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  1. Pitts will do well. Not claiming he won't. Just won't have the impact as a QB, and his touches will be further limited by Julio, Hurst, and Ridley. Only one guy can catch the ball at a time.
  2. Why would you expect me to read your posts, let alone remember if I did read them? No offense. I'll assume you did have critiques on Fields. So what? Fields will make more impact for his team that Pitts will with our, simply because he plays QB. He will see the ball more often. And the fact that Ryan still has Julio and Ridley means he won't be the first option for Ryan either. So his targets will be much more limited. Also Field has more experience being a QB than Pitts does at "TE" playing at a higher level against better competition. I am not discounting Pitt's talent, but his position alone is much more limiting. Compare the greatest TE of all time and their impact to just a solid QB. Solid QB is still more impactful.
  3. He is like Calvin Johnson. Neither of them are TEs. They are both big talented WRs.
  4. Sounds like sour grapes. I bet if the Falcons did draft him that you would not have the same opinion on him.
  5. It's my opinion. No one is claiming you have to agree with it. Simma down.
  6. Team could have traded down and I don't agree they are the PBA either. I think Fields is as talented as QB as Pitts is as WR. Yeah, I said WR. Calling him a TE is a joke.
  7. You are saying I am inaccurate on an opinion. That is irrational. Plus any opinion on any rookie is speculation at this point. They might all be HOFs or they can all suck. No one knows till they actually play.
  8. My grades thus far: Pitts is a B. Great player but not needed. His talent will be wasted I think since we will have another Matty Ice down year since we all know he struggles the first year with a new OC. By the time Matt gets back to form he will have one foot out the door, and Julio will probably be gone, which means we will be what we were in 2020. Then Ryan will leave, and Pitts talent will be wasted on a rookie. Grant is a C. Fills a need, but meh on the talent. He is OK. 5th year senior. Mayfield is a B. Falcons need OL, and he is good, not great. Solid pick.
  9. Even if that is true, taking 5th years seniors this high is still a red flag. Ask yourself, if Grant is so good, why didn't he make himself available in previous drafts. I would only take chances on 5th year seniors in the lower rounds. Plus Moehrig was still drafted high. Just a few picks lower. So if a 21 year old Moehrig is comparable INJURED to a 23 year old Grant healthy, what does that tell you?
  10. Grant hasn't played a down. To say it's an upgrade is wishful thinking at best. Plus Falcons lost more than 1 safety lest we forget. Pitts is a WR. His blocking is crap. He isn't going to be really asked to block. Even as a WR if he is highly graded, it wasn't a need, and WRs have much less impact than QB. But I don't hate Pitts. I rather have the Falcons get a Lombardi than care if Pitts goes to the HOF. Team achievement is priority over individual player achievement.
  11. It makes 0 sense to trade Hurst. Pitts is really just a big WR. Calling him a TE is a stretch. Hurst is young and capable. Team needs talent and depth. Makes 0 sense to get rid of a guy who is still young, talented and productive unless he costs too much to keep.
  12. Moehrig was the much better prospect long term. Even if we assume that Grant is slightly better out of the box, he has 3 years on him, yet his celing is much lower with MAYBE a slightly higher floor. What are the chances that Moehrig exceeds Grants level of play by the time he reaches Grant's age now? I think it's highly probable with 2 years of NFL experience by the time he is the same age.
  13. I don't see any upgrade. At best the team went sideways. But maybe they had to given the cap situation.
  14. The fact he was a 5th year senior is a red flag for me. If he was so good, he would have come out in previous drafts. But it is what it is. This draft is showing me some red flags with the new administration. I hope I am wrong. I wonder how TAFT will spin this draft after I heard cries about how much we need defense.
  15. 1 more year definitely. 2 Maybe. But I see your point. A counter to it is, what are the chances even if it is 2 years the Falcons pick this high to get a potentially great QB to replace Ryan? To get this high pick again without a big time trade would be a very bad Falcons team.
  16. Sounds much better than the "needs now" short term outlook TD had for this team all those years. But then again people can say one thing and do another. I just hope this response is genuine.
  17. I can't stand when the Falcons trade up. No one player is going to fill any and all gaping holes this team has. This team needs bodies that perform well and are cheap. I hated it when TD traded up, and i would completely give up on the team if they started doing it again under a new regime. Players will get hurt and you need a quality depth to get through the year. Trading up undermines that. People focus too much on having a specific superstar and just being superficial about a few starters. I am the complete opposite when I evaluate this team.
  18. It was a huge meltdown. I am drowning in my sorrows. I am so devastated
  19. Yes. You guys got me. I am so triggered. I need to go to my safe space.
  20. Yes, you devastated me. I am being rushed to the burn unit. I can't take it anymore.
  21. So if I said "Hi, how are you" and forgot to add a question mark, that gives you a giggle. You must be great at parties.
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