OC here. I see a 8 to 9 win OC at best just going on his past numbers.
  13. Dont really see how stating facts could get you suspended. Look at his record as offensive coordinator. Awful.
  14. Shannahan's record: 8-8 Houston Texans 9-7 Houston Texans 5-11 Washington Redskins 6-10 Washington Redskins 10-6 Washington Redskins 3-13 Washington Redskins 7-9 Cleveland Browns This dude is a juggernaut. This dude is garbage and is only in the NFL becasue of his dad.
  15. I dont see how someone who has been fired form three other NFL teams can be considered underrated. I can see how he could be considered driftwood but not underrated. Shannahan has NO record of success anywhere in the NFL and was horrible hire. He is not better than the piece of garbage we just got rid of. ESPN has the worst sports reporters in the nation.
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